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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


PMX pimco municipal income fund iii 72201A103 US72201A1034
PNF pimco new york municipal income fund common shares of beneficial interest 72200T103 US72200T1034
PNI pimco new york municipal income fund ii common shares of beneficial int 72200Y102 US72200Y1029
PYN pimco new york municipal income fund iii 72201E105 US72201E1055
MFEM pimco rafi dynamic multi-factor emerging mkts 72202L389 US72202L3895
MFUS pimco rafi dynamic multi-factor eq 72202L363 US72202L3630
MFDX pimco rafi dynamic multi-factor interntional 72202L371 US72202L3713
SMMU pimco short term municipal bond active exchange-traded fund 72201R874 US72201R8741
RCS pimco strategic income fund inc 72200X104 US72200X1046
BOND pimco total return active exchange-traded fund 72201R775 US72201R7750
PDD pinduoduo-adr 722304102 US7223041028
PIFYF pine cliff energy ltd 722524105 CA7225241057
PVMCF pine valley mining corp 72301P109 CA72301P1099
PNPL pineapple express inc 72302T100 US72302T1007
PNCRF pinecrest resources ltd 72303Q204 CA72303Q2045
PLWN pinelawn cemetery 723104105 US7231041051
PNPFF pinetree capital ltd 723330866 CA7233308666
SZDVF ping an bank co limited CNE000000040
PIAHY ping an healthcare and technology u/adr/2:1 72341W106 US72341W1062
PNGAY ping an insurance (group) company of china ltd s/adr/2:1 72341E304 US72341E3045
PIAIF ping an insurance (group) company of china, ltd CNE1000003X6
PGFY pingify international inc 72341V108 US72341V1089
PME pingtan marine enterprise ltd G7114V102 KYG7114V1023
PMEWW pingtan marine enterprise-wts G7114V110 KYG7114V1106
PMKY inc 723437109 US7234371091
PNCLQ pinnacle airlines corp 723443107 US7234431077

PCLB pinnacle bancshares inc 722903101 US7229031015
PBNK pinnacle bank 72346K107 US72346K1079
PNNB pinnacle bank of oregon (beaverton) 72346B107 US72346B1070
PPBN pinnacle bankshares corp 72345E102 US72345E1029
PNK pinnacle entertainment inc 723456109 US7234561097
PNFP pinnacle financial partners inc 72346Q104 US72346Q1040
PF pinnacle foods inc 72348P104 US72348P1049
PNW pinnacle west capital corporation 723484101 US7234841010
PPNT pinpoint recovery solutions corp 72351W103 US72351W1036
PNRW pioneer bancshares tex 72357G102 US72357G1022
PNBI pioneer bankshares inc 723618104 US7236181043
PNCOF pioneer corporation JP3780200006
PNCOY pioneer corporation u/adr/1:1 723646204 US7236462047
HNW pioneer diversified high income trust 723653101 US7236531015
PES pioneer energy services corp 723664108 US7236641087
PIEX pioneer exploration inc 72366T103 US72366T1034
PHD pioneer floating rate trust 72369J102 US72369J1025
PNRRY pioneer food group ltd s/adr/1:1 72390A104 US72390A1043
PHT pioneer high income trust 72369H106 US72369H1068
MAV pioneer municipal high income advantage trust 723762100 US7237621005
MHI pioneer municipal high income trust 723763108 US7237631087
PXD pioneer natural resources company 723787107 US7237871071
POGS pioneer oil & gas 723826301 US7238263013
PPSI pioneer power solutions inc 723836300 US7238363003
PRRR pioneer railcorp a 723839106 US7238391061

PIONF pioneer resources limited AU000000P105
PSE pioneer southwest energy 72388B106 US72388B1061
PTEFF pioneering technology corp 72403R102 CA72403R1029
PJC piper jaffray companies 724078100 US7240781002
BPIRF piraeus bank sa ord new GRS014003016
BPIRD piraeus bank sa s/adr new 724249305 US7242493051
BPIRY piraeus banksa u/adr/2:1 724249404 US7242494042
PIAEY piraeus port authority uns/adr 72424P101 US72424P1012
PPAMF pirelli & c. spa IT0004623051
PRLLY pirelli & c. spa u/adr/3:1 724256300 US7242563002
SLTFF pistol bay mining 72433U208 CA72433U2083
PBI pitney bowes inc 724479100 US7244791007
PBOWP pitney bowes inc 724479209 US7244792096
PBOWN pitney bowes inc $2.12 pref 724479308 US7244793086
PBI.PR.B pitney bowes inc pref share 6.7% 03/07/43 724479506 US7244795065
PW pitts & west vir rail 724819107 US7248191071
PVOTF pivot pharmaceuticals 72580T202 CA72580T2020
PVTL pivotal software inc - a 72582H107 US72582H1077
PVTTF pivotal therapeutics 72582E104 CA72582E1043
PXLW pixelworks inc 72581M305 US72581M3051
PXPLF pixeplus co ltd KR7087600003
PZRIF pizza pizza royalty corp 72585V103 CA72585V1031
PRCK placer creek mining co 72604P103 US72604P1030
PAA plains all american pipeline lp 726503105 US7265031051
PAGP plains group holdings lp - cl a 72651A207 US72651A2078

PTEEF plaintree systems inc 72663E205 CA72663E2050
PAIPF plaisio computerssa GRS320313000
PLPL plandai biotechnology inc 72703D100 US72703D1000
PNTC planet america inc 727021107 US7270211078
PLNT planet fitness inc - cl a 72703H101 US72703H1014
POHEF planet health corp 72703F105 CA72703F1053
PNXPF planet mining exploration 727033102 CA7270331027
PLPM planet payment inc U72603118 USU726031185
PRRY planet resource recovery inc 72705J105 US72705J1051
PNXPF planet ventures inc 727053100 CA7270531006
PLHCF plant health care GB00B01JC540
PLNF plantation financial corp 727360109 US7273601093
PLT plantronics inc 727493108 US7274931085
PMAH plasmatech inc 72754B102 US72754B1026
PLTYF plastec technologies ord G71218104 KYG712181042
PASTF plastic omnium FR0000124570
PTOI plastic2oil inc 72759R102 US72759R1023
PFSQF plastoform holdings G71231206 BMG712312062
PLTI platcom inc 727633109 US7276331094
PLUUF plateau energy metals inc 72764B100 CA72764B1004
PMDP plateau mineral development inc 727634107 US7276341077
PAH platform specialty products corporation 72766Q105 US72766Q1058
PLFM platforms wireless international corp 72765A101 US72765A1016
PTNUF platina resources ltd   AU000000PGM3
PANXF platinex inc 72765P108 CA72765P1080


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