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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


GSML g & s minerals inc 361282106 US3612821062
GTHX g 1 therapeutics inc 3621LQ109 US3621LQ1099
GRIPF g 2 r inc KR7035000009
GFRGF g 4 g capital corp 36248W105 CA36248W1059
GFRGD g 4 g resources ltd  37441T105 CA37441T1057
GFSZF g 4 s plc GB00B01FLG62
GFSZY g 4 s u/adr/5:1 37441W108 US37441W1080
GAEX g a express inc 362389108 US3623891088
GMHLY g a m holding ltd u/adr/1:5 36143A109 US36143A1097
GATX g a t x corp 361448103 US3614481030
GBAXY g b autosae. s/adr/50:1 368290102 US3682901026
GTDNF g b s t holdings ltd  AU000000GBT8
GBLX g b sciences 361544109 US3615441090
GCCVF g c a corporation JP3386390003
GCHT g c china turbine corp 36156J104 US36156J1043
GLIBA g c i liberty inc 36164V503 US36164V5030
GLIBB g c i liberty inc b 36164V206 US36164V2060
GLIBP g c i liberty pref share glibp 5 03/10/39 36164V503 US36164V5030
GCIN g c international inc 361559107 US3615591076
SMTLF g c l new energy holdings limited G3775G138 BMG3775G1380
GCPEF g c l poly energy holdings ltd G3774X108 KYG3774X1088
GCPEY g c l-poly energy holdings ltd u/adr/20:1 36160F205 US36160F2056
GCLMF g c m resources plc GB00B00KV284
GCP g c p applied technologies inc 36164Y101 US36164Y1010
GDET g d entertainment & technology inc 36830V200 US36830V2007

BOMSF g d i integrated facility services inc 361569205 CA3615692058
GDL g d l fund/the 361570104 US3615701048
GDS g d s holdings ltd s/adr/8:1 36165L108 US36165L1089
GEAGF g e a group ag DE0006602006
GEAGY g e a group s/adr/1:1 361592108 US3615921083
JOB g e e group inc 36165A102 US36165A1025
GKTRF g e k terna holding reg GRS145003000
GEO g e o group inc (the) 36162J106 US36162J1060
GFGSF g f g resources inc 36165F101 CA36165F1018
GFIG g f i group inc 361652209 US3616522096
GFKAF g f k ag nuernberg DE0005875306
GFKRF g f k resources 361687106 CA3616871065
GFRP g f r pharmaceuticals inc 36169W100 US36169W1009
GGLXF g g l resources corp 36171B201 CA36171B2012
GGPYP g g p inc 36174X200 US36174X2009
GGXXF g g x gold 36171K102 CA36171K1021
GHHC g h cap inc 36252P103 US36252P1030
GIMVF g i m v BE0003699130
GKNNF g k n plc GB0030646508
GKNLY g k n plc s/adr/1:1 361755606 US3617556069
GLCDF g l events FR0000066672
GLGLF g l g life tech corp 361793201 CA3617932015
GUORF g l ltd G39240109 BMG392401094
GUORY g l ltd u/adr/10:1 361827108 US3618271080
GLPJF g l p j-reit JP3047510007

GMCI g m c i corp 380125104 US3801251048
GMEV g m e innotainment 403775109 US4037751090
GMOOF g m o financial holdings inc JP3386550002
GMOIF g m o internet inc JP3152750000
GMOYF g m o internet inc JP3152750000
GMYOY g m o internet inc u/adr/2:1 38012P209 US38012P2092
GMYTF g m o payment gateway inc JP3385890003
GMPXF g m p capital inc 380134106 CA3801341064
GMS g m s inc 36251C103 US36251C1036
GMVMF g m v minerals inc 3620M1501 CA3620M15016
GNBF g n b financial services inc 36208B109 US36208B1098
GNC g n c holdings inc 36191G107 US36191G1076
GNIXF g n i group ltd JP3386370005
GNSG g n s group inc (the) 3621M4107 US3621M41071
GGNDF g n store nord a.s. DK0010272632
GNNDY g n store nord a/s u/adr/3:1 3621ME105 US3621ME1050
GPBIF g p batteries intl lt SG0964000491
GPMTF g p m metals 36198C208 CA36198C2085
GPX g p strategies corporation 36225V104 US36225V1044
GPTGF g p t group AU000000GPT8
GRCR g r c r partners inc 36252E108 US36252E1082
GSAH g s acquisition- a 36255F102 US36255F1021
GSAH.UN g s acquisition-units 36255F201 US36255F2011
GSAH.WS g s acquisition-warrants 36255F113 US36255F1138
GSC g s connect s&p gsci enhanced commodity total return strategy index etn (maturity subject to postponement) 38144L852 US38144L8524

GSDHF g s d holding TRAGSDHO91Q9
GSEH g s e holding inc 36191X100 US36191X1000
GVP g s e systems 36227K106 US36227K1060
GSNGF g s engineering & construction corp KR7006360002
GSEN g s enviroservices inc 3622N9103 US3622N91031
GSHDF g s holdings KR7078930005
GSIT g s i technology inc 36241U106 US36241U1060
GSMF g s m fund group inc 36250A108 US36250A1088
GSVC g s v capital corp 36191J101 US36191J1016
GSVI g s v inc 36230D206 US36230D2062
GYUAF g s yuasa corporation JP3385820000
GTARF g t a resources & mining inc 36191A100 CA36191A1003
GTATQ g t advanced technologies inc 36191U106 US36191U1060
GTBP g t biopharma inc 36254L100 US36254L1008
GTCXY g t capital holdings inc u/adr/1:1 36198A103 US36198A1034
GTTC g t e corporation 362320103 US3623201031
GTGT g t g ventures inc 36244G203 US36244G2030
GTLA g t legend automotive holdings inc 362369100 US3623691009
GTLT g t t communications inc 362393100 US3623931009
GTT g t t communications inc 362393100 US3623931009
GTXO g t x corp 362408106 US3624081069
GTXI g t x inc 40052B108 US40052B1089
GTYH g t y technology holding inc-a G4182A102 KYG4182A1022
GTYHW g t y technology holdings inc G4182A110 KYG4182A1105
GTYHU g t y technology holdings inc - units G4182A128 KYG4182A1287


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