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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


PETFF p t t public co ltd new TH0646010Z18
PUTRF p t t public company limited TH0646010Z00
PETFF p t t public company ltd TH0646010015
PUTRY p t t public ltd co u/adr/5:1 69367C105 US69367C1053
TBNGY p t tambang batubara bukit asam tbk u/adr/25:1 74445Y103 US74445Y1038
TLK p t telekomunikasi indonesia tbk s/adr/100:1 715684106 US7156841063
PEXXF p t tempo scan pacific tbk pt ID1000104508
PTTMF p t timah (persero) tbk. ID1000111800
PTFRF p t tower bersama infrastructure tbk ID1000116908
PTFRY p t tower bersama infrastructure tbk u/adr/50:1 69369H102 US69369H1023
UNLRF p t unilever indonesia tbk ID1000095706
UNLRY p t unilever indonesia tbk u/adr/20:1 69367Q104 US69367Q1040
PUTKF p t united tractors tbk ID1000058407
PUTKY p t united tractors tbk u/adr/20:1 69367T108 US69367T1088
PTNDF p t vale indonesia tbk ID1000109309
PTNDY p t vale indonesia tbk u/adr/50:1 69368D102 US69368D1028
PTXAF p t xl axiata tbk ID1000102502
PTXKY p t xl axiata tbk u/adr/20:1 69369R100 US69369R1005
PVCRF p v crystalox solar plc wantage GB00BFTDG626
PVH p v h corp (phillips van heusen) 693656100 US6936561009
PVNNF p v nano cell ltd IL0011379265
PVR p v r partners lp 693665101 US6936651016
PWRHF p w r holdings limited AU000000PWH0
PZCUF p z cussons plc GB00B19Z1432
PZCUY p z cussons u/adr/2:1 74734H100 US74734H1005

BKFKF p/f bakkafrost FO0000000179
PIOE p10 holdings inc 69372U207 US69372U2078
PIOIQ p10 industries 69372U108 US69372U1088
PTOS p2 solar inc 74440R103 US74440R1032
PCAR paccar inc 693718108 US6937181088
PMDL pace medical inc 69372M106 US69372M1062
PCMXF pace plc GB0006672785
SRVR pacer benchmark data infra real estate 69374H741 US69374H7411
INDS pacer benchmark industrial real estate 69374H766 US69374H7668
RTL pacer benchmark retail real estate 69374H782 US69374H7825
SZNE pacer cfra stovall equal w seasonal rotation 69374H691 US69374H6918
ICOW pacer dev market int csh cows 100 69374H873 US69374H8732
PTEU pacer fds tr trendpilot european index etf  69374H808 US69374H8088
GCOW pacer global cash cows dividend etf 69374H709 US69374H7098
PHLH pacer health corp 693737108 US6937371085
VETS pacer military times best employers etf 69374H832 US69374H8328
PTNQ pacer trendpilot 100 etf 69374H303 US69374H3030
PTMC pacer trendpilot 450 etf 69374H204 US69374H2040
PTLC pacer trendpilot 750 etf 69374H105 US69374H1059
COWZ pacer us cash cow 100 69374H881 US69374H8815
PEXL pacer us export leaders 69374H402 US69374H4020
CALF pacer us small cap cash cow 100 69374H857 US69374H8575
PWS pacer wealth shield 69374H840 US69374H8401
PPWLO pacific (oreg) 6 pr 695114801 US6951148013
PPWLM pacific (oreg) 7 pr 695114884 US6951148849

PAOFF pacific alliance asi G6846J106 KYG6846J1067
PFBN pacific alliance bank 693963100 US6939631007
PCFBF pacific basin shipping limited G68437139 BMG684371393
PCFBY pacific basin shipping limited u/adr/20:1 69402P103 US69402P1030
PBMFF pacific bay minerals ltd 69403X204 CA69403X2041
PBEP pacific bepure industry inc 69404B102 US69404B1026
PACB pacific biosciences of california inc 69404D108 US69404D1081
PBEC pacific blue energy corp 69404A104 US69404A1043
PBMLF pacific booker minerals 69403R108 CA69403R1082
PCDVF pacific century regional developments ltd SG1J17886040
PFCF pacific city financial corp 69406T408 US69406T4085
PCWT pacific clean water technologies 69407W103 US69407W1036
PACC pacific cma inc 69403T104 US69403T1043
ROYT pacific coast oil trust 694103102 US6941031022
PCBC pacific commerce bancorp 69413A103 US69413A1034
PCBK pacific continental corporation 69412V108 US69412V1089
TSRUF pacific current group ltd  AU000000PAC7
PACDQ pacific drilling sa L7257P106 LU1405802361
PEMC pacific energy & mining co 694225202 US6942252023
PEIX pacific ethanol inc 69423U305 US69423U3059
PEGFF pacific exploration & prod 69423W889 CA69423W8896
PFLC pacific financial corp 694275108 US6942751081
PCG.PR.A pacific gas & electric co pref a 6% 12/31/49 a 694308206 US6943082064
PCG.PR.B pacific gas & electric co pref b 5.5% 12/31/49 b 694308305 US6943083054
PCG.PR.C pacific gas & electric co pref c 5% 12/31/49 c 694308404 US6943084045

PCG.PR.D pacific gas & electric co pref d 4.5% 12/31/49 d 694308503 US6943085034
PCG.PR.E pacific gas & electric co pref e 5% 12/31/49 e 694308602 US6943086024
PCG.PR.G pacific gas & electric co pref g 4.8% 12/31/49 g 694308701 US6943087014
PCG.PR.H pacific gas & electric co pref h 4.5% 12/31/49 h 694308800 US6943088004
PCG.PR.I pacific gas & electric co pref i 4.36% p12/31/49 i 694308883 US6943088830
PCFG pacific gold corp/canada 69433M301 US69433M3016
PGTK pacific green technologies 694347105 US6943471051
PFHO pacific health care 69439P209 US69439P2092
PCIMF pacific imperial mines inc 69440T109 CA69440T1093
PISEF pacific insight electronics corp 69444E108 CA69444E1088
PCROF pacific iron ore corp 694459207 CA6944592071
PMBC pacific mercantile bancorp 694552100 US6945521002
PFMTF pacific metals co ltd JP3448000004
PNOD pacific northwest development corp 694672106 US6946721064
PCFO pacific office properties trust 694714106 US6947141064
PCOLF pacific online ltd G9684P101 KYG9684P1019
PPEVF pacific paradym energy 694740200 CA6947402005
PPOTF pacific potash corp 694781204 CA6947812047
PPBI pacific premier bancorp inc 69478X105 US69478X1054
PEXZF pacific ridge exploration 694798307 CA6947983079
PCRCF pacific rim cobalt corp 69480L107 CA69480L1076
PFRMF pacific rim mining corp 694915208 CA6949152087
PFSD pacific sands inc 694944109 US6949441090
PSHR pacific shore holdings inc 69481T109 US69481T1097
PFSF pacific software inc 69482P205 US69482P2056


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