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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


PBHC pathfinder bancorp inc 70319R109 US70319R1095
PFND pathfinder cell therapy inc 70319A106 US70319A1060
PASO patient access solutions inc 70324A208 US70324A2087
PHMZF patient home monitoring corp 70324G106 CA70324G1063
PPRG patient portal technologies inc 70322M204 US70322M2044
PSSHF patisserie holdings plc GB00BM4NV504
PATK patrick industries inc 703343103 US7033431039
PCXCQ patriot coal corp 70336T104 US70336T1043
PGYC patriot energy corp/houston tx 70336G102 US70336G1022
PFDB patriot fedbank 70335K104 US70335K1043
PGOL patriot gold corp 70337F103 US70337F1030
PMCY patriot motorcycles corp 70337D108 US70337D1081
PNBK patriot national bancorp inc 70336F203 US70336F2039
PN patriot national inc 70338T102 US70338T1025
PNTPQ patriot national inc 70338T102 US70338T1025
PTOTF patriot one technologies inc 70339L108 CA70339L1085
PTSC patriot scientific corp 70336N107 US70336N1072
PATI patriot transportation holding inc 70338W105 US70338W1053
PATZF patrys ltd AU000000PAB9
PTTN patten energy solutions group 70343P103 US70343P1030
PEGI pattern energy group incorporated 70338P100 US70338P1003
PDCO patterson companies inc 703395103 US7033951036
PTEN patterson-uti energy inc 703481101 US7034811015
PLHNF paul hartmann ag DE0007474041
PAVM pavmed inc 70387R106 US70387R1068

PAVMZ pavmed inc - series z warrant 70387R122 US70387R1225
PAVMW pavmed inc - warrant 70387R114 US70387R1142
PXCE pax clean energy inc 704212109 US7042121092
PXGYF pax global technology limited G6955J103 BMG6955J1036
PBOX paybox corp 70433R100 US70433R1005
PYCT paychest inc 704289107 US7042891074
PAYX paychex inc 704326107 US7043261079
PAYC paycom software inc 70432V102 US70432V1026
PCTY paylocity holding corporation 70438V106 US70438V1061
PYDS payment data system inc 70438S202 US70438S2023
PYDSD payment data system inc 70438S202 US70438S2023
PAYM paymeon inc 70438T101 US70438T1016
PYPL paypal holdings inc 70450Y103 US70450Y1038
PYPTF paypoint GB00B02QND93
NVAFF paysafe group plc GB0034264548
PASZY paysafe group plc u/adr/2:1 704513100 US7045131007
PZZPF paz oil co ltd IL0011000077
PZOO pazoo inc 70454Q304 US70454Q3048
PCGR pc group inc 70455G107 US70455G1076
PCCWY pccw limited s/adr/10:1 70454G207 US70454G2075
PDGRY pdg realty sa empreendimentos e participacoes s/adr/2:1 70454K208 US70454K2087
PEABF peab ab SE0000106205
BTU peabody energy corp 704549203 US7045492037
BTUUQ peabody energy corp 704549203 US7045492037
BTU peabody energy corporation 704551100 US7045511000

PE peabody energy corporation 704551407 US7045514079
PAEGF peace arch entertainment group inc 704586304 CA7045863049
PKPH peak pharmaceuticals inc 70469W106 US70469W1062
PKKFF peak positioning technologies inc 70469M108 CA70469M1086
SKIS peak resorts inc 70469L100 US70469L1008
PKREF peak resources ltd AU000000PEK2
PKRLY peak resources ltd spons adr 70469N106 US70469N1063
PSPRY peak sport products u/adr/20:1 70469K102 US70469K1025
RSMAF peako limited AU0000PKODA3
PGC peapack-gladstone financial corporation 704699107 US7046991078
PAOOF pearl oriental oil ltd  G6963R105 BMG6963R1051
PSORF pearson plc GB0006776081
PSO pearson plc s/adr/1:1 705015105 US7050151056
PTSS peartrack security systems inc 705016103 US7050161030
VSLUF pebble beach systems group GB0001482891
PBLEF pebble creek mining ltd 70509N108 CA70509N1087
PEB pebblebrook hotel trust 70509V100 US70509V1008
PBBKP pebblebrook hotel trust 70509V506 US70509V5066
PEB.PR.C pebblebrook hotel trust-pref c 70509V407 US70509V4077
PEB.PR.D pebblebrook hotel trust-pref d 70509V506 US70509V5066
PKMS peckham industries inc 705217404 US7052174049
PED pedevco corp 70532Y303 US70532Y3036
PDDPF pediapharm inc 70533E108 CA70533E1088
BASCF pedro resources ltd 705343200 CA7053432000
PBBSF peekaboo beans inc 70538A101 CA70538A1012

PKAY peekay boutiques 705384204 US7053842040
PKSLF peeks social ltd  70538Q106 CA70538Q1063
PRVW peer review mediation & arbitration inc 705482115 US7054821159
PTOP peer to peer network 705484103 US7054841033
LOGX peerlogix inc 70555Q104 US70555Q1040
PEER peerstream inc 70555R102 US70555R1023
STVI peerstream inc com usd0.001 US70555R102
PEECF peet limited AU000000PPC5
PGSI pegasi energy resources corp 70557V101 US70557V1017
PEGX pegasus companies inc (the) 70557X107 US70557X1072
PEGXP pegasus companies inc (the) 70557X305 US70557X3052
PGGG pegasus gaming corp 705908101 US7059081015
PEGHF pegasus hava tasimaciligi a.s. TREPEGS00016
PEGHY pegasus hava tasimaciligi a.s. u/adr/1:1 705567105 US7055671058
PGUZ pegasus pharmaceuticals inc 70557B105 US70557B1052
PTEL pegasus tel inc 705579100 US7055791005
PEGA pegasystems inc 705573103 US7055731035
PKIN pekin life insurance co 705634103 US7056341032
PGXPF pelangio exploration inc 705646107 CA7056461071
GOLDF pele mountain resources inc 705907103 CA7059071034
PMCCF peloton minerals 70614P105 CA70614P1053
PBNAF pembina pipeline corp cum conv red perp pfd registered shs -a 706327830 CA7063278302
PBA pembina pipeline corporation 706327103 CA7063271034
PBNPF pembina pipeline corporation 706327103 CA7063271034
PMMBF pembina pipeline corporation cum redeemable minimum rate 706327764 CA7063277643


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