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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


PARS pharmos corp 717139307 US7171393074
PTGCY pharol sgps s/adr/1:1 717143101 US7171431015
PHRZF pharol sgps sa PTPTC0AM0009
PZRXQ phaserx inc 71723F103 US71723F1030
PAHC phibro animal health corporation class a 71742Q106 US71742Q1067
PXMFF philex mining corporation (us) PHY689911352
PHGD phil-good products inc 717439103 US7174391034
PM philip morris international inc 718172109 US7181721090
PHPMF philip morris international inc  a.s. CS0008418869
PHI philippine long distance telephone company 718252604 US7182526043
PHIXF philippine metals inc 718257207 CA7182572072
PHSVF philippine seven corporation PHY6955M1063
PSKXF philippine stock exchange inc PHY6957L1062
PSX phillips 66 718546104 US7185461040
PSXP phillips 66 partners lp 718549207 US7185492078
AKRRF philly shipyard NO0010395577
PHWBF philweb corp PHY7134C1679
TAOEF phinma energy corp PHY7140U1026
PHVAF phivida holdings inc 71880G100 CA71880G1000
PXPP phoenix apps inc 718807100 US7188071002
PBLSQ phoenix associates land syndicate 719005100 US7190051000
PXBM phoenix biopharm inc 71901T107 US71901T1079
PHXCF phoenix canada oil c 719015109 CA7190151091
PXFG phoenix footwear group inc 71903M209 US71903M2098
PGLD phoenix gold international inc 719068108 US7190681087

PHXXF phoenix group holdings G7091M109 KYG7091M1096
PHXXY phoenix group holdings u/adr/1:1 71906Q108 US71906Q1085
PIVN phoenix international ventures inc 71907L108 US71907L1089
PXSTF phoenix media investment (holdings) limited G70645109 KYG706451096
AKAVF phoenix metals corp 71910B204 CA71910B2049
FENG phoenix new media limited s/adr/8:1 71910C103 US71910C1036
PXSTF phoenix satellite television  G70645109 KYG706451096
PXSNF phoenix sonnenstrom ag sulzemoos DE000A0BVU93
PHBR phonebrasil international inc 71921A104 US71921A1043
PHORF phorm corporation ltd SG9999009278
PHOJY phosagro pjsc s/gdr-144a/1:3 71922G209 US71922G2093
POSGF phosphagenics ltd AU000000POH7
PPGNY phosphagenics ltd s/adr/30:1 718958101 US7189581017
PHOS phosphate holdings inc 71922F102 US71922F1021
PHGO photoamigo inc 71931Q107 US71931Q1076
PHCUF photocure asa NO0010000045
PECN photoelectron corp 719320103 US7193201032
POMOF photo-me international plc GB0008481250
POCEF photon control inc 719360109 CA7193601092
PHTO photon technology international inc 719378200 US7193782007
PLAB photronics  inc 719405102 US7194051022
PYHH phyhealth corp 719422206 US7194222060
PPYH physical property holdings inc 71943E100 US71943E1001
DOC physicians realty trust 71943U104 US71943U1043
PIAGF piaggio & c spa pontedera IT0003073266

PGGCY piaggio & c. spa u/adr/4:1 71944R100 US71944R1005
PICNF picanol BE0003807246
PKPYF pick n pay stores limited ZAE000005443
PKPYY pick 'n pay stores limited u/adr/5:1 719570103 US7195701039
PUPS pick ups plus inc 719574105 US7195741050
PCBN piedmont community bank group inc 72013P108 US72013P1084
PLLL  piedmont lithium limited 720162106 US7201621064
PDDTF piedmont lithium ltd AU000000PLL5
PLLLY piedmont lithium ltd s/adr/100:1 720162106 US7201621064
PIED piedmont mining co inc 720172105 US7201721054
PDM piedmont office realty trust inc 720190206 US7201902068
PIR pier 1 imports inc 720279108 US7202791080
PIRS pieris pharmaceuticals inc 720795103 US7207951036
PRVCF pierre & vacances FR0000073041
PIGEF pigeon corporation JP3801600002
PGENY pigeon corporation u/adr/1:4 721006104 US7210061047
PKRRF pike river coal ltd NZPRCE0001S3
PILBF pilbara minerals limited AU000000PLS0
PB pilgrim bancshares inc 72143J105 US72143J1051
PGPM pilgrim petroleum corp 72147P107 US72147P1075
PPC pilgrims pride corporation 72147K108 US72147K1088
PRLE pillarstone capital reit 721491108 US7214911080
PLBN pilot bancshares inc 721530103 US7215301034
PLGTF pilot gold corp 72154R103 CA72154R1038
PLTT pilot therapeutics holdings inc 721650109 US7216501095

HYS pimco 0-5 year high yield corporate bond index exchange-traded fund 72201R783 US72201R7834
TUZ pimco 1-3 year us treasury index exchange-traded fund 72201R106 US72201R1068
STPZ pimco 1-5 year us tips index exchange-traded fund 72201R205 US72201R2058
LTPZ pimco 15& year u.s. tips index exchange-traded fund 72201R304 US72201R3049
ZROZ pimco 25+ year zero coupon u.s. treasury index exchange-traded fund 72201R882 US72201R8824
TIPZ pimco broad us tips index exchange-traded fund 72201R403 US72201R4039
PCQ pimco california municipal income fund 72200N106 US72200N1063
PCK pimco california municipal income fund ii 72200M108 US72200M1080
PZC pimco california municipal income fund iii 72201C109 US72201C1099
PTY pimco corporate & income opportunity fund 72201B101 US72201B1017
PCN pimco corporate & income strategy fund 72200U100 US72200U1007
PCI pimco dynamic credit and mortgage income fund 72202D106 US72202D1063
PDI pimco dynamic income fund 72201Y101 US72201Y1010
MINT pimco enhanced short maturity active exchange-traded fund 72201R833 US72201R8337
PGP pimco global stocksplus & income fund 722011103 US7220111030
PHK pimco high income fund 722014107 US7220141078
PKO pimco income opportunity fund 72202B100 US72202B1008
PFL pimco income strategy fund 72201H108 US72201H1086
PFN pimco income strategy fund ii 72201J104 US72201J1043
MUNI pimco intermediate municipal bond active exchange-traded fund 72201R866 US72201R8667
CORP pimco investment grade corporate bond index exchange-traded fund 72201R817 US72201R8170
LDUR pimco low duration active exchange-traded fund 72201R718 US72201R7180
PMF pimco municipal income fund common shares of beneficial interst 72200R107 US72200R1077
PML pimco municipal income fund ii common shares of beneficial int 72200W106 US72200W1062
PMX pimco municipal income fund iii 72201A103 US72201A1034


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