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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


PENC pen inc 706582202 US7065822022
PDGNF pendragon plc GB00B1JQBT10
PCOA pendrell corp 70686R302 US70686R3021
PNGM pengram corp 707062204 US7070622045
PGHEF pengrowth energy corporation 70706P104 CA70706P1045
PENMF peninsula energy limited AU000000PEN6
PEBA penn bancshares inc 70725P101 US70725P1012
PENN penn national gaming  inc 707569109 US7075691094
PVAC penn virginia corporation 70788V300 US70788V3006
PFLT pennantpark floating rate capital ltd 70806A106 US70806A1060
PNNT pennantpark investment co 708062104 US7080621045
PNNX pennexx foods inc 708125109 US7081251099
JCP penney (j c) company inc holding company 708160106 US7081601061
PNNEF pennine petroleum corp 708270103 CA7082701037
PEGRF pennon group plc GB00B18V8630
PEGRY pennon group plc u/adr/2:1 708326103 US7083261039
PWOD penns woods bancorp inc 708430103 US7084301032
PEI pennsylvania real estate investment trust 709102107 US7091021078
PEI.PR.A pennsylvania real estate investment trust 709102404 US7091024049
PEI.PR.B pennsylvania real estate investment trust 709102503 US7091025038
PEI.PR.C pennsylvania real estate investment trust 709102602 US7091026028
PEI.PR.D pennsylvania real estate investment trust 709102701 US7091027018
PAWH pennsylvania warehousing & safe deposit co  709291108 US7092911087
PWOD pennsylvania woods bancorp inc 708430103 US7084301032
PFSI pennymac financial services inc class a 70932B101 US70932B1017

PMT pennymac mortgage investment trust 70931T103 US70931T1034
PMT.PR.B pennymac mortgage investment trust 70931T400 US70931T4004
PMT.PR.A pennymac mortgage investment trust pref 8.125% 03/15/24 a 70931T301 US70931T3014
WRLS pensare acquisition corp 70957E105 US70957E1055
WRLSR pensare acquisition corp - right 70957E121 US70957E1212
WRLSU pensare acquisition corp - unit 70957E204 US70957E2046
WRLSW pensare acquisition corp - warrant 70957E113 US70957E1139
PAG penske automotive group inc 70959W103 US70959W1036
PNSNQ penson ww 709600100 US7096001000
PNR pentair plc G7S00T104 IE00BLS09M33
PNOCF penta-ocean construction co ltd JP3309000002
PHSL penthouse international inc 709640106 US7096401069
PEN penumbra inc 70975L107 US70975L1070
PPTM peopleline telecom inc 70977P106 US70977P1066
PEBO peoples bancorp inc (marietta oh) 709789101 US7097891011
PEBC peoples bancorp inc/md 70978T107 US70978T1079
PEBK peoples bancorp of north carolina inc 710577107 US7105771072
PBCO peoples bank of commerce 710311101 US7103111016
PBVA peoples bankshares inc 710845108 US7108451086
PEDH peoples educational holdings inc 711026104 US7110261044
PFBX peoples financial corp miss 71103B102 US71103B1026
PFIS peoples financial services corp 711040105 US7110401053
PFDHF peoples food holdings ltd G7000R108 BMG7000R1088
PINXF people's insurance company (group) of china limited CNE100001MK7
PINXY people's insurance company (group) of china ltd u/adr/20:1 71114W103 US71114W1036

PPLL peoples ltd 711215103 US7112151037
PPAL peoples trust co st. albans vt 712685106 US7126851069
PBCTP peoples united financial 712704204 US7127042049
PBCT peoples united financial inc 712704105 US7127041058
PUB peoples utah bancorp 712706209 US7127062096
PLWY peoples inc 712709203 US7127092036
PPSF peoples-sidney financial corp 712308204 US7123082049
PBY pep boys-manny moe & jack 713278109 US7132781094
PEIMF pepinnini minerals ltd AU000000PNN7
PEP pepsico inc 713448108 US7134481081
PPTDF peptidream inc JP3836750004
PEAAF per aarsleff holding a/s DK0060700516
PRCP perceptron  inc 71361F100 US71361F1003
PGDIF peregrine diamonds ltd 713916104 CA7139161045
PGID peregrine industries inc 713913200 US7139132002
PPHM peregrine pharmaceuticals inc 713661502 US7136615025
PGOG perf go-green holdings inc 71367D109 US71367D1090
PRFT perficient  inc 71375U101 US71375U1016
PFGC performance food group company 71377A103 US71377A1034
PSG performance sports group ltd 71377G100 CA71377G1000
PSGLQ performance sports group ltd 71377G100 CA71377G1000
PFMT performant financial corporation 71377E105 US71377E1055
PERI perion network ltd M78673106 IL0010958192
PRKI perk international inc 71400X104 US71400X1046
PKI perkinelmer inc 714046109 US7140461093

OOIL perkins oil & gas inc 714110103 US7141101037
PERL perla group international inc 714150109 US7141501095
PESI perma-fix environmental services inc 714157203 US7141572039
PERT permanent technologies inc 714205101 US7142051017
ILPMF permanent tsb group holdings plc IE00BWB8X525
ILPMY permanent tsb group holdings plc u/adr/1:1 714203106 US7142031068
PPIH perma-pipe international holdings inc 714167103 US7141671039
PBT permian basin royalty trust 714236106 US7142361069
PRT permrock royalty trust 714254109 US7142541090
PRXG pernix group inc 714263209 US7142632097
PTX pernix therapeutics holdings inc 71426V306 US71426V3069
PDRDY pernod ricard sa u/adr/1:5 714264207 US7142642070
PDRDF pernod-ricard sa FR0000120693
PMGYF perpetual energy inc 714270121 CA7142701217
PFOH perpetual federal savings bank ohio 714273109 US7142731097
PIGIF perpetual income & growth investment trust plc GB0006798424
PRPI perpetual industries inc 71428B100 US71428B1008
PRPLF perpetual ltd AU000000PPT9
PRESF perpetual resources limited AU000000PEC9
PRGO perrigo company plc G97822103 IE00BGH1M568
PRSNQ perseon corporation 715270203 US7152702038
PMNXF perseus mining limited AU000000PRU3
PGLC pershing gold corporation 715302204 US7153022048
PGLCD pershing gold corporation 715302204 US7153022048
PSGR pershing resources co inc 715310108 US7153101081


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