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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


PSBC pacific state bancorp 694864109 US6948641096
PSUNQ pacific sunwear of california inc 694873100 US6948731004
PACXF pacific textiles holdings G68612103 KYG686121032
PPZRF pacific topaz resources ltd 694933300 CA6949333000
PVBK pacific valley bank 69503P101 US69503P1012
PVEG pacific vegas global strategies inc 695036103 US6950361039
PACV pacific ventures group inc 695042101 US6950421015
PWEBQ pacific webworks inc 69506E103 US69506E1038
PWEBD pacific webworks inc 69506E202 US69506E2028
PWBOD pacific west bank 69506W103 US69506W1036
PWCRF pacific wildcat resources corp 694927104 CA6949271044
PHLI pacifichealth laboratories inc 695113100 US6951131001
PCRX pacira pharmaceuticals inc 695127100 US6951271005
PKKCD pack fuerte inc 695128108 US6951281087
PKG packaging corporation of america 695156109 US6951561090
PACO paco integrated energy inc 69523R103 US69523R1032
PTTCF pact group holdings ltd AU000000PGH3
PCTGY pact group holdings ltd u/adr/3:1 69526E109 US69526E1091
PACXF pacton gold inc 69526L103 CA69526L1031
PACW pacwest bancorp 695263103 US6952631033
PWEI pacwest equities inc 69526A206 US69526A2069
PDYPF paddy power betfair plc IE00BWT6H894
PDYPY paddy power betfair plc u/adr/1:2 695274209 US6952742095
PDNIF padini holdings bhd MYL7052OO003
MPGPF page group plc GB0030232317

PGTMF paget minerals corp 69553W204 CA69553W2040
PAGS pagseguro digital ltd G68707101 KYG687071012
PAYD paid inc 69561N402 US69561N4025
PTIE pain therapeutics inc 69562K506 US69562K5065
PDPYF painted pony energy ltd 695779108 CA6957791081
PCHIY paints and chemical industries company sae. (pachin) s/gdr-144a/1:3 69578R107 US69578R1077
PAIOF paion ag DE000A0B65S3
PIUTQ paiute oil & mining corp 695790105 US6957901050
PKTLY pakistan telecommunication company limited s/gdr-144a/100:1 695849109 US6958491093
PALAF paladin energy ltd AU000000PDN8
PALAY paladin energy ltd u/adr/1:5 69606A100 US69606A1007
PTN palatin technologies 696077403 US6960774031
PLYN palayan res inc 69626Q101 US69626Q1013
PLFRF palfinger ag AT0000758305
PLFRY palfinger ag s/adr/1:1 696375104 US6963751044
PAPT palisades petroleum corp 696416106 US6964161060
PLLVF palladon ventures ltd 696434208 CA6964342084
PSLRF palliser oil & gas corp 69644Q109 CA69644Q1090
PTTTS palmetto real estate trust 697116101 US6971161012
PANW palo alto networks inc 697435105 US6974351057
PAMI pam holdings 69763U105 US69763U1051
PAM pampa energia sa s/adr/25:1 697660207 US6976602077
PAFRF pan african resources plc GB0004300496
MXOM pan american goldfields ltd 697844108 US6978441086
PNAR pan american resources 698006103 US6980061039

PAAS pan american silver corp 697900108 CA6979001089
BCGOF pan andean minerals 69776P101 CA69776P1018
PGLO pan global corp 69806B106 US69806B1061
PGNRF pan global resource inc 69806A108 CA69806A1084
PAOC pan ocean container supplies 69807G203 US69807G2030
POEFF pan orient energy corp 69806Y106 CA69806Y1060
PPPLF pan pacific pete n l AU000000PPP7
PANG panacea global inc 698103108 US6981031080
WDKA panache beverage inc 698105103 US6981051039
PANC panacos pharmaceuticals inc 69811Q106 US69811Q1067
PLWTF panalpina welttransport holding ag CH0002168083
PLWTY panalpina welttransport holding ag u/adr/1:5 698116100 US6981161002
PCOK panama coca cola bottling co 698278207 US6982782079
PNHT panamera healthcare corp 69829Y109 US69829Y1091
PABN panamerican bancorp 69829X101 US69829X1019
PCRFF panasonic corp JP3866800000
PCRFY panasonic s/adr/1:1 69832A205 US69832A2050
PUCCF pancontinental gold 69834G101 CA69834G1019
PCOGF pancontinental oil & gas AU000000PCL4
PCOGY pancontinental oil & gas u/adr/100:1 69834C100 US69834C1009
PVLTF panda green energy group ltd  G6889V107 BMG6889V1072
PNDZF pandora a/s DK0060252690
PNDZY pandora a/s s/adr/1:4 698341104 US6983411041
PANDY pandora as sp/adr 698341203 US6983412031
PDRB pandora bancshares 698343100 US6983431007

P pandora media inc 698354107 US6983541078
PNLT paneltech international holdings inc 69841H100 US69841H1005
PNRA panera bread company 69840W108 US69840W1080
DBGF panex resources inc 69841J106 US69841J1060
PANL pangaea logistics solutions ltd G6891L105 BMG6891L1054
PNGB panglobal brands inc 69841Q100 US69841Q1004
KGHZF pangolin diamonds 69841K103 CA69841K1030
PHX panhandle oil and gas inc 698477106 US6984771062
PMRGF panmure gorden & co GB00B97CW509
PANRF panoramic resources AU000000PAN4
PESAF panoro energy asa NO0010564701
POROF panoro minerals ltd 69863Q103 CA69863Q1037
ERGTF panterra gold ltd AU000000PGI1
PIRPF pantheon international plc GB0004148507
PTHRF pantheon resources plc GB00B125SX82
PNTOF pantoro limited AU000000PNR8
PAOG pao group inc 698668100 US6986681004
PAPA papa bello enterprises inc 69881X106 US69881X1063
PZZA papa john`s international inc 698813102 US6988131024
FRSH papa murphy`s holdings inc 698814100 US6988141007
EOPCF papeles y cartones de europa ES0168561019
PCPJ paperclip inc 69882A105 US69882A1051
PFMS paperfree medical solutions inc 698830106 US6988301064
PARR par pacific holdings inc 69888T207 US69888T2078
PAR par technology corporation 698884103 US6988841036


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