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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


HDIH h - d international holdings group 404145104 US4041451042
HSCHF h - source holdings 40434X109 CA40434X1096
HEES h & e equipment services inc 404030108 US4040301081
HRWSF h & r ag DE0007757007
HRUFF h & r real estate investment trust 404428203 CA4044282032
HBMBF h b m healthcare investments ag CH0012627250
HBPE h b p energy corp 404104101 US4041041017
HCHC h c 2 holdings inc 404139107 US4041391073
HCA h c a healthcare 40412C101 US40412C1018
HCBN h c b financial corp 404131104 US4041311048
HCI h c i group inc 40416E103 US40416E1038
HCIIP h c i group-7% series pref 40416E202 US40416E2028
VICA h c i viocare 40416H205 US40416H2058
HCNVQ h c innovations inc 40413G101 US40413G1013
HCINF h c international inc G4364T101 KYG4364T1013
HCTHY h c l technologies ltd-u/ adr 40416P108 US40416P1084
HCP h c p inc 40414L109 US40414L1098
HCFB h c s b financial corp 40413R107 US40413R1077
HDFBF h d f c bank limited foreign  INE040A01026
HDB h d f c bank limited s/adr/3:1 40415F101 US40415F1012
HDB h d f c bank ltd 40415F101 US40415F1012
HDS h d supply holdings inc 40416M105 US40416M1053
HRRN h e - 5 resources corp 404155202 US4041552021
HFBA h f b financial corp 40417C106 US40417C1062
HFCYF h f company FR0000038531

HF h f f inc class a 40418F108 US40418F1084
HFFC h f financial corp 404172108 US4041721089
STLY h g holdings inc 42834P108 US42834P1084
HHBT h h biotechnology holdings co 40423K100 US40423K1007
HGG h h gregg inc (indiana) 42833L108 US42833L1089
HGGGQ h h gregg inc indiana 42833L108 US42833L1089
HICLF h i c l infrastructure company ltd GB00B0T4LH64
HISJF h i s co ltd JP3160740001
HKBNF h k b n ltd G45158105 KYG451581055
HKBT h k battery technology inc 40421J204 US40421J2042
HKHDF h k c (holdings) ltd G4516H179 BMG4516H1795
HKEB h k ebus corporation 40423D106 US40423D1063
HKCVF h k electric investments HK0000179108
HKVTY h k electric investments s/adr/10:1 40422B101 US40422B1017
HKGT h k graphene technology corp 40422N105 US40422N1054
HKNI h k n inc 40420K707 US40420K7072
HRKIF h k r international ltd G4520J104 KYG4520J1040
HKRUF h k scan corporation FI0009006308
HKTTF h k t trust and hkt limited HK0000093390
HKTTY h k t trust and hkt limited u/adr/10:1 404199101 US4041991013
HCCH h l acquisitions G4603R106 VGG4603R1064
HCCHU h l acquisitions-units G4603R114 VGG4603R1148
AMHD h l k biotech holding group inc 40435L104 US40435L1044
HLUYY h lundbeck a/s s/adr/1:1 40422M206 US40422M2061
HLUKF h lundbeck as DK0010287234

HMG h m g/courtland properties  inc 404232100 US4042321004
HMNF h m n financial  inc 40424G108 US40424G1085
HMSY h m s holdings corp 40425J101 US40425J1016
HMNKF h m s networks ab SE0009997018
HMZMF h m z metals inc 40425M302 CA40425M3021
HNI h n i corporation 404251100 US4042511000
CDHPF h n z group inc 40425A308 CA40425A3082
HPCQ h p c acquisitions inc 40426X109 US40426X1090
HPIL h p i l holding 40432Y109 US40432Y1091
HPQ h p inc 40434L105 US40434L1052
KICK h p n holdings 40444Q102 US40444Q1022
URAGF h p q - silicon resources 40444R100 CA40444R1001
HQGE h q global education inc 40431B100 US40431B1008
WSTM h r soft 44329V103 CA44329V1031
HSTH h s 3 technologies inc 40430N204 US40430N2045
HBCYF h s b c holdings plc GB0005405286
HBCZF h s b c holdings plc GB0005405286
HSBC.PR.A h s b c holdings plc 6.2% 12/31/49 (pfd) 404280604 US4042806046
HSBC h s b c holdings plc s/adr/5:1 404280406 US4042804066
HSNI h s n inc 404303109 US4043031099
HSRCF h s r & a KR7013520002
HSTC h s t global inc 40432E103 US40432E1038
APNDF h t & e limited AU000000HT18
HTCKF h t c corp 40432G207 US40432G2075
HTCCY h t c corp s/gdr-144a/4:1 40432G108 US42980M1071

HTCXF h t c corporation TW0002498003
HTGM h t g molecular diagnostics 40434H104 US40434H1041
HTPRF h tc purenergy inc 40432D105 CA40432D1050
HUTN h u t n inc 404392102 US4043921026
HVBC h v bancorp 40441H105 US40441H1059
HHWW h w holdings inc 40441G107 US40441G1076
HWICQ h w i global inc 40441E102 US40441E1029
HYQC h y q c investment holding co 404424103 US4044241036
HRUFF h&r real estate investment trust 404428203 CA4044282032
HEOFF h2o innovation inc 443300306 CA4433003064
HTOCF h2o retailing corp JP3774600005
HTRE h3 enterprises inc 404369100 US4043691009
HABC habersham bancorp 404459109 US4044591091
HABT habit restaurants inc/the - a 40449J103 US40449J1034
HACBF hachijuni bank ltd JP3769000005
HACBY hachijuni bank ltd u/adr/10:1 404508202 US4045082025
HOMJF haci omer sabanci holding a.s. TRASAHOL91Q5
HOSXF haci omer sabanci holding sa s/gdr-regs/1:4 40450N209 US40450N2099
HOSZY haci omer sabanci holdingsa s/gdr-144a/1:4 40450N100 US40450N1000
HCKT hackett group inc (the) 404609109 US4046091090
HSITF hadasit bio holdings IL0010954050
HAIPF hadera paper IL0006320183
HHACF haein corporation KR7003010006
HAE haemonetics corporation 405024100 US4050241003
HGWEF hagiwara electric co ltd JP3765600006


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