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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


EET proshares ultra msci emerging markets 74347X302 US74347X3026
EZJ proshares ultra msci japan 74347X708 US74347X7084
BIB proshares ultra nasdaq biotechnology 74347R214 US74347R2141
DIG proshares ultra oil & gas 74347R719 US74347R7199
QLD proshares ultra qqq 74347R206 US74347R2067
URE proshares ultra real estate 74347X625 US74347X6250
UWM proshares ultra russell2000 74347R842 US74347R8429
SSO proshares ultra s&p 500 74347R107 US74347R1077
USD proshares ultra semiconductors 74347R669 US74347R6696
AGQ proshares ultra silver 74347W353 US74347W3530
ROM proshares ultra technology 74347R693 US74347R6936
LTL proshares ultra telecommunications 74347R263 US74347R2638
UPW proshares ultra utilities 74347R685 US74347R6852
UVXY proshares ultra vix short-term futures etf 74347W312 US74347W3126
YCL proshares ultra yen 74347W270 US74347W2706
OILU proshares ultrapro 3x crude oil etf 74347W221 US74347W2219
OILD proshares ultrapro 3x short crude 74347Y805 US74347Y8057
UDOW proshares ultrapro dow 30 74347X823 US74347X8231
FINU proshares ultrapro financial select 74348A582 US74348A5829
UMDD proshares ultrapro midcap400 74347X815 US74347X8157
UBIO proshares ultrapro nasdaq biotechnology 74347B474 US74347B4749
TQQQ proshares ultrapro qqq 74347X831 US74347X8314
URTY proshares ultrapro russell2000 74347X799 US74347X7993
UPRO proshares ultrapro s&p 500 74347X864 US74347X8645
TTT proshares ultrapro short 3x 20+ year treasury 74348A491 US74348A4913

SDOW proshares ultrapro short dow30 74348A178 US74348A1786
FINZ proshares ultrapro short financial select sector 74348A186 US74348A1869
SMDD proshares ultrapro short midcap400 74348A392 US74348A3923
ZBIO proshares ultrapro short nasdaq biotechnology 74347B193 US74347B1935
SQQQ proshares ultrapro short qqq 74348A160 US74348A1604
SRTY proshares ultrapro short russell2000 74348A152 US74348A1521
SPXU proshares ultrapro shrt s&pro 500 74347B268 US74347B2685
CROC proshares ultrashort australian dollar 74347W460 US74347W4603
SMN proshares ultrashort basic materials 74347X138 US74347X1384
SCO proshares ultrashort bloomberg crude oil 74347W668 US74347W6681
KOLD proshares ultrashort bloomberg natural gas 74347W387 US74347W3878
SZK proshares ultrashort consumer goods 74347R115 US74347R1150
SCC proshares ultrashort consumer services 74348A236 US74348A2362
DXD proshares ultrashort dow30 74347B276 US74347B2768
EUO proshares ultrashort euro 74347W882 US74347W8828
SKF proshares ultrashort financials 74347B748 US74347B7486
FXP proshares ultrashort ftse china 50 of proshares trust 74347B227 US74347B2271
EPV proshares ultrashort ftse europe 74348A434 US74348A4343
GLL proshares ultrashort gold 74347W395 US74347W3951
GDXS proshares ultrashort gold miners 74348A194 US74348A1943
RXD proshares ultrashort health care 74348A228 US74348A2289
HBZ proshares ultrashort homebuilders & supplies 74347B649 US74347B6496
SIJ proshares ultrashort industrials 74348A368 US74348A3683
GDJS proshares ultrashort junior miners 74348A285 US74348A2859
MZZ proshares ultrashort midcap400 74348A343 US74348A3436

BZQ proshares ultrashort msci brazil cpro 74347B292 US74347B2925
JPX proshares ultrashort msci pacific ex-japan 74347X229 US74347X2291
BIS proshares ultrashort nasdaq biotechnology 74347B789 US74347B7890
DUG proshares ultrashort oil & gas 74348A525 US74348A5258
QID proshares ultrashort qqq 74348A426 US74348A4269
SRS proshares ultrashort real estate 74348A244 US74348A2446
TWM proshares ultrashort russell2000 74348A319 US74348A3196
SDS proshares ultrashort s&p500 74347B383 US74347B3832
SSG proshares ultrashort semiconductors 74347B797 US74347B7973
ZSL proshares ultrashort silver 74347W114 US74347W1146
SDD proshares ultrashort smallcap600 74348A327 US74348A3279
REW proshares ultrashort technology 74347B730 US74347B7304
SDP proshares ultrashort utilities 74347B722 US74347B7221
YCS proshares ultrashort yen 74347W569 US74347W5691
EEV proshares ultrashrt msci em mkts 74347B284 US74347B2842
SSG proshares ultrshrt semicon 74347B219 US74347B2198
VIXM proshares vix mid-term futures etf 74347W338 US74347W3381
VIXY proshares vix short-term futures etf 74347W361 US74347W3613
PBSFF prosiebensat.1 media DE000PSM7770
PBSFY prosiebensat.1 media se u/adr/1:4 743476202 US7434762024
PSEC prospect capital corporation 74348T102 US74348T1025
PBB prospect capital corporation pref 6.25%  06/15/24 74348T300 US74348T3005
PBY prospect capital corporation pref 6.25% 06/15/28 74348T409 US74348T4094
PGRX prospect global resources inc 74348X202 US74348X2027
IVAP prospect ventures inc 74360A106 US74360A1060

PRRZF prospector resources corp 743589103 CA7435891030
PB prosperity bancshares inc 743606105 US7436061052
PRSP prosperity bancshares inc 743606105 US7436061052
PSRVF prospero silver corp 743624207 CA7436242076
FANZ prosports sponsors 30151E889 US30151E8892
PTIX protagenic therapeutics inc 74365N103 US74365N1037
PTGX protagonist therapeutics inc 74366E102 US74366E1029
PRTX protalex inc 743642209 US7436422098
PLX protalix biotherapeutics inc 74365A101 US74365A1016
PRGBQ protea biosciences group inc 74365B208 US74365B2088
PRTT protect pharmaceutical corp 74364W203 US74364W2035
PCSO protective capital structures restricted 743666109 US7436661091
PTVCB protective insurance 74368L203 US74368L2034
PTVCA protective insurance-a 74368L104 US74368L1044
PSKRF protector forsikring asa NO0010209331
PPTIQ protein polymer technologies inc 743697104 US7436971045
PRCF protein reactor combined fuels inc 74370B102 US74370B1026
PRPM protek capital inc 74370A104 US74370A1043
PTEO proteo inc 74369R100 US74369R1005
PMSNF proteome sciences pl GB0003104196
PRTO proteon therapeutics inc 74371L109 US74371L1098
PROT proteonomix inc 74371C208 US74371C2089
PTI proteostasis therapeutics inc 74373B109 US74373B1098
TXTM protext mobility inc 74371E204 US74371E2046
PRTA prothena corporation plc G72800108 IE00B91XRN20


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