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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


PPMD protide pharmaceuticals inc 74371A103 US74371A1034
PTOVF proto corporation JP3833740008
PRLB proto labs inc 743713109 US7437131094
PSCR proto script pharmaceutical corp 74373V105 US74373V1052
PCLI protocall technologies inc 74372C108 US74372C1080
PKTX protokinetix inc 743722100 US7437221002
PSCO protosource corp 743958407 US7439584076
PUMD prourocare medical inc 74373C206 US74373C2061
PVCT provectus biopharmaceuticals a 74373P108 US74373P1084
PVCT.WS provectus biopharmaceuticals-wts 74373P116 US74373P1167
PVCTW provectus biopharmaceuticals-wts 74373P116 US74373P1167
PRVB provention bio 74374N102 US74374N1028
PRRVF providence gold mines inc 743754103 CA7437541039
PVRS providence resources inc 74378L201 US74378L2016
PVDRF providence resources plc IE00B66B5T26
PRSC providence service corporation 743815201 US7438152016
PVBC provident bancorp inc 74383X109 US74383X1090
PCBS provident community bancshares inc 74386S107 US74386S1078
PROV provident financial holdings inc 743868101 US7438681014
FPLPF provident financial plc GB00B1Z4ST84
PVFNF provident financial plc GB00BFWVBY68
FPLPY provident financial plc s/adr/1:1 74387B103 US74387B1035
PFS provident financial services inc 74386T105 US74386T1051
PSBP provident state bank inc 744057100 US7440571005
PVHO provision holding inc 744121104 US7441211049

PVNO provision operation systems inc 744123100 US7441231005
PROXQ proxim corp-cl a 744283201 US7442832017
PRXM proxim wireless corp 744285206 US7442852064
BGAOY proximus group u/adr/1:5 74428W108 US74428W1080
BGAOF proximus sa de droit public BE0003810273
PBIP prudential bancorp inc 74431A101 US74431A1016
PRU prudential financial inc 744320102 US7443201022
PRH prudential financial inc pref 5.7% 03/15/53 744320706 US7443207060
PJH prudential financial inc pref 5.75% 12/15/52 744320607 US7443206070
GHY prudential global short duration high yield fund inc 74433A109 US74433A1097
PUKPF prudential plc GB0007099541
PUK.PR.A prudential plc pref 6.5% 12/31/49 GB00B0G40271
PUK prudential plc s/adr/2:1 74435K204 US74435K2042
PUK.P prudential public limited company plc pref 6.75% 12/31/49 GB00B02FFZ25
ISD prudential short duration high yield fund inc 74442F107 US74442F1075
PKREY pruksa real estate plc u/adr 74441Y107 US74441Y1073
LLXLF prumo logistica global BRPRMLACNOR9
PRMLY prumo logisticasa s/adr/1:1 74443H201 US74443H2013
PRYMF prysmian s.p.a IT0004176001
PRYMY prysmian u/adr/1:2 74440L106 US74440L1061
PSIZF psivida corp AU000000PVA7
PSPSY psp swiss property u/adr/1:5 74437Q209 US74437Q2093
PMD psychemedics corporation 744375205 US7443752057
PBLOF public bank local MYF1295O1009
PCMC public company management corp 744392101 US7443921017

PBCFF public financial holdings ltd G7297B105 BMG7297B1054
TRNFF public joint stock company transneft RU0009091573
PUBQQ public media works inc 744425208 US7444252081
PUPOF public power corporation of greece GRS434003000
PNMXO public service co of new mexico 4.58 % 744499880 US7444998808
PEG public service enterprise group incorporated 744573106 US7445731067
PSA public storage 74460D109 US74460D1090
PSAZL public storage 74460W107 US74460W1071
PSA.PR.G public storage 74460W669 US74460W6690
PSA.PR.F public storage 74460W685 US74460W6856
PSA.PR.E public storage 74460W719 US74460W7193
PBSDP public storage 74460W735 US74460W7359
PSA.PR.D public storage 74460W735 US74460W7359
PBBSP public storage 74460W750 US74460W7508
PSA.PR.C public storage 74460W750 US74460W7508
PBSTP public storage 74460W776 US74460W7763
PSA.PR.B public storage 74460W776 US74460W7763
PSA.PR.A public storage 74460W792 US74460W7920
PSAOL public storage 74460W800 US74460W8001
PSAXL public storage 74460W875 US74460W8753
PSA.PR.W public storage dep shs rep 1-1000th 5 1-5 %  ser -w 12/31/49 74460W875 US74460W8753
PSA.PR.Z public storage dep shs rep 1-1000th 6 % pref ser -z 74460W826 US74460W8266
PSAPP public storage dep shs rep 1-1000th 6 % pref ser -z 74460W826 US74460W8266
PBSAY public storage dep shs rep 1-1000th 6.375% pref series -y 74460W842 US74460W8423
PSA.PR.Y public storage dep shs rep 1-1000th 6.375% pref series -y 12/31/49 74460W842 US74460W8423

PSA.PR.P public storage pfd 74460D158 US74460D1587
PSA.PR.X public storage pref \5.2 p12/31/49 x 74460W107 US74460W1071
PSA.PR.V public storage pref 5.375% 12/31/49 v 74460W800 US74460W8001
PSA.PR.U public storage pref 5.625% 12/31/49 u 74460W602 US74460W6021
PBCBF publicis groupe sa FR0000130577
PGPEF publicis groupe sa FR0000130577
PUBGY publicis groupesa s/adr/1:1 74463M106 US74463M1062
PBYYF publity ag DE000A169GM5
PUDA puda coal inc 744674300 US7446743004
PDPTF pudo 744680109 CA7446801093
PUFXF puf ventures inc  74530Q205 CA74530Q2053
PUGB puget sound bancorp 74532B107 US74532B1070
PUGE puget technologies inc 74535X106 US74535X1063
PSSS puissant industries inc 74535W108 US74535W1080
PULM pulmatrix inc 74584P103 US74584P1030
PLUEF pulmuone KR7017810003
PLSB pulse beverage corp/the 745861104 US7458611040
PLSE pulse biosciences inc 74587B101 US74587B1017
PLFX pulse evolution corp 74586Y102 US74586Y1029
TPNI pulse network inc 74586X203 US74586X2036
PLSDF pulse seismic inc 74586Q109 CA74586Q1090
PHM pulte homes inc 745867101 US7458671010
PMMAF puma ag rudolf dassler sport DE0006969603
PBYI puma biotechnology inc 74587V107 US74587V1070
PUXPF puma exploration inc 74588S103 CA74588S1039


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