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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


PMBLF promotora ambiental sab de cv MX01PA0B0006
PRISY promotora de informaciones - adr 74343G204 US74343G2049
GPOPF promotora de informaciones,sa (prisa) ES0171743901
PRISY promotora de informacionessa (prisa) s/adr/1:1 74343G402 US74343G4029
PUODY promotora y operadora de infraestructura sa s/adr/20:1 74343W100 US74343W1009
PYOIF promotora y operadora de infraestructurasa MX01PI000005
PYYIF promotora y operadora de infraestructurasa MX01PI000013
PXNUF pronexus inc JP3119000002
PFPT proofpoint inc 743424103 US7434241037
PPCB propanc biopharma inc 74346N107 US74346N1072
PROM propel media inc 74346J1060 US74346J1060
PROP propell technologies group i 74345U102 US74345U1025
PYIYY property for industry u/adr/20:1 74344D101 US74344D1019
PUMP propetro holding corp 74347M108 US74347M1080
PRPH prophase labs inc 74345W108 US74345W1080
PRPCF prophecy development corp 74347D207 CA74347D2077
STKR prophotonix limited 743465106 US7434651060
PRQR proqr therapeutics n.v N71542109 NL0010872495
PRO pros holdings inc 74346Y103 US74346Y1038
PRSEF prosafe se (cyprus) CY0100470919
PRSEY prosafe se u/adr/1:1 74346V208 US74346V2088
GFGVF prosalutis holdings inc 74348J104 CA74348J1049
PGCSF prosegur compania de seguridad sa ES0175438003
PGUXF prosegur compania de seguridad sa ES0175438003
RINF proshares 30 year tips/tsy spread pro inflation 74348A814 US74348A8146

TYTE proshares cds north american hy credit etf 74347B888 US74347B8880
WYDE proshares cds short north american hy credit etf 74347B870 US74347B8708
EMTY proshares decline retail store 74347B367 US74347B3675
TOLZ proshares dj brookfield global infrastructure etf 74347B508 US74347B5084
EQRR proshares equities for rising rates etf 74347B391 US74347B3915
PEX proshares global listed private equity etf 74348A533 US74348A5332
HDG proshares hedge replication etf 74347X294 US74347X2945
HYHG proshares high yield-interest rate hedged etf 74348A541 US74348A5415
IGHG proshares investment grade-interest rate hedged 74347B607 US74347B6074
CSM proshares large cap core plus 74347R248 US74347R2489
CLIX proshares long online/short store 74347B375 US74347B3758
MRGR proshares merger etf 74348A566 US74348A5662
ALTS proshares morningstar alternatives solution etf 74347B813 US74347B8138
EFAD proshares msci eafe dividend growers etf 74347B839 US74347B8393
EUDV proshares msci europe dividend growers etf 74347B540 US74347B5407
ONLN proshares online retail 74347B169 US74347B1695
RALS proshares rafi long/short 74347X310 US74347X3109
SMDV proshares russell 2000 dividend growers etf 74347B698 US74347B6983
SPXB proshares s&p 500 bond etf 74347B318 US74347B3188
NOBL proshares s&p 500 dividend aristocrats etf 74348A467 US74348A4673
SPXE proshares s&p 500 ex-energy etf 74347B581 US74347B5811
SPXN proshares s&p 500 ex-financial etf 74347B573 US74347B5738
SPXV proshares s&p 500 ex-health care etf 74347B565 US74347B5654
SPXT proshares s&p 500 ex-technology etf 74347B557 US74347B5571
REGL proshares s&p midcap 400 dividend aristocrats etf 74347B680 US74347B6801

TBF proshares short 20+ year treasury etf 74347X849 US74347X8496
TBX proshares short 7-10 year treasury 74348A608 US74348A6082
SBM proshares short basic materials 74347X559 US74347X5591
DOG proshares short dow30 74347B235 US74347B2354
EUFX proshares short euro 74347W742 US74347W7424
SEF proshares short financials 74347R230 US74347R2307
YXI proshares short ftse china 50 of proshares trust 74347X658 US74347X6581
SJB proshares short high yield 74347R131 US74347R1317
MYY proshares short midcap 400 74347B250 US74347B2503
DDG proshares short oil & gas 74347R222 US74347R2224
PSQ proshares short qqq 74347B714 US74347B7148
REK proshares short real estate 74347X641 US74347X6417
RWM proshares short russell2000 74348A210 US74348A2107
KRS proshares short s&p regional banking of proshares trust 74347X476 US74347X4768
SH proshares short s&p500 74347B425 US74347B4251
SBB proshares short smallcap600 74348A376 US74348A3766
EMSH proshares short term usd emerging markets bond etf 74347B706 US74347B7064
SVXY proshares short vix short-term futures etf 74347W627 US74347W6277
OILK proshares trust k1 free crude 74347B417 US74347B4178
FUT proshares trust managed future 74347B532 US74347B5324
EMDV proshares trust msci emerging markets dvd grw 74347B847 US74347B8476
EFZ proshares trust short msci eafe 74347R370 US74347R3701
EUM proshares trust short msci emerging markets 74347R396 US74347R3966
UVXY proshares trust ultra vix short futures 74347W163 US74347W1633
TBT proshares trust ultrashort lehman 20+ year treasury 74347B201 US74347B2016

PST proshares trust ultrashort lehman 7-10 year treasury 74347R313 US74347R3131
EFU proshares trust ultrashort msci eafe 74348A475 US74348A4756
EEV proshares trust ultrashort msci emerging markets 74347X575 US74347X5757
EWV proshares trust ultrashort msci japan 74348A459 US74348A4590
SAA proshares ulta smallcap600 74347R818 US74347R8189
UBT proshares ultra 20+ year treasury 74347R172 US74347R1721
UST proshares ultra 7-10 year treasury 74347R180 US74347R1804
UYM proshares ultra basic materials 74347R776 US74347R7769
UCO proshares ultra bloomberg crude oil 74347W247 US74347W2474
BOIL proshares ultra bloomberg natural gas 74347Y706 US74347Y7067
UGE proshares ultra consumer good 74347R768 US74347R7686
UCC proshares ultra consumer services 74347R750 US74347R7504
DDM proshares ultra dow30 74347R305 US74347R3057
ULE proshares ultra euro 74347W874 US74347W8745
UYG proshares ultra financials 74347X633 US74347X6334
XPP proshares ultra ftse china 50 of proshares trust 74347X880 US74347X8801
UPV proshares ultra ftse europe 74347X526 US74347X5260
UGL proshares ultra gold 74347W601 US74347W6012
GDXX proshares ultra gold miners etf 74347B482 US74347B4822
RXL proshares ultra health care 74347R735 US74347R7355
UJB proshares ultra high yield 74348A707 US74348A7072
UXI proshares ultra industrials 74347R727 US74347R7272
MVV proshares ultra midcap400 74347R404 US74347R4048
UBR proshares ultra msci brazil capped 74347B490 US74347B4905
EFO proshares ultra msci eafe 74347X500 US74347X5005


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