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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


FDCFF forum uranium corp 349852301 CA3498523016
FWRD forward air corporation 349853101 US3498531017
FORD forward industries inc 349862300 US3498623004
FWP forward pharma a/s s/adr/2:1 34986J105 US34986J1051
FWP forward pharma a/s-adr 34986J105 US34986J1051
FHHGF foschini group limited ZAE000148466
FHNIY foschini limited s/adr/2:1 349870105 US3498701057
FSSLY fossal saa. s/adr/10:1 34988L108 US34988L1089
FOSL fossil group inc 34988V106 US34988V1061
FSTR foster company (l b) 350060109 US3500601097
FOECF foster electric company ltd JP3802800007
FOSUF fosun international ltd HK0656038673
FOSUY fosun international u/adr/25:1 35037R103 US35037R1032
FOTXY fotex first amern hung rt s/adr/5:1 350374104 US3503741049
FBM foundation building materials inc 350392106 US3503921062
FHGDF founder holdings ltd G3654D107 BMG3654D1074
BRLGF founders advantage capital corp 350507109 CA3505071090
FBCP founders bancorp 350515102 US3505151023
FDBH founders bay holdings 35052R103 US35052R1032
FHAI fountain healthy aging inc 35069H106 US35069H1068
FCNE four corners inc 350866109 US3508661093
FCPT four corners property trust inc 35086T109 US35086T1097
BDFH four g holdings corporation 35085X200 US35085X2009
FOFN four oaks fincorp inc 350891107 US3508911076
FEDU four seasons education inc s/adr/1:2 35101A101 US35101A1016

FRLSY fourlis holdingssa u/adr/4:1 35105L103 US35105L1035
FJHL fovea jewelry holdings ltd 35113E109 US35113E1091
FXCB fox chase bancorp 35137T108 US35137T1088
FOX fox entertainment group inc 35138T107 US35138T1079
FOXF fox factory holding corp 35138V102 US35138V1026
FXBY foxby corp 351645106 US3516451065
FXCOF foxconn technology co ltd TW0002354008
FXTCF foxconn technology co ltd TW0002354008
FTXGF foxtons group plc GB00BCKFY513
FXTGY foxtons group plc u/adr/2:1 35166C109 US35166C1099
FOYJ foy-johnston inc 351676101 US3516761018
FGNT inc 351684204 US3516842040
FCEBF france bed holdings co JP3826500005
FRIIF france mgi digital graph FR0010353888
FRAN francescas holdings corporation 351793104 US3517931040
FNHI franchise holding international inc 35180V109 US35180V1098
FRAZ francisco industries inc 351842109 US3518421090
FNNVF franco-nevada corporation 351858105 CA3518581051
FNV franco-nevada corporation 351858105 CA3518581051
FNNWF franco-nevada corporation 351858139 CA3518581390
FC franklin covey company 353469109 US3534691098
FCRM franklin credit management corp 353491202 US3534912023
FELE franklin electric co  inc 353514102 US3535141028
FRFN franklin financial network inc 35352P104 US35352P1049
FSB franklin financial network inc 35352P104 US35352P1049

FRAF franklin financial services corp 353525108 US3535251082
FLAX franklin ftse asia ex japan etf 35473P660 US35473P6604
FLAU franklin ftse australia etf 35473P843 US35473P8436
FLBR franklin ftse brazil etf 35473P835 US35473P8352
FLCA franklin ftse canada etf 35473P827 US35473P8279
FLCH franklin ftse china etf 35473P819 US35473P8196
FLEE franklin ftse europe etf 35473P652 US35473P6521
FLEH franklin ftse europe hedged etf 35473P645 US35473P6455
FLFR franklin ftse france etf 35473P793 US35473P7933
FLGR franklin ftse germany etf 35473P785 US35473P7859
FLHK franklin ftse hong kong etf 35473P777 US35473P7776
FLIN franklin ftse india etf 35473P769 US35473P7693
FLIY franklin ftse italy etf 35473P751 US35473P7511
FLJP franklin ftse japan etf 35473P744 US35473P7446
FLJH franklin ftse japan hedged etf 35473P637 US35473P6372
FLMX franklin ftse mexico etf 35473P736 US35473P7362
FLRU franklin ftse russia etf 35473P728 US35473P7289
FLKR franklin ftse south korea etf 35473P710 US35473P7107
FLSW franklin ftse switzerland etf 35473P694 US35473P6943
FLTW franklin ftse taiwan etf 35473P686 US35473P6869
FLGB franklin ftse united kingdom etf 35473P678 US35473P6786
FLMI franklin liberty intermediate muni opp 35473P868 US35473P8683
FLIO franklin liberty international opps 35473P702 US35473P7024
FLCO franklin liberty investment group corp 35473P603 US35473P6034
FLMB franklin liberty municipal bond etf 35473P850 US35473P8501

FTSD franklin liberty short duration u.s. government etf 353506108 US3535061085
FLLV franklin liberty us low vol 35473P504 US35473P5044
FLQE franklin libertyq emerging 35473P207 US35473P2074
FLQD franklin libertyq global div 35473P306 US35473P3064
FLQG franklin libertyq global eq 35473P405 US35473P4054
FLQH franklin libertyq int eq hed 35473P108 US35473P1084
FLQM franklin libertyq mid cap eq 35473P884 US35473P8840
FLQS franklin libertyq small cap 35473P876 US35473P8766
FLQL franklin libertyq us 35473P801 US35473P8014
FTF franklin limited duration income tr 35472T101 US35472T1016
FMNJ franklin mining inc 353879208 US3538792082
FKLN franklin ophthalmic instrum 354267106 US3542671066
BEN franklin resources inc 354613101 US3546131018
FSP franklin street properties corp 35471R106 US35471R1068
FT franklin universal trust 355145103 US3551451038
FKWL franklin wireless corp 355184102 US3551841022
FI franks international n.v. N33462107 NL0010556684
FPRUF fraport ag frankfurt airport  DE0005773303
FPRUY fraport ag u/adr/1:2 35546M108 US35546M1080
FNEVF fraser & neave ltd SG1T58930911
FNEVY fraser and neave u/adr/5:1 355470105 US3554701058
FRPPF fraser papers inc 355521105 CA3555211059
FSRPF frasers centrepoint ltd SG2G52000004
FRZCF frasers centrepoint trust SG1T60930966
FRSCF frasers commercial trust SG2C81967185


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