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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


FRC.PR.G first republic bank 33616C837 US33616C8376
FRC.PR.F first republic bank 33616C852 US33616C8525
FRC first republic bank /san fran 33616C100 US33616C1009
FRPC first republic corp of america 336153309 US3361533090
FRSB first resource bank/exton pa 336177100 US3361771005
FSRCF first resources limited SG1W35938974
FSRCY first resources u/adr/100:1 33617N105 US33617N1054
FRFC first robinson financial corporation 336188107 US3361881077
FSFG first savings financial group inc 33621E109 US33621E1091
FSGI first security group inc 336312202 US3363122025
FIIT first security inc 336327101 US3363271012
FSEI first seismic corp 336397104 US3363971041
FTSB first sentry bancshares inc 33640Y102 US33640Y1029
FSHPY first ship lease trust s/adr 336411103 US3364111035
FSLR first solar inc 336433107 US3364331070
FSWA first sound bank/seattle wa 33647C103 US33647C1036
SRCE first source corporation 336901103 US3369011032
FSBS first south bancorp  inc (sc) 33646D102 US33646D1028
FSBSP first south bancorp inc 33646D201 US33646D2018
FSBK first south bancorp inc va 33646W100 US33646W1009
FSNJ first state bank/cranford nj 33648V100 US33648V1008
FSTF first state financial corp/fl 33708M206 US33708M2061
FSFF first suffield financial inc 33712L103 US33712L1035
FABR first titan corp 33717A201 US33717A2015
FIRRF first tractor co ltd CNE100000320

FIRRY first tractor co ltd u/adr/10:1 337186100 US3371861002
FAAR first trust alternative absolute return strategy etf 33740Y101 US33740Y1010
FPA first trust asia pacific ex-japan alphadex fund 33737J109 US33737J1097
FAUS first trust australia alphadex fund 33737J216 US33737J2160
BICK first trust bick index fund 33733H107 US33733H1077
FBZ first trust brazil alphadex fund 33737J133 US33737J1337
FTHI first trust buywrite income etf 33738R308 US33738R3084
FCAL first trust california municipal high income etf 33739P863 US33739P8639
FCAN first trust canada alphadex fund 33737J208 US33737J2087
FTCS first trust capital strength etf 33733E104 US33733E1047
FCEF first trust cef income opportunity etf 33740F409 US33740F4090
FCA first trust china alphadex fund 33737J141 US33737J1410
SKYY first trust cloud computing etf 33734X192 US33734X1928
FXD first trust consumer discretionary alphadex fund 33734X101 US33734X1019
FXG first trust consumer staples alphadex fund 33734X119 US33734X1191
RNDM first trust developed international equity select etf 33738R787 US33738R7879
FDT first trust developed markets ex-us alphadex fund 33737J174 US33737J1741
FDTS first trust developed markets ex-us small cap alphadex fund 33737J406 US33737J4067
FVC first trust dorsey wright dynamic focus 5 etf 33738R878 US33738R8786
FV first trust dorsey wright focus 5 etf 33738R605 US33738R6053
IFV first trust dorsey wright international focus 5 etf 33738R886 US33738R8869
DWPP first trust dorsey wright people's portfolio etf 33733E880 US33733E8802
DALI first trust dorseywright dali 1 33738R712 US33738R7127
EDOW first trust dow 30 equal weight etf 33733A201 US33733A2015
FGD first trust dow jone global select divid index fund - etf 33734X200 US33734X2009

FDN first trust dow jones internet index fund etf 33733E302 US33733E3027
FDM first trust dow jones select microcap index fund 33718M105 US33718M1053
FDEU first trust dynamic europe equity income fund 33740D107 US33740D1072
FEM first trust emerging markets alphadex fund 33737J182 US33737J1824
RNEM first trust emerging markets equity select etf 33738R779 US33738R7796
FEMB first trust emerging markets local currency bond etf 33739P202 US33739P2020
FEMS first trust emerging markets small cap alphadex fund 33737J307 US33737J3077
FXN first trust energy alphadex fund 33734X127 US33734X1274
FEN first trust energy income and 33738G104 US33738G1040
FIF first trust energy infrastructure fund 33738C103 US33738C1036
FFA first trust enhanced equity income fund 337318109 US3373181094
FTSM first trust enhanced short maturity fd 33739Q408 US33739Q4082
HYLS first trust etf iv first trust tactical high yield etf 33738D408 US33738D4088
FEP first trust europe alphadex fund 33737J117 US33737J1170
FEUZ first trust eurozone alphadex etf 33737J505 US33737J5056
FTAG first trust exchange-traded fund ii first trust indxx global agriculture etf 33734X820 US33734X8204
CIBR first trust exchange-traded fund ii first trust nasdaq cybersecurity etf 33734X846 US33734X8469
FXO first trust financial alphadex fund 33734X135 US33734X1357
FFR first trust ftse epra/nareit global real estate index fund 33736N101 US33736N1019
FGM first trust germany alphadex fund 33737J190 US33737J1907
FLM first trust global engineering 33736M103 US33736M1036
FTGC first trust global tactical commodity strategy fund 33739H101 US33739H1014
FAN first trust global wind energy etf 33736G106 US33736G1067
FXH first trust health care alphadex fund 33734X143 US33734X1431
FTLB first trust hedged buywrite income etf 33738R407 US33738R4074

PRME first trust heitman global prime real estate etf 33739Q606 US33739Q6061
FSD first trust high income long/short fund 33738E109 US33738E1091
FHK first trust hong kong alphadex fund 33737J240 US33737J2400
HDMV first trust horizon mgd vol d int etf 33739P871 US33739P8712
HUSV first trust horizon mngd vol dom etf 33739P889 US33739P8894
NFTY first trust india nifty 50 equal weight etf 33737J802 US33737J8027
FXR first trust industrials/producer durables alphadextm fund 33734X150 US33734X1506
FTAG first trust indxx global agriculture etf 33734X812 US33734X8121
FTRI first trust indxx global natural resources income etf 33734X838 US33734X8386
LEGR first trust indxx innovative transaction & process etf 33741X201 US33741X2018
FPEI first trust institutional pr 33739P855 US33739P8555
FPF first trust intermediate duration preferred & income fund 33718W103 US33718W1036
FPXI first trust international ipo etf 33734X853 US33734X8535
FNI first trust ise chindia index fund 33733A102 US33733A1025
FIW first trust ise water index fund 33733B100 US33733B1008
FCG first trust ise-revere natural gas index fund 33734J102 US33734J1025
FJP first trust japan alphadex fund 33737J158 US33737J1584
FEX first trust large cap core alphadex fund 33734K109 US33734K1097
FTC first trust large cap growth opportunities alphadex fund 33735K108 US33735K1088
RNLC first trust large cap us equity select etf 33738R761 US33738R7614
FTA first trust large cap value opportunities alphadex fund 33735J101 US33735J1016
FLN first trust latin america alphadex fund 33737J125 US33737J1253
FTLS first trust long/short equity etf 33739P103 US33739P1030
LMBS first trust low duration opportunities etf 33739Q200 US33739Q2003
FMB first trust managed municipal etf 33739N108 US33739N1081


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