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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


FRWL frawley corp 355540204 US3555402045
FOEAF fred olsen energy asa NO0003089005
FOEAY fred olsen energy asa u/adr/1:5 355613209 US3556132096
FRED fred`s inc 356108100 US3561081007
FMCC freddie mac 313400301 US3134003017
FMCKJ freddie mac 8.375% 313400624 US3134006242
FREJO freddie mac perp. 5.100% pref 313400814 US3134008149
FREJP freddie mac perp. 5.300% pref 313400822 US3134008222
FREJN freddie mac perp. 5.810% pref 313400723 US3134007232
FREGP freddie mac perp. 5.810% pref 313400889 US3134008891
FMCCI freddie mac-pfd b 313400608 US3134006085
FMCKK freddie mac-pfd f 5% 313400863 US3134008636
FMCCG freddie mac-pfd g  313400848 US3134008487
FMCCH freddie mac-pfd h 5.1% 313400855 US3134008552
FMCCK freddie mac-pfd k 5.79% 313400830 US3134008305
FMCCL freddie mac-pfd l 313400798 US3134007984
FMCCM freddie mac-pfd m 4.817% 313400780 US3134007802
FMCCN freddie mac-pfd n 4.5% 313400764 US3134007646
FMCCO freddie mac-pfd o 5.81 313400772 US3134007729
FMCCP freddie mac-pfd p 6%  313400749 US3134007497
FMCCJ freddie mac-pfd q 313400756 US3134007562
FMCKP freddie mac-pfd r 5.7% 313400731 US3134007315
FMCCS freddie mac-pfd s 313400715 US3134007158
FMCCT freddie mac-pfd t 6.42% 313400699 US3134006994
FMCKO freddie mac-pfd u 313400681 US3134006812

FMCKM freddie mac-pfd v 5.57% 313400673 US3134006739
FMCKN freddie mac-pfd w 5.66% 313400665 US3134006655
FMCKL freddie mac-pfd x 6.02% 313400657 US3134006572
FMCKI freddie mac-pfd y 6.55% 313400640 US3134006408
FCBI frederick county bancorp inc 355685108 US3556851083
FFLO free flow inc 35645U100 US35645U1007
FDVA freedom bank of virginia/the 35633M102 US35633M1027
FDMF freedom energy holdings inc 35637N304 US35637N3044
FRDZF freedom foods group limited AU000000FNP3
FRHC freedom holding corp 356390104 US3563901046
FRLF freedom leaf 35640T108 US35640T1088
FDMQF freedom oil and gas AU000000FDM1
FDMQY freedom oil and gas s/adr 356438101 US3564381016
FGOVF freegold ventures ltd 356455204 CA3564552048
FRHLF freehold royalties ltd 356500108 CA3565001086
FLNCF freelancer limited AU000000FLN2
FRAGF freenet ag DE000A0Z2ZZ5
FRTAF freenet ag DE000A0Z2ZZ5
FRTAY freenet ag u/adr/1:2 356615104 US3566151045
FEERF freeport res inc (f) 356777102 CA3567771025
FCX freeport-mcmoran incorporated 35671D857 US35671D8570
FREEF freeseas inc Y26496235 MHY264962355
FSNR freestone resources inc 356876102 US3568761023
FRZT freeze tag inc 35701A105 US35701A1051
RAIL freightcar america inc 357023100 US3570231007

FTWYF freightways ltd NZFREE0001S0
FTWYY freightways u/adr/5:1 357027101 US3570271011
FRLI frelii inc 357051101 US3570511010
USTDF fremont gold ltd 35728V108 CA35728V1085
AUNXF fremont petroleum corporation limited AU000000FPL7
FCOGF french connection group plc GB0033764746
FRCH frenchtex inc 357814102 US3578141026
FEI frequency electronics inc 358010106 US3580101067
FEIM frequency electronics inc 358010106 US3580101067
FMS fresenius medical care ag s/adr/1:2 358029106 US3580291066
FMCQF fresenius medical care corp ag & co kgaa DE0005785802
FSMEM fresenius medical care holdings inc 6 % cum.pfd 358030302 US3580303028
FSMEO fresenius medical care holdings inc 8 % non-cum.pref.shs -a 358030401 US3580304018
FSMEN fresenius medical care holdings inc 8 % non-cum.pref.shs -b 358030500 US3580305007
FSNUF fresenius se & co kgaa DE0005785604
FSNUY fresenius se & co kgaa s/adr/1:8 35804M105 US35804M1053
FDP fresh del monte produce inc G36738105 KYG367381053
FUFOF fresh express delivery G3673S101 KYG3673S1012
FRHV fresh harvest products inc 35804E103 US35804E1038
FPFI fresh promise foods inc 35804Q205 US35804Q2057
FRHHF freshii inc 35805P107 CA35805P1071
FRPT freshpet inc 358039105 US3580391056
FNLPF fresnillo plc GB00B2QPKJ12
TGIFF friday night inc 358367100 CA3583671001
FRD friedman industries inc 358435105 US3584351056

FDBL friendable inc 358452100 US3584521005
FFNTQ friendfinder networks inc 358453306 US3584533067
FEGR friendly energy exploration 35846A200 US35846A2006
FHLB friendly hills bank 358487106 US3584871061
FRIE friends bank new smyrna beach 358906105 US3589061056
RESI front yard residential corporation 35904G107 US35904G1076
FTEO fronteo inc s/adr/2:1 35905J100 US35905J1007
PEGFF frontera energy corporation 35905B107 CA35905B1076
FRTG frontera group 35904M104 US35904M1045
FRNV frontera investment inc 35904X209 US35904X2099
FONTF frontera resources corporation G36813106 KYG368131069
FTR frontier communications corporation 35906A306 US35906A3068
FRRDF frontier developments plc GB00BBT32N39
FRGY frontier energy corp nevada 35908J107 US35908J1079
HLKMF frontier lithium 35910P109 CA35910P1099
FIEC frontier national corp 359124104 US3591241043
FOSI frontier oilfield services 35914T206 US35914T2069
FOTRF frontier real estate investment corporation JP3046200006
FNTFF frontier resources ltd AU000000FNT5
DVNHF frontier services group ltd G3729C100 BMG3729C1001
MBCFF frontier smart technol. group ltd G3730C107 KYG3730C1078
TOUMF frontier smart technologies group limited G3730C107 KYG3730C1078
FLDPF frontline gold corp 35922K106 CA35922K1066
FRO frontline ltd G3682E192 BMG3682E1921
BZTIF frontline technologies 35922L104 CA35922L1040


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