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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


FOCS focus financial partners-adr 34417P100 US34417P1003
FGLD focus gold corp 34416A203 US34416A2033
FCSMF focus graphite 34416E106 CA34416E1060
FKSMF focus minerals ltd AU000000FML4
FCUV focus universal inc 34417J104 US34417J1043
FCCG fog cutter capital group inc 34416Q109 US34416Q1094
FOGO fogo de chao 344177100 US3441771009
FKKEF folkestone education trust AU000000FET4
FLLIY folli follie sa u/adr/1:1 344336102 US3443361023
FOLB folsom lake bank 34440M108 US34440M1080
FMOCY fomento de construcciones y contratas sa u/adr/1:5 344415302 US3444153023
FMOCF fomento de construcciones y contratassa ES0122060314
FMXUF fomento economico mexicanasab. de c.v. MXP320321310
FMX fomento economico mexicanasab. de c.v. s/adr/10:1 344419106 US3444191064
FONR fonar corporation 344437405 US3444374058
FONZF fonciere des murs FR0000060303
FNCDY fonciere des regions u/adr/1:4 34443L107 US34443L1070
FONF fonic inc VI3445991059
FNON fonon corporation 34460J100 US34460J1007
FTRRF fonterra shareholders fund NZFSFE0001S5
FONU fonu2 inc 30255C201 US30255C2017
FDFT foodfest international 2000 inc 344833108 US3448331088
FL foot locker inc 344849104 US3448491049
FBLQ football equities inc 344869102 US3448691028
FTXP foothills exploration 34512J108 US34512J1088

FTEG for the earth corp 34512L202 US34512L2025
FRACF foraco international marseille FR0010492199
FMCXF foran mining corp 344911201 CA3449112018
FESL forbes energy services 345143101 US3451431015
FLSS forbes energy services ltd 345143200 US3451432005
FBDTF forbidden technologies plc GB0004740477
FBOHY forbo holding ag u/adr/1:50 34519Q105 US34519Q1058
FBOHF forbo holdings ag CH0003541510
FORC force minerals corp 345196208 US3451962084
FPVD force protection video equip corp 34520J108 US34520J1088
FNRG forcefield energy inc 34520U103 US34520U1034
F ford motor company 345370860 US3453708600
FOVSF ford otomotiv sanayi a.s. TRAOTOSN91H6
FOVSY ford otomotiv sanayi u/adr/5:1 345409106 US3454091063
KWGSF forebase international holdings HK2310012334
FRXX forecross corp 34545C104 US34545C1045
FLIVF foreign & colonial investment trust plc GB0003466074
FENYF forent energy inc 34551Q203 CA34551Q2036
FSCT forescout technologies inc 34553D101 US34553D1019
FRSX foresight autonomous holdings ltd s/adr/5:1 345523104 US3455231049
FELP foresight energy lp 34552U104 US34552U1043
FGFH foresight financial group inc 345526107 US3455261079
FCE.A forest city realty trust inc 345605109 US3456051099
FOR forestar group inc 346232101 US3462321015
FVEN forever enterprises inc 346288103 US3462881034

FVRG forevergreen worldwide corp 34630A104 US34630A1043
FRGHY forgame holdings ltd u/adr/5:1 34630K102 US34630K1025
FGNV forge innovation development corp 34630L100 US34630L1008
IFLNF forhuman co ltd KR7049690001
FRMC formcap corp 34637U301 US34637U3014
FORM formfactor inc 346375108 US3463751087
FMSFF formosa chemical & fiber TW0001326007
FILHF formosa international hotels corp Y2603W109 TW0002707007
FRRMF formosa laboratories inc TW0004746003
FORTY formula systems (1985) ltd s/adr/1:1 346414105 US3464141056
FOCF forrest city financial corp 346504103 US3465041032
FORR forrester research inc 346563109 US3465631097
FOSYF forsys metals corp 34660G104 CA34660G1046
OARFF fort st. james nickel 348582305 CA3485823056
FEIFF fortaleza energy 34956A100 CA34956A1003
FTGZF forte energy nl AU000XINEAC2
FTCX fortecx inc 34955U107 US34955U1079
FTMR fortem resources inc 34961A103 US34961A1034
FRTA forterra inc 34960W106 US34960W1062
FSUMF fortescue metal group ltd AU000000FMG4
FSUGY fortescue metals group ltd s/adr/2:1 34959A206 US34959A2069
FTNT fortinet inc 34959E109 US34959E1091
FTS fortis inc 349553107 CA3495531079
FTRSF fortis inc cum 5y pfd g 349553834 CA3495538348
FRTD fortitude group inc 34960C100 US34960C1009

FTV fortive corp 34959J108 US34959J1088
FTV.PR.A fortive pref share ftv 5 07/01/21 a 34959J207 US34959J2078
FRTN fortran corp 34960D108 US34960D1081
FBIO fortress biotech inc 34960Q109 US34960Q1094
FBIOP fortress biotech pref 9.375% 12/15/22 a 34960Q208 US34960Q2084
FTPLF fortress global enterprises inc class -a 34961F102 CA34961F1027
FTPLF fortress paper ltd 34958R101 CA34958R1010
FTAI fortress transportation and infrastructure investors llc 34960P101 US34960P1012
FOJCF fortum oyj FI0009007132
FOJCY fortum oyj u/adr/1:5 34959F106 US34959F1066
FSM fortuna silver mines inc 349915108 CA3499151080
FVITF fortuna silver mines inc 349915108 CA3499151080
FBHS fortune brands home & security inc 34964C106 US34964C1062
FTMK fortune market media inc 349660209 US3496602091
FTMDF fortune minerals ltd 34967D101 CA34967D1015
FRIVF fortune reit units SG1O33912138
FVTI fortune valley treasures 22905R100 US22905R1005
FTSV forty seven 34983P104 US34983P1049
FORU foru holdings 349808105 US3498081054
FBJSY forum bank jsc- s/gdr 349809103 US3498091038
FET forum energy technologies inc 34984V100 US34984V1008
FMCI forum merger corporation 34985B103 US34985B103
FMCIU forum merger corporation units 34985B202 US34985B2025
FMCIW forum merger corporation warrants 34985B111 US34985B111
FRMB forum mobile inc 34984W108 US34984W1080


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