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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


FCNH first colebrook bancorp inc 31971A107 US31971A1079
FCGD first colombia gold corp 319714200 US3197142009
FCGA first commerce community bankshares inc 31984T101 US31984T1016
FCF first commonwealth financial corp 319829107 US3198291078
FCBC first community bancshares inc 31983A103 US31983A1034
FCCO first community corporation 319835104 US3198351047
FCCT first community corporation (tn) 31984K100 US31984K1007
FCCTP first community corporation (tn) 31984K209 US31984K2096
FCCTO first community corporation (tn) 31984K308 US31984K3086
FMFP first community financial corporation 319836102 US3198361020
FCFP first community financial partners 31985Q106 US31985Q1067
FBNK first connecticut bancorp inc 319850103 US3198501039
FSTC first corp 32002T107 US32002T1079
FCWT first coweta bank 320050107 US3200501076
FDC first data corporation 32008D106 US32008D1063
FDEF first defiance financial corp 32006W106 US32006W1062
FDRVF first derivatives plc GB0031477770
ASKDF first energy metals 32016U207 CA32016U2074
FEQT first equities corp 32008A102 US32008A1025
FFMH first farmers & merchants bank 320148109 US3201481096
FFMR first farmers financial corp 320173107 US3201731078
FFNM first federal of northern michigan 32021X105 US32021X1054
FSGB first federal of south carolina fsb 32018U106 US32018U1060
FFBC first financial bancorp 320209109 US3202091092
FFBCW first financial bancorp warrants 320209117 US3202091175

FFIN first financial bankshares inc 32020R109 US32020R1095
THFF first financial corporation indiana 320218100 US3202181000
FFHCF first financial holding co ltd TW0002892007
FFHMY first financial holding co ltd s/gdr 32021V208 US32021V2088
FFHOY first financial holding co s/gdr-144a/20:1 32021V109 US32021V1098
FFNW first financial northwest inc 32022K102 US32022K1025
FFIS first financial services corp 32022X104 US32022X1046
FIFG first foods group 32026X100 US32026X1000
FFWM first foundation inc 32026V104 US32026V1044
FSGCF first gen corporation PHY2518H1143
FSGCY first gen u/adr/20:1 320326101 US3203261017
FGBDF first global data ltd 32037R100 CA32037R1001
MTOMF first growth funds ltd AU000000FGF8
FGBI first guaranty bancshares inc 32043P106 US32043P1066
FHRT first hartford corp 320488109 US3204881094
HVST first harvest corp 320498207 US3204982074
FHB first hawaiian inc 32051X108 US32051X1081
FHN first horizon national corporation 320517105 US3205171057
FHN.PR.A first horizon pref 6.2% 12/31/49 a 320517204 US3205172048
FIEB first ic corporation 32056Y101 US32056Y1010
FR first industrial realty trust inc 32054K103 US32054K1034
FBKIF first international bank of israel IL0005930388
FIBP first internet bancorp 320557101 US3205571017
INBK first internet bancorp 320557101 US3205571017
INBKL first internet bancorp 320557200 US3205572007

FIBK first interstate bancsystem inc 32055Y201 US32055Y2019
FKYS first keystone corp 320654205 US3206542058
FLPC first liberty power corp 320697105 US3206971059
FRST first look media inc 320737109 US3207371093
AG first majestic silver corporation 32076V103 CA32076V1031
BFNC first manitowoc bancorp inc 32076T108 US32076T1088
FMBJ first menasha bancshares 32081P109 US32081P1093
FRME first merchants corporation 320817109 US3208171096
FMGXF first mexian gold corp 32086A107 CA32086A1075
FMIA first miami bancorp 320851108 US3208511085
FMBH first mid-illinois bancshares inc 320866106 US3208661062
FMBI first midwest bancorp inc 320867104 US3208671046
FFMGF first mining gold corp 320890106 CA3208901064
FMFN first montauk financial corp 321006504 US3210065047
FMBP first mountain bancorp 321052102 US3210521023
FBAK first national bank alaska 32112J106 US32112J1060
FIGR first national bank of groton 327891107 US3278911074
FBSW first national bankshares corp 335535100 US3355351004
FNCB first national community bancorp 32110M101 US32110M1018
FXNC first national corporation /va 32106V107 US32106V1070
FNEC first national energy corp 321129108 US3211291089
FNAT first national entertainment corp 320940109 US3209401096
FNLIF first national financial corporation 33564P103 CA33564P1036
FINN first national of nebraska inc 335720108 US3357201082
FNBCQ first nbc bank holding co 32115D106 US32115D1063

FNFI first niles financial inc 33582N106 US33582N1063
FNRN first northern community bancorp 335925103 US3359251036
FNWB first northwest bancorp 335834107 US3358341077
FNRC first nrg corp 32114B309 US32114B3096
FLIC first of long island corporation (the)  320734106 US3207341062
FOTB first ottawa bancshares inc 335876108 US3358761084
FPAFY first pacific company ltd s/adr/5:1 335889200 US3358892004
FPAFF first pacific company, ltd G34804107 BMG348041077
FPLF first pet life inc 33609T102 US33609T1025
FPHHF first philippine holdings PHY2558N1203
FPCG first physicians capital group inc 33613R209 US33613R2094
FPOCF first point minerals 335937108 CA3359371083
SALTF first potash corp 33612Q103 CA33612Q1037
FPWM first prestige wealth management 33612Y106 US33612Y1064
FPBK first priority fincl corp 33612N100 US33612N1000
FPTA first priority tax solutions 33613D101 US33613D1019
FQVLF first quantum minerals ltd 335934105 CA3359341052
FRSI first rate staffing corp 336136106 US3361361062
FESNF first real estate investment trust SG1U27933225
FREVS first real estate investment trust of new jersey 336142104 US3361421049
FRGBQ first regional bancorp 33615C101 US33615C1018
FSRL first reliance bancshares inc 33615Q100 US33615Q1004
FRC.PR.D first rep bank pref share frc 5 1/2 33616C886 US33616C8863
FRC.PR.I first rep bank pref share frc 5.5 06/30/23 i 336158803 US3361588037
FRC.PR.H first republic bank 33616C811 US33616C8111


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