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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


FXZ first trust materials alphadex fund 33734X168 US33734X1688
FMK first trust mega cap alphadex fd etf 33737M508 US33737M5085
FNX first trust mid cap core alphadex fund 33735B108 US33735B1089
FNY first trust mid cap growth alphadex fund 33737M102 US33737M1027
RNMC first trust mid cap us equity select etf 33738R753 US33738R7531
FNK first trust mid cap value alphadex fund 33737M201 US33737M2017
FEI first trust mlp and energy income fund 33739B104 US33739B1044
FDL first trust morningstar dividend leaders index fund 336917109 US3369171091
FMF first trust morningstar managed futures strategy fund 33739G103 US33739G1031
FMY first trust mortgage income fund 33734E103 US33734E1038
FAD first trust multi cap growth alphadex fund 33733F101 US33733F1012
FAB first trust multi cap value alphadex fund 33733C108 US33733C1080
MCEF first trust municipal cef income opportunity etf 33740F508 US33740F5089
FMHI first trust municipal high income etf 33739P301 US33739P3010
QABA first trust nasdaq aba community bank index fund 33736Q104 US33736Q1040
ROBT first trust nasdaq artificial intelligence and robotics etf 33738R720 US33738R7200
FTXO first trust nasdaq bank etf 33738R860 US33738R8604
QCLN first trust nasdaq clean edge green energy index fund 33733E500 US33733E5006
GRID first trust nasdaq clean edge smart grid infrastructure index  33737A108 US33737A1088
FTXG first trust nasdaq food & beverage etf 33738R852 US33738R8521
CARZ first trust nasdaq global auto index fund 33734X309 US33734X3098
MDIV first trust nasdaq multi-asset divers income ind fd 33738R100 US33738R1005
FTXN first trust nasdaq oil & gas etf 33738R845 US33738R8455
FTXH first trust nasdaq pharmaceuticals etf 33738R837 US33738R8372
FTXD first trust nasdaq retail etf 33738R829 US33738R8299

FTXL first trust nasdaq semiconductor etf 33738R811 US33738R8117
FONE first trust nasdaq smartphone index fund 33737K106 US33737K1060
TDIV first trust nasdaq technology dividend index fund 33738R118 US33738R1187
FTXR first trust nasdaq transportation etf 33738R795 US33738R7952
QQEW first trust nasdaq-100 equal weighted index fund 337344105 US3373441050
QQXT first trust nasdaq-100 ex-technology sector index fund 33733E401 US33733E4017
QTEC first trust nasdaq-100- technology index fund 337345102 US3373451026
FCG first trust natural gas etf 33733E807 US33733E8075
FPL first trust new opportunities mlp & energy fund 33739M100 US33739M1009
EMLP first trust north american energy infrastructure fund 33738D101 US33738D1019
FBT first trust nyse arca biotechnology index fund 33733E203 US33733E2037
FPE first trust preferred securities and income etf 33739E108 US33739E1082
AIRR first trust rba american industrial renaissance etf 33738R704 US33738R7044
QINC first trust rba quality income etf 33738R803 US33738R8034
RDVY first trust rising dividend achievers etf 33738R506 US33738R5063
RFAP first trust riverfront dynamic asia pacific etf 33739P509 US33739P5098
RFDI first trust riverfront dynamic developed international etf 33739P608 US33739P6088
RFEM first trust riverfront dynamic emerging markets etf 33739P707 US33739P7078
RFEU first trust riverfront dynamic europe etf 33739P806 US33739P8068
FIV first trust senior floating rate 2022 target term fund 33740K101 US33740K1016
FCT first trust senior floating rate income fund ii 33733U108 US33733U1088
FTSL first trust senior loan fund etf 33738D309 US33738D3098
FYX first trust small cap core alphadex fund 33734Y109 US33734Y1091
FYC first trust small cap growth alphadex fund 33737M300 US33737M3007
RNSC first trust small cap us equity select etf 33738R746 US33738R7465

FYT first trust small cap value alphadex fund 33737M409 US33737M4096
SDVY first trust smid cap rising dividend achievers etf 33741X102 US33741X1028
FKO first trust south korea alphadex fund 33737J166 US33737J1667
FGB first trust specialty finance and financial opportunities fund 33733G109 US33733G1094
FCVT first trust ssi strategic convertible securities etf 33739Q507 US33739Q5071
FDD first trust stoxx european select dividend income fund 33735T109 US33735T1097
FDIV first trust strategic income etf 33739Q309 US33739Q3092
FSZ first trust switzerland alphadex fund 33737J232 US33737J2327
FIXD first trust tcw opportunistic fixed income etf 33740F805 US33740F8059
FXL first trust technology alphadex fund 33734X176 US33734X1761
TUSA first trust total us market alphadex etf 33733E708 US33733E7085
FKU first trust united kingdom alphadex fund 33737J224 US33737J2244
RNDV first trust us equity dividend select etf 33738R738 US33738R7382
FPX first trust us equity opportunities 336920103 US3369201039
FXU first trust utilities alphadex fund 33734X184 US33734X1845
FVL first trust value line 100 exch 33735G107 US33735G1076
FVD first trust value line dividend fund 33734H106 US33734H1068
FEO first trust/aberdeen emerging opportunity fund 33731K102 US33731K1025
FAM first trust/aberdeen global opportunity income fund 337319107 US3373191077
FUNC first united corporation 33741H107 US33741H1077
FUSB first us bancshares inc 33744V103 US33744V1035
FVBI first virtual communications inc 337484307 US3374843072
FWVB first west virginia bancorp 337493100 US3374931000
MYFW first western financial 33751L105 US33751L1052
WIND first wind holdings inc 337561104 US3375611049

FBFS firstbank financial services inc 33764G101 US33764G1013
FCFS firstcash inc 33767D105 US33767D1054
FE firstenergy corporation 337932107 US3379321074
FGROF firstgroup plc GB0003452173
FGROY firstgroup plc u/adr/1:1 33765M107 US33765M1071
SVVC firsthand technology value fund inc 33766Y100 US33766Y1001
FTDL firstime design ltd 33766M106 US33766M1062
FMER firstmerit corp 337915102 US3379151026
FANDF firstrand ltd ZAE000066304
FANDY firstrand ltd u/adr/10:1 337626105 US3376261059
FSV firstservice corporation 33767E103 CA33767E1034
FCHRF fischer ag schaff george CH0001752309
FISV fiserv inc 337738108 US3377381088
FSPKF fisher & paykel healthcare corporation limited NZFAPE0001S2
FSPKY fisher & paykel healthcare u/adr/10:1 33774M205 US33774M2052
FSSN fision corp 33813L101 US33813L1017
FKRAF fiskars oyj abp FI0009000400
FISOD fission 3.0 corp 338124100 CA3381241007
FCUUF fission uranium 33812R109 CA33812R1091
FTFY fit after fifty inc 338126105 US3381261052
FIT fitbit inc - a 33812L102 US33812L1026
FTLF fitlife brands inc 33817P108 US33817P1084
FIVE five below inc 33829M101 US33829M1018
FPH five point holdings llc 33833Q106 US33833Q1067
FPRX five prime therapeutics inc 33830X104 US33830X1046


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