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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


NNYR northamerican energy group corp 663462208 US6634622087
NCFFF northcliff resources ltd 66401Q108 CA66401Q1081
BIGRF northcore resources inc 66401A202 CA66401A2020
NTLNF northcore technologies inc 66401P100 CA66401P1009
NBN northeast bancorp 663904209 US6639042091
NECB northeast community bancorp inc 664112109 US6641121099
NHVP northeast development corp inc 664147105 US6641471056
GSMI northeast digital networks inc 664148103 US6641481030
NIDB northeast indiana bancorp inc 664196201 US6641962013
NBP northern border ptnrs l p 664785102 US6647851020
NRLB northern california bancorp inc 664826104 US6648261047
NCNB northern california national bank 664852100 US6648521002
NAK northern dynasty minerals ltd 66510M204 CA66510M2040
PSPGF northern empire resources corp 665116109 CA6651161094
NGPHF northern graphite corp 66516A105 CA66516A1057
NGOOB northern growers llc  b 66516V307 US66516V3078
NGOOL northern growers llc  c 66516V208 US66516V2088
FFHG northern lights fund trust iv formula folios hedged growth 66538H674 US66538H6743
FFTI northern lights fund trust iv formulafolios tactical income US66538H6669
BIBL northern lights fund trust iv inspire 100 fun 66538H534 US66538H5349
SECT northern lights fund trust iv main sect rotn 66538H591 US66538H5919
GUDB northern lights fund trust iv sage esg interm cdt 66538H583 US66538H5836
NLGCF northern lion gold corp 665378303 CA6653783036
NMEX northern minerals and exploration ltd 665416103 US6654161032
NFSHF northern offshore ltd G6635W102 BMG6635W1029

NFSHY northern offshore ltd 66550L108 US66550L1089
NOG northern oil and gas inc 665531109 US6655311099
NNPTF northern petrol plc GB00B0D47T64
NPTH northern potash co 66561M103 US66561M1036
NSHRF northern shield resources inc 665720108 CA6657201084
NSMCF northern sphere mining 665722104 CA6657221041
NSBK northern star financial inc 665728101 US6657281019
NSMSF northern star mining corp 665732103 CA6657321031
NESRF northern star resources ltd AU000000NST8
NHRNY northern star resources ltd u/adr/10:1 66573R108 US66573R1086
NSFC northern states financial corporation 665751103 US6657511035
NSUPF northern superior resources inc 665804100 CA6658041000
NTIC northern technologies international corporation 665809109 US6658091094
NTRS northern trust corporation 665859104 US6658591044
NTRNP northern trust corporation 665859872 US6658598726
NOURF northern uranium ltd AU000000NTU4
NHVCF northern vertex mining co 666006101 CA6660061012
NFBK northfield bancorp inc 66611T108 US66611T1088
NFPC northfield precision instrument corp 666280102 US6662801025
NGTEF northgate plc GB00B41H7391
NTCPF northisle copper & gold inc 66644R103 CA66644R1038
NPIFF northland power inc 666511100 CA6665111002
NRSRF northland resourcessa LU0488722801
NPNTQ northpoint communications group inc 666610100 US6666101000
NNWS northport network systems inc 666651104 US6666511042

NRIM northrim bancorp inc 666762109 US6667621097
NOC northrop grumman corporation 666807102 US6668071029
NCAP northsight capital inc 66702Q203 US66702Q2030
NSAM northstar asset management group inc 66705Y104 US66705Y1047
NEIK northstar electronics inc 66704D101 US66704D1019
NRE northstar reality europe corp 66706L101 US66706L1017
NUBC northumberland bancorp 667056105 US6670561058
NPRUF northview apartment reit 667185102 CA6671851021
NWYF northway financial inc 667270201 US6672702015
NBCT northwest bancorporation inc/wa 667337109 US6673371091
NWBI northwest bancshares inc 667340103 US6673401039
NWBO northwest biotherapeutics inc 66737P600 US66737P6007
NWHUF northwest healthcare properties reit investment trust 667495105 CA6674951059
NWIN northwest indiana bancorp 667516108 US6675161086
NWN northwest natural gas company 667655104 US6676551046
NWPX northwest pipe company 667746101 US6677461013
NWE northwestern corporation 668074305 US6680743050
XTERF norvista capital corp 668813108 CA6688131086
NRYYF norway royal salmon asa NO0010331838
NWARF norwegian air shuttle asa NO0010196140
NCLH norwegian cruise line holdings ltd G66721104 BMG667211046
NRWEF norwegian energy com NO0010379266
NWEGF norwegian finans holding asa NO0010387004
NRWGF norwegian property asa NO0010317811
NWFL norwood financial corp 669549107 US6695491075

NWDSY norwood systems limited s/adr/5:1 669727109 US6697271095
ZONNF nos sgps sa PTZON0AM0006
NTSMF nostrum oil & gas plc GB00BGP6Q951
NSTRY nostrum oil & gas plc u/adr/4:1 66980J103 US66980J1034
NTFY notify technology corp 669956401 US6699564018
NGBL notis global inc 66980B100 US66980B1008
NHLI nouveau holdings ltd 66979N107 US66979N1072
NOUV nouveau life pharmaceuticals inc 66979K103 US66979K1034
NMGRF nouveau monde graphite 66979W107 CA66979W1077
SAAX nouveau ventures inc 66979X105 US66979X1054
STVS nova lifestyle inc 66979P102 US66979P1021
NVFY nova lifestyle inc 66979P102 US66979P1021
NVMI nova measuring instruments ltd M7516K103 IL0010845571
NBY novabay pharmaceuticals inc 66987P201 US66987P2011
NVOB novacab international inc 66988M108 US66988M1080
NVDQ novadaq technologies inc 66987G102 CA66987G1028
NVDL novadel pharma inc 66986X106 US66986X1063
NDXFF novadx ventures corp 66987F104 CA66987F1045
NVGT novagant corp 66989F102 US66989F1021
NOVZ novagen ingenium inc 66988L100 US66988L1008
NG novagold resources inc 66987E206 CA66987E2069
NOVN novan inc 66988N106 US66988N1063
NOVNW novan inc wts 1/09/2022 66988N114 US66988N1147
NOVT novanta inc 67000B104 CA67000B1040
NVSEF novartis ag CH0012005267


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