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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


NWRDF new world china land G6493A101 KYG6493A1013
NDEPF new world department store china G65007109 KYG650071098
NWRLY new world department store china u/adr/25:1 64927Q108 US64927Q1085
NDVLF new world development co ltd HK0017000149
NDVLY new world development co ltd s/adr/2:1 649274305 US6492743058
NWGC new world gold corp 649285103 US6492851034
NOILF new world oil & gas plc JE00B65FK239
NWFFF new world resource 649297207 CA6492972071
NWY new york & company inc 649295102 US6492951024
NYCB new york community bancorp inc 649445103 US6494451031
NYCB.PR.A new york community bancorp inc 6.375% share of fixed-to-floating rate series a 649445202 US6494452021
NYCB.PR.U new york community bancorp inc pref 6% 11/01/51 64944P307 US64944P3073
BBAL new york health care inc 649487204 US6494872046
NYIN new york international commerce group inc 64949W109 US64949W1099
NTR new york mortgage trust inc 649604501 US6496045013
NYMT new york mortgage trust inc 649604501 US6496045013
NYMTN new york mortgage trust inc 649604881 US6496048819
NYMTP new york mortgage trust inc 7.75% series b cumulative redeemable preferred stock 649604709 US6496047092
NYMTO new york mortgage trust inc 7.875% series c cumulative redeemable preferred stock 649604808 US6496048082
NYRT new york reit inc 64976L208 US64976L2088
NYTAB new york times co (the) 650111404 US6501114044
NYT new york times company (the) 650111107 US6501111073
NZERF new zealand energy 650158108 CA6501581087
NZEOF new zealand oil & gas ltd  NZNZOE0002S4
NZEOY new zealand oil and gas u/adr/5:1 650173206 US6501732068

NZRFF new zealand refining co ltd NZNZRE0001S9
NZRFY new zealand refining co ltd u/adr/2:1 (the) 650184104 US6501841042
NEWA newater technology inc G64335105 VGG643351056
NWXJ newax inc 65056Q108 US65056Q1085
NWYEF neways electronics international nv NL0000440618
NBRY newberry specialty bakers inc 650766108 US6507661089
NBBC newbridge bancorp class a common stock 65080T102 US65080T1025
NWCI newcardio inc 65106G100 US65106G1004
DRKOF newcastle energy 65106N204 CA65106N2041
NCMGF newcrest mining limited AU000000NCM7
NCMGY newcrest mining limited s/adr/1:1 651191108 US6511911082
NWL newell brands inc 651229106 US6512291062
NFBP newfield bancorp inc nj 651289100 US6512891002
NFX newfield exploration company 651290108 US6512901082
NEWG newgen biopharma 65137B104 US65137B1044
NWGN newgen technologies inc 651360109 US6513601095
NWGI newgioco group inc 65136T106 US65136T1060
NWDHU newhall holding company llc 651410102 US6514101020
NEWLF newlead holdings ltd G64626305 BMG646263050
NLNK newlink genetics corporation 651511107 US6515111077
NEWRF newmac resources inc 651522302 CA6515223023
NMR newmark group inc 65158N102 US65158N1028
NMRK newmark group inc 65158N102 US65158N1028
NEU newmarket corporation 651587107 US6515871076
NWMT newmarket technology inc 651627309 US6516273090

NEM newmont mining corporation 651639106 US6516391066
NWWTF newnote financial crp ord 65170L100 CA65170L1004
NOCEF newocean green energy holdings ltd G6469T100 BMG6469T1009
NR newpark resources inc 651718504 US6517185046
NWXPF newport exploration 651853103 CA6518531034
NWPG newport gold inc 651875106 US6518751069
NRGOF newrange gold corp 65250B105 CA65250B1058
NWPHF newron pharmaceuticals spa IT0004147952
NSPT newron sport 652477100 US6524771002
NWSAL news corp AU000000NWS2
NWS news corporation class b 65249B208 US65249B2088
NWKRF newstrike resources ltd 652508102 CA6525081023
NEWT newtek business services corp 652526203 US6525262035
NEWTI newtek business services corp - 6.25% notes 03/01/23 652526500 US6525265004
NEWTZ newtek business services corp - 7.5% notes due 2022 652526302 US6525263025
NWTNY newton resources ltd u/adr/100:1 65320T102 US65320T1025
NTWN newtown lane marketing inc 653243204 US6532432043
NWZLY newzulu ltd s/adr/200:1 65341Q103 US65341Q1031
NXGRF nex group plc GB00BDBBJQ12
NEXGY nex group plc s/adr/2:1 65342A107 US65342A1079
NEXA nexa resourcessa LU1701428291
NEXNY nexans paris act sa u/adr/1:2 65338U109 US65338U1097
NXPRF nexans sa FR0000044448
NXCR nexcore healthcare capital corp 653354100 US6533541008
NXEPF nexen tire corp KR7002351005

NXEO nexeo solutions incorporated 65342H102 US65342H1023
NXEOU nexeo solutions incorporated - unit 65342H201 US65342H2013
NXEOW nexeo solutions incorporated-warrants 65342H110 US65342H1106
NXNN nexeon medsystems inc 65342G104 US65342G1040
NXNND nexeon medsystems inc 65342G104 US65342G1040
NXGEF nexgen energy ltd 65340P106 CA65340P1062
NXE nexgen energy ltd 65340P106 NO0010629108
XGEN nexgen holdings corp 65340W101 US65340W1018
NXGM nexgen mining inc 65343N108 US65343N1081
NIGTF nexia health technologies 65342F106 CA65342F1062
NXSI nexis international industries inc 65338M107 US65338M1071
NXTYQ nexity financial corp 65333R200 US65333R2004
NXYAF nexity sa FR0010112524
NNXXY nexity u/adr/1:5 65343A106 US65343A1060
NEXJF nexj systems inc 65340A109 CA65340A1093
NEXOF nexon co ltd JP3758190007
NEXOY nexon co ltd u/adr/1:1 65340H104 US65340H1041
NXOPF nexoptic technology corp 65341P105 CA65341P1053
NXPC nexplore corp 65338G209 US65338G2093
NXRT nexpoint residential trust inc 65341D102 US65341D1028
NHF nexpoint strategic opp fd 65340G205 US65340G2057
NXPS nexprise inc 65333Q202 US65333Q2021
NXST nexstar media group inc 65336K103 US65336K1034
NXTBF next biometrics group asa NO0010629108
NXFNF next fifteen communications group plc GB0030026057


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