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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


NXXIQ nutrition 21 inc 67069V108 US67069V1089
NMSCA nutrition management services co class a 67061Y100 US67061Y1001
SPLIF nutritional high international 670684109 CA6706841096
NUTTQ nutroganics inc 670694108 US6706941084
LVIFF nutryfarm international G6700D104 BMG6700D1048
NUVA nuvasive inc 670704105 US6707041058
NVTR nuvectra corporation 67075N108 US67075N1081
JMLP nuveen all cap energy mlp opportunities fund 67075E108 US67075E1082
NUW nuveen amt-free municipal value fund 670695105 US6706951059
NUV nuveen amt-free municipal value fund 670928100 US6709281009
NEA nuveen amt-free quality municipal income fund 670657105 US6706571055
NAZ nuveen arizona quality municipal income fund 67061W104 US67061W1045
NBB nuveen build america bond fund 67074C103 US67074C1036
NBD nuveen build america bond opportunity fund 67074Q102 US67074Q1022
NKX nuveen california amt-free quality municipal income fund 670651108 US6706511085
NVX nuveen california dividend advantage municipal fund 2 67069X104 US67069X1046
NCB nuveen california municipal value fund 2 6706EB106 US6706EB1062
NCA nuveen california municipal value fund inc 67062C107 US67062C1071
NAC nuveen california quality municipal income fund 67066Y105 US67066Y1055
NTC nuveen connecticut quality municipal income fund 67060D107 US67060D1072
JCE nuveen core equity alpha fund 67090X107 US67090X1072
JCO nuveen credit opportunities 2022 target term fund 67075U102 US67075U1025
JQC nuveen credit strategies income fund 67073D102 US67073D1028
JDD nuveen diversified dividend and income fund 6706EP105 US6706EP1058
NXZ nuveen dividend advantage municipal fund 2 67070F100 US67070F1003

NVG nuveen dividend advantage municipal income fund 67071L106 US67071L1061
DIAX nuveen dow 30sm dynamic overwrite fund 67075F105 US67075F1057
JEMD nuveen emerging markets debt 2022 target term fund 67077P101 US67077P1012
JMF nuveen energy mlp total return fund 67074U103 US67074U1034
NEV nuveen enhanced municipal value fund 67074M101 US67074M1018
JFR nuveen floating rate income fund 67072T108 US67072T1088
JRO nuveen floating rate income opportuntiy fund 6706EN100 US6706EN1001
NKG nuveen georgia quality municipal income fund  67072B107 US67072B1070
JGH nuveen global high income fund 67075G103 US67075G1031
JHY nuveen high income 2020 target term fund common shares of beneficial interest 67075L102 US67075L1026
JHA nuveen high income dec 2018 target t fund 67075P103 US67075P1030
JHD nuveen high income december 2019 target term fund 67076E107 US67076E1073
JHB nuveen high income november 2021 target term fund 67077N106 US67077N1063
NXC nuveen insured california select tax-free income portfolio 67063R103 US67063R1032
NXN nuveen insured new york select tax-free income portfolio 67063V104 US67063V1044
NID nuveen intermediate duration municipal term fund 670671106 US6706711065
NQM nuveen investment quality municipal fund inc 67062E103 US67062E1038
CTF nuveen long/short commodity 670731108 US6707311089
NMY nuveen maryland quality municipal income fund 67061Q107 US67061Q1076
NMT nuveen massachusetts quality municipal income fund 67061E104 US67061E1047
NUM nuveen michigan quality municipal income fund 670979103 US6709791031
NMS nuveen minnesota quality municipal income fund 670734102 US6707341029
NOM nuveen missouri quality municipal income fund 67060Q108 US67060Q1085
JLS nuveen mortgage opportunity term fund 670735109 US6707351093
JMT nuveen mortgage opportunity term fund 2 67074R100 US67074R1005

JMM nuveen multi-market income fund 67075J107 US67075J1079
NHA nuveen municipal 2021 target term fund 670687102 US6706871026
NZF nuveen municipal credit income fund 67070X101 US67070X1019
NMZ nuveen municipal high income opportunity fund 670682103 US6706821039
NMI nuveen municipal income fund 67062J102 US67062J1025
NIO nuveen municipal opportunity fund inc 670984103 US6709841034
QQQX nuveen nasdaq 100 dynamic overwrite fund 670699107 US6706991071
NJV nuveen new jersey municipal value fund 670702109 US6707021092
NXJ nuveen new jersey quality municipal income fund 67069Y102 US67069Y1029
NRK nuveen new york amt-free quality municipal 670656107 US6706561072
NYV nuveen new york municipal value fund 2 670706100 US6707061007
NNY nuveen new york municipal value fund inc 67062M105 US67062M1053
NAN nuveen new york quality municipal income fund 67066X107 US67066X1072
NNC nuveen north carolina quality municipal income fund 67060P100 US67060P1003
NUO nuveen ohio quality municipal income fund 670980101 US6709801012
NPN nuveen pennsylvania municipal value fund 67074K105 US67074K1051
NQP nuveen pennsylvania quality municipal income fund 670972108 US6709721087
JPC nuveen preferred & income opportunities fund 67073B106 US67073B1061
JPS nuveen preferred & income securities fund 67072C105 US67072C1053
JPI nuveen preferred & income term fund 67075A106 US67075A1060
JPT nuveen preferred income 2022 term fund 67075T105 US67075T1051
NAD nuveen quality municipal income fund 67066V101 US67066V1017
JRI nuveen real asset income and growth fund 67074Y105 US67074Y1055
JRS nuveen real estate income fund 67071B108 US67071B1089
BXMX nuveen s&p 500 buy-write income fund 6706ER101 US6706ER1015

SPXX nuveen s&p 500 dynamic overwrite fund 6706EW100 US6706EW1000
NIM nuveen select maturities municipal fund 67061T101 US67061T1016
NXP nuveen select tax free income portfolio 67062F100 US67062F1003
NXQ nuveen select tax free income portfolio ii 67063C106 US67063C1062
NXR nuveen select tax free income portfolio iii 67063X100 US67063X1000
NSL nuveen senior income fund 67067Y104 US67067Y1047
JSD nuveen short duration credit opportunities fund 67074X107 US67074X1072
JTD nuveen tax-advantaged dividend growth fund 67073G105 US67073G1058
JTA nuveen tax-advantaged total return strategy fund 67090H102 US67090H1023
NTX nuveen texas quality income municipal fund 670983105 US6709831050
NPV nuveen virginia quality municipal income fund 67064R102 US67064R1023
JPG nuveen-eq pr & g 6706EW100 US6706EW1000
JPZ nuveen-eq pr inc 6706ER101 US6706ER1015
NIQ nuveenn intermediate duration quality municipal term fund 670677103 US6706771036
NES nuverra environmental solutions 67091K302 US67091K3023
NUVM nuvim inc 67071X100 US67071X1000
NUVSF nuvista energy ltd 67072Q104 CA67072Q1046
NRIFF nuvo pharmaceuticals 67092F104 CA67092F1045
NUVG nuvus gro corp 67075W108 US67075W1080
NUZE nuzee inc 67073S109 US67073S1096
NVT nvent electric plc IE00BDVJJQ56
NVDA nvidia corporation 67066G104 US67066G1040
NXTM nxstage medical inc 67072V103 US67072V1035
NXTH nxt nutritionals holdings inc 67073X108 US67073X1081
NXTD nxt-id inc 67091J206 US67091J2069


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