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Cusip/ISIN Numbers


SGOL e t f s physical swiss gold trust 26922Y105 US26922Y1055
SIVR e t f s silver trust 26922X107 US26922X1072
JETS e t f s s-us global jets etf 26922A842 US26922A8421
VALX e t f s validea market legends etf 26922A883 US26922A8835
WITE e t f s white metals basket trust  26923B104 US26923B1044
ICAN e t f serenityshrs impact 26922A735 US26922A7357
BEMO e t f series solutions aptus behavioral momentum etf 26922A784 US26922A7845
OPER e t f series solutions clearshares 26922A727 US26922A7274
VBND e t f series solutions trust vident core us bond strategy fund 26922A602 US26922A6029
VUSE e t f series solutions trust vident core us equity e t f 26922A503 US26922A5039
VIDI e t f series solutions trust vident international equity fund 26922A404 US26922A4040
PPTY e t f us diversified real estate 26922A511 US26922A5112
EMEM e t f virtus glovista emerging mark 26923G830 US26923G8309
VSL e t f volshares large cap 26922A495 US26922A4958
RISE e t f-datenblatt etf managers group commodity trust i sit rising rate fund 26923H101 US26923H1014
YYY e t f-datenblatt exchange traded concepts trust yieldshares high income 301505301 US3015053016
TCTL e t f-datenblatt premise capital frontier advantage diversified tactical etf 26922A768 US26922A7688
ETHO e t h o climate leadership u.s. etf 26924G888 US26924G8886
ETIC e t i international inc 269230108 US2692301086
ETFC e trade financial corporation 269246401 US2692464017
EVPNF e v a precision industrial holdings ltd G32148101 KYG321481015
EVCI e v c i career colleges holding corp 26926P308 US26926P3082
EVUS e v charging usa inc 26927H107 US26927H1077
EVNVY e v n - energie versorgung niederosterreich a.g. (evn) s/adr/1:5 269265104 US2692651043
EVOA e v o transportation & energy services inc 26928L107 US26928L1070

EVBEF e v s broadcast equipment BE0003820371
EVSBY e v s broadcast equipment u/adr/1:4 269271102 US2692711029
EVTP e v transportation inc 26927L108 US26927L1089
EXAI e x a inc 26928E202 US26928E2028
EYII e y i industries inc 26928R104 US26928R1041
EZJR e z j r inc 269312104 US2693121046
EZTD e z t d inc 269334207 US2693342071
EZTDD e z t d inc 269334207 US2693342071
EZTCF e z tec empreendimentos e participacoessa BREZTCACNOR0
EGBN eagle bancorp inc (md) 268948106 US2689481065
EBMT eagle bancorp montana inc 26942G100 US26942G1004
EGKPF eagle bulk shipping inc Y2187A119 MHY2187A1192
EGLE eagle bulk shipping inc Y2187A143 MHY2187A1432
EGKPF eagle bulk shipping inc 21 warrants Y2187A135 MHY2187A1358
GRF eagle capital growth fund inc 269451100 US2694511005
EGXP eagle exploration co (colo.) 269510103 US2695101038
EFBI eagle financial bancorp inc 26952G107 US26952G1076
EFSI eagle financial services 26951R104 US26951R1041
ECCE eagle ford oil & gas corp 269519104 US2695191047
APMFF eagle graphite 269548103 CA2695481036
EGIF eagle growth and income opportunities fund 26958J105 US26958J1051
EHECF eagle hill exploration corp 26959U406 CA26959U4063
EXP eagle materials inc 26969P108 US26969P1084
EMTC eagle mountain corporation 26969W202 US26969W2026
EGOH eagle oil holding company inc 26971V101 US26971V1017

EGRX eagle pharmaceuticals inc 269796108 US2697961082
EGLP eagle picher holdings b pfd 269799409 US2697994091
EGPLF eagle plains resources ltd 269906202 CA2699062022
ECCX eagle point credit 6.6875% 04/30/28 269809505 US2698095054
ECCX eagle point credit company inc 269796108 US2697961082
ECC eagle point credit company inc 269808101 US2698081013
ECCA eagle point credit company inc 269809109 US2698091095
ECCY eagle point credit company inc 6.75% 269809406 US2698094065
ECCB eagle point credit company inc 7.00% due 2020 269809307 US2698093075
EGLA eagle telephonics inc 270005101 US2700051012
EWDYF eaglewood energy inc 270046105 CA2700461056
ERCL earl clay labs inc 270095102 US2700951021
EACR earn-a-car inc 27031L109 US27031L1098
ETHCF earth corporation JP3100190002
EARH earth dragon resources inc 27031K309 US27031K3095
EGBB earth gen-biofuel 27031P209 US27031P2092
CLTS earth life sciences inc 27032P208 US27032P2083
ETST earth science tech 270311103 US2703111037
ESSE earth search sciences inc 270313208 US2703132082
EFTI earthfirst technologies inc 270318108 US2703181089
EPCUF earthport plc. GB00B0DFPF10
ETHS earthshine international ltd 27033H106 US27033H1068
BSICD earthstone energy inc 27032D205 US27032D2053
ESTE earthstone energy inc 27032D304 US27032D3044
EWKS earthworks entertainment inc 27032F200 US27032F2002

EAATF earthworks industries 27032K100 CA27032K1003
EKKH eason education kingdom holdings 270380108 US2703801082
EFRMF east africa metals inc 270410103 CA2704101039
EAIAF east asia minerals corp 270541105 CA2705411056
ESAKF east asiatic co DK0010006329
ESAKY east asiatic co u/adr/1:2 27054C101 US27054C1018
ECDC east coast diversified corp 27177P302 US27177P3029
EJPRF east japan railway company JP3783600004
EJPRY east japan railway company u/adr/1:6 273202101 US2732021017
EKGRU east kan agri-engyu/l/p c 273265306 US2732653066
EMHI east morgan holdings inc 273771105 US2737711059
ESDF east side financial 27524N109 US27524N1090
EWBC east west bancorp inc 27579R104 US27579R1041
EWPMF east west petroleum corp 27580T107 CA27580T1075
TCLVF eastcoal inc 276165602 CA2761656024
EACQ easterly acquisition corp 27616L102 US27616L1026
EACQU easterly acquisition corp-units 27616L201 US27616L2016
EACQW easterly acquisition corp-warrants 27616L110 US27616L1109
DEA easterly government properties inc 27616P103 US27616P1030
EATR eastern asteria inc 276252103 US2762521035
EML eastern company (the) 276317104 US2763171046
EGDD eastern goldfields inc 276486107 US2764861074
ESGFF eastern goldfields limited AU000000EGS4
MARCF eastern goldfields limited AU000000EGS4
ELCI eastern light capital inc 276650108 US2766501082


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