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Capitalize on the Fastest Growing Sector of the Stock Market, Second Edition (Hardcover)
 by Andrew McHattie   Rating: ISBN-10: 027303751X

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Expired Warrants





B C Pacific Capital Corporation BPQ Black Diamond Resources Ltd BLK
B G M Diversified Energy Inc BGD Black Pearl Resources Ltd BKP
B G R Precious Metals Inc BPT Blackbird Energy Inc BBI
B N S Split Corp II BSC Blackhawk Growth Corp BLR
B T Canada Securities Inc BTA Blackmist Resources Inc BKA
Baden Explorations Ltd BEX Blackwater Gold Corporation BWG
Baffinland Iron Mines Corp BIM Blue Gold Resources Ltd BLQ
Baja Mining BAJ Blue Pearl Mining BLE
Ballard Power Systems Inc BLD Blue Ribbon Income Fund RBN
Baltic Resources BLR Blue Ribbon Resources Ltd BLO
Bam Bam Resources Corp BBR Blue Sky Uranium BSK
Banbury Gold Mines Ltd BBG Blue Tree WIreless BTW
Bankers Petroleum BNK Bolivar BGC
Banks Energy BKL Bolt Energy Ltd BLT
Banro Corp BAA Bonkers Indoor Playgrounds BNK
Bard Silver & Gold Ltd BDS Bordeaux Energy BDO
Bard Ventures CBS Bordeaux Resources Ltd BDX
Barkhor Resources Inc BHO Boreal Metals Corp BMX
Baroque Resources Ltd BRQ Bowes Lyon Resources Ltd BWY
Barrington Petroleum Ltd BPL Bowridge Resource Group Inc BOW
Barytex Resources Corporation BTX Braddick Resources Ltd BRO
Bauska Internationand (BC) Ltd BUI Bradsue Resources Ltd BDU
Baytex Energy BTE Bragg Gaming Group Inc BRAG
Bear Creek Mining BCM Brahma Resources Inc BMA
Bear Lake Resources Ltd BLA Braiden Resources Ltd BZR
Bearcat Explorations Ltd BEA Brandevor Enterprises Ltd BVE
Bearing Power (Canada) Ltd BPO Brandselite Int. Corp BNT
Beaver Lake Energy Corp BVL Bravern Ventures Ltd BAV
Beaver Resources Inc BGI Brazil Resources BRI
Beckett Technologies Corp BTK Breakwater Resources Ltd BWR
Belfast Petroleum Inc BPY Breckenridge Resources Ltd BKD
Belmoral Mines Ltd BME Brewmaster Systems Ltd BWE
Bema Gold BGO Brican Resources Ltd BRI
Bennett Environmental BEV Brick Group BRK
Benton Resources BTC Bridgeport Ventures BPV
Beretta Resource Corp BTR Bridger Resources Inc BDG
Berglynn Resources Inc BGN Brigus Gold BRD
Berkley Petroleum Corp BKP Brixton Metals BBB
Berle Resources Ltd BRL Broadway Beverages Ltd BEV
Bespoke Capital Acquisition Corp BC Brompton Advantaged Oil & Gas Income Fund AOG
Best Pacific Resources Ltd BPG Brompton Advantaged VIP Income Fund AV
BGP Acquisition Corp BGP Brompton Oil & Gas Income Fund OGF
Bice Ventures Corp BVT Brompton Split Banc SBC
Big M Petroleum Inc BIM Brompton VIP Income Fund VIP
Bighorn Development Corp BHD Brooks Resources Ltd BRC
Bigstone Minerals Ltd BIG Brower Explorations Ltd BRE
Billikin Resources Inc BIL Buffalo Resources Ltd BUF
Biomet Technology Inc BTS Bullet Group Inc.(The) BUL
Bioniche Life Sciences BNC Bullion Range Expl Corp BIN
Biosource Industries Inc BIU Burner Exploration Limited BXP
Birchwood Ventures BIR Butler Mountain Minerals Corp BMM

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Warrant Terms
Expiration Date
The last day the warrants can be exercised. If warrants aren'tgoing to be exercised then they must be sold the day before the expiry date. The longer the time to expiry the more valuable the warrants.
The leverage of a warrant is a measure of how much you can increase your exposure to a share if you bought warrants instead of making a direct investment. It is current share price by the current price of the warrant.
Intrinsic Value
The difference between the exercise price and the actual trading price of the common stock. Once the common has gone over the exercise price the warrants are said to be in the money.
The higher the volatility rating the higher the price of the warrant will be. A measure stock price changes a specific period of time Historical volatility is calculated by using the standard deviation of an underlying stock price. In the Money When the price of the common is higher than the exercise price
Time Value
The time value is the difference between the current warrant and its intrinsic value The time value is to be interpreted as the consideration paid for the advantage that the warrant buyer has over the direct investor.

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