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Current and Expired Warrants


C A Bancorp - RF Coalcorp - CCJ
C M A C Computer Systems Ltd - CMB Coexco Petroleum Inc - CXU
C M P Gold Trust - CMP Cognoscente Software Int'l Inc - CSC
CS Resources Limited - CRZ Colibri Resources Corp - CBI
Caesars Gold Ltd Collins Resources Ltd - CR
Calco Resources Inc Colossus Minerals - CSI
Calibre Energy Inc - CBW Colossus Resource Equities Inc
CalStar Oil & Gas - CALS Columbia Gold Mines Ltd - COB
Camberly Energy Ltd - CEL Cominco Resources Int'l Ltd - COR
Cambiex Exploration - CBX Commander Resources Ltd - CMY
Cambior - CBJ Commonwealth Gold Corporation - CWC
Cam-Net Communications - CWK Communication Intelligence Corp - CUA
Camnor Resources - CMB Compton Petroleum Corp - CMT
Campbell Resources - CCH CC&L Global Financials Fund - GFT
Canada Lithium - CLQ Consolidated Amhawk Enterprises Ltd - CVK
Canadian Airlines Corporation - CA Consolidated Bel-Air Resources Ltd - CBT
Canadian Blackhawk Energy Inc - CBZ Consolidated Caprock Resources - CCU
Canadian Eagle Explorations Ltd - CEN Consolidated Carina Resources Corp - CCK
Canadian Frobisher Resources Ltd - CDF Consolidated Goldwest Resources Ltd
Canadian General Inv. Ltd - CGI Consolidated Heron Resources Ltd - CNS
Canadian High income Equity - CIQ Consolidated Kassan Resources Inc - CKY
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce  - CM Consolidated Marina Explor.Ltd - CXQ
Canadian Income Management Tr. - CNM Consolidated McKinney Resources Inc - CKY
Canadian Leader Energy Inc - LOL Consolidated Newgate Resources Ltd
Canadian Life Companies Split Corp - LFE Consolidated NRD Resources Ltd - CKN
Canadian Pacific Ltd - CP Consolidated Omab Enterprises - CEB
Canadian Patricia Exploration Ltd - CPA Consolidated Ramrod Gold Corp
Canadian Reserve Gold Corporation - CCG Consolidated Rhodes Resources - RRS
Canadian Resources Income Trust - RTU Consolidated Sea Gold Corporation - CDE
Canadian Shield Fund - MSP Contact Diamond - CO
Canadian Splitshare Corp Continental Gold Ltd - CNL
Canadian West Resources - CW Continental Tyre Ltd
Canadian Western Bank - CWB Contrans Corp - CSS
Canarc Resource Corp - CCM Copernican British Banks Fund - CBB
Canbaikal Resources Inc - CBQ Copernican Int'l Premium Div Fund - CPM
Candela Resources Ltd - CDD Copernican World Banks Inc & Grwth Tr - CBK
Canext Energy - CXT Copernican World Financial - CIW
Cangold - CLD Copper Mesa - CUX
Canmex Minerals Corporation - CMX Copper Mountain - CUM
Canoe Go Canada Inc Fund - GCI Copper Ridge Explorations
Canop Worldwide Corp - CWC Copperstone Resources Corporation - CPP
Canquest Resources Corp - CQ Core Canadian Dividend Trust - CDD
Canso Explorations Ltd - CSE Coromandel Resources Ltd - CND
Carousel Capital Corp - CS Corptech Industries - CH
Cascade Metals - CEM Coxe Commodity Strategy Fund - COX
Cascade Oil & Gas - COL Cranefield International - CFN
Caspian Energy - CEK Creston Moly Corp - CMS
Castle Rock Exploration - CTP Crew Minerals Inc - CW
Cell-Loc Inc - CLQ Crocodile Gold Corp - CRK
Celtic Minerals Ltd - CME Croesus Resources Inc - CWV
Centaur Resources Ltd CrownJoule Exploration Ltd - CJE
Central Sun Mining - CSM Cryderman Gold Inc
Centrasia Mining - CTM Crystallex International Corporation - KRY
Cephalon Resource Corporation - CHR Cubacan - CCX
Ceres Global Ag Corp - CRP Cumberland Resources Ltd
Chap Mercantile - CPC Cumulus Technology Inc - CUH
Challenger Energy - CHQ Current Technology Corporation - ONE
Chariot Resources - CHD C V L Resources Ltd - CVL
Charlie O Beverages Ltd - CJV Cyn-Tech Ventures Ltd - CVU
Chase Resources Corporation - CQS Cypress Minerals - CYP
Cheni Gold Mines Inc Cypress Petroleum Corporation - CYP
Cheryl Resources Inc
Chesapeake Gold - CKG
Christopher James Gold Corp - CJG
Cinch Energy - CNH
Cinnabar Resources Ltd - CBS
Circo Craft - CCC
Citadel Diversified Investment Trust - CTD
Citadel Income - CTF
City Resources (Canada) Limited - CIZ
Clarion Environmental Technologies - CL
Classic Gold Resources - CGU
Claude Resources - CRJ
Claymore Silver Bullion - SVR
Clearport Petroleum - CPR
Clearview Minerals Resources Corp - CVW
Clifton Star Resources Inc - CFO Editorials and Commentaries


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