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Warrants Alert

Stock Warrants: Do You Have a “Ferrari” In Your Portfolio?
by Lorimer Wilson

The Basics of Warrants
…Like many financial vehicles, warrants have some “moving parts” you need to understand in order to properly use them. Remember, a warrant is a contract that gives the holder the right – but not the obligation – to buy a stock at a predetermined price and at a predetermined point in the future….

CanadianWarrants in the Globe and Mail
by Martin Mittelstaedt
From Thursday's Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Mar. 02, 2011 6:19PM EST

Warrants are the Rodney Dangerfield of the stock market. They don't get much respect from investors.
But that could be a big mistake.

Conflict of Interests: Buy the Warrant, or Buy the Shares?
by Jay at
All right folks, it’s time to have a talk. We’ve decided it is finally time to introduce you to the concept of warrants. Although they are not for everyone, you should be aware of them and how they work.

Gold & Silver Warrants: What are They? Why Own Them? How are They Bought & Sold?
by Lorimer Wilson
With all the interest in physical gold, silver and other commodities these days,warrants and the large/mid-cap companies who mine the metals and the juniors who are exploring for them, it begs the question: “Why is no one writing about the merits of investing in the long-term warrants associated with a few of those companies?” Merits? Absolutely! Here is a primer on virtually all that you need to know about warrants and how to invest in them for major profits.

Interested in Buying Gold or Silver Mining Company Warrants? Here’s How
by Lorimer Wilson
Buying and selling warrants associated with commodity-related companies (including those of gold and silver miners) can be very confusing if you are not aware of the unique information required to do so and understand just how to go about it. Below you will find all the information you need to know on the subject.

The “Secret” World of Gold & Silver Company Warrants
May 8, 2011 by Lorimer Wilson
Warrants have been the best kept ‘secret’ of the investment world until now. After all, when was the last time you read an article on warrants or had your financial advisor broach the subject? Pay attention to the particulars provided in this article, prepare with proper due diligence and enjoy the prospects of future prosperity that a basket of long-term warrants can provide.

Buying Gold & Silver Company Warrants is Easy & Profitable – Here’s How (and Why!)
May 8, 2011 by Lorimer Wilson
Commodity-Related Warrants Warrant Your Attention
With all the interest in physical gold, silver and other commodities these days, and the large/mid-cap companies who mine the metals and the juniors who are exploring for same, it begs the question: “Why is no one writing about the 91% returns and the 60% leverage generated by the long-term warrants offered by a select few miners and royalty companies?” The information in this article and the links to a variety of resources will change all that and make you ready and able to reap the benefits from investing in this much misunderstood asset class.

Forget Gold Bullion! Those in the Know Own Silver & Gold Miner Warrants

February 8, 2011
by Lorimer Wilson
The world of warrants is the undiscovered constellation in the universe of securities. Long term (LT) warrants shone brightly in 2009 – up 242% in U. S. dollar terms – and were up a further 91% in U.S. dollar terms in 2010. The warrants world consists of only 135 stars (i.e. constituents) of which only 32 are associated with 29 commodity-related stocks that have sufficient brightness (i.e. 24+ months duration) to warrant (the pun is intended!) the attention of earthly investors. Continued...

What Are Warrants, Options & LEAPS?
September 30,, 2010 by
Lorimer Wilson
Investors are always looking for ways to maximize their gains and warrants, options and LEAPS are a good way to do just that. These investment vehicles are very similar to each other except for issue of time. [Let me explain.] Continued

Chapter 8 - Part 2: Gold and Gold Mining Stocks
By Reginald W. Ogden
Dec 19 2008 2:24PM

Implied volatility

Rajesh Naidu - August 17, 2008



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