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Name - Cyn-Tech Ventures Ltd
Website -
Symbol - CVU.RT
Cusip Number - 23257L 12 1 
Expiry Date - March 14 1994
News Releases

1994-02-04 18:29 ET - Rights Called to Trade

The company's rights will be posted and called for trading on the VSE at the opening February 7 1994.

Rts trading symbol: CVU.RT
Rts security No: 834315
Exercise price: Four rights and $2.20 are required to purchase one share
Expiry date: March 14 1994
Rts Cusip No: 23257L 12 1

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Rights give existing shareholders a chance to proportionately buy shares in the new issue the company is putting out to raise more funds. The certificate showing this privilege is called a right.  It  gives the stockholders the first opportunity,  to buy the new securities.

Rights issue

An offer made by a  company to its shareholders to enable them to buy new shares in the company at a discount to the market price.



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