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Capitalize on the Fastest Growing Sector of the Stock Market, Second Edition (Hardcover)
by Andrew McHattie   Rating: ISBN-10: 027303751X

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Spectra Energy Partners LP 4.750% SR Notes Due 2024   84756N AD 1 US84756NAD12
Spectra Energy Partners LP 5.950% SR Notes Due 2043   84756N AE 9 US84756NAE94
Spectra Products Inc SSA 84757D 10 0 CA84757D1006
Spectra7 Microsystems Inc SEV 84761T 10 9 CA84761T1093
Spectral Medical Inc EDT 847577 10 3 CA8475771033
Spey Resources Corp  SPEY 84840P 10 2 CA84840P1027
Sphinx Resources Ltd SFX 848422 10 1 CA8484221012
Spin Master Corp. S.V. TOY 848510 10 3 CA8485101031
SponsorsOne Inc SPO 849113 10 5 CA8491131055
Sportscene Group Inc SPS.A 84920P 10 5 CA84920P1053
Spot Coffee (Canada) Ltd SPP 84921K 10 5 CA84921K1057
Sprott Inc SII 852066 20 8 CA8520662088
Sprott Physical Gold AND Silver Trust CEF 85207K 10 7 CA85207K1075
Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust USD CEF.U 85207K 10 7 CA85207K1075
Sprott Physical Gold Trust PHYS 85207H 10 4 CA85207H1047
Sprott Physical Gold Trust USD PHYS.U 85207H 10 4 CA85207H1047
Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium Trust CAD SPPP 85207Q 10 4 CA85207Q1046
Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium Trust USD SPPP.U 85207Q 10 4 CA85207Q1046
Sprott Physical Silver Trust CAD PSLV 85207K 10 7 CA85207K1075
Sprott Physical Silver Trust USD PSLV.U 85207K 10 7 CA85207K1075
Sproutly Canada Inc SPR 85209J 10 8 CA85209J1084
Spruce Ridge Res Ltd SHL 85290C 10 3 CA85290C1032
Spyder Cannabis Inc SPDR 85220Q 10 7  
SQID Technologies Limited SQID Q8700M 10 9 AU0000059529
Squatex Energy and Resources Inc SQX 85224X 10 8 CA85224X1087

SRG Mining Inc SRG 85236E 10 6  
St. Augustine Gold and Copper Limited SAU G8448A 10 3 VGG8448A1030
St. James Gold Corp LORD 790014 10 4 CA7900141044
Stagezero Life Sciences Ltd SZLS 852540 30 1  
Stagezero Life Sciences Ltd Warrants SZLS.WT 852540 11 1  
Stakeholder Gold Corp SRC 85255R 30 1 CA85255R3018
Stampede Drilling Inc SDI 852813 10 4  
Stamper Oil & Gas Corp STMP 85284P 10 2 CA85284P1027
Standard Uranium Ltd STND 85422Q 10 3  
Stans Energy Corp HRE 854722 10 5 CA8547221058
Stantec Inc STN 85472N 10 9 CA85472N1096
Star Diamond Corporation DIAM 85511Y 10 8 CA85511Y1088
Star Navigation Systems Group LTD SNA 855157 10 3 CA8551571034
Star Royalties Ltd STRR 855169 10 8  
Star Royalties Ltd Warrants STRR.WT 855169 11 6  
Starcore International Mines Ltd SAM 85525T 20 2 CA85525T2020
Starlight U.S. Multi-Family (No.1) Core Plus Fund SCPO.UN 85554L 10 4  
Starr Peak Mining Ltd STE 85562P 10 5 CA85562P1053
Starrex International Ltd STX 855679 10 6 CA8556791066
Stelco Holdings Inc STLC 858522 10 5 CA8585221051
Stella-Jones Inc SJ 85853F 10 5 CA85853F1053
Stellar AfricaGold Inc SPX 85855B 10 2 CA85855B1022
Stelmine Canada Ltd STH 85857E 20 3 CA85857E2033
Stem Holdings Inc STEM 85858U 10 7 US85858U1079
Step Energy Services Ltd STEP 85859H 10 5 CA85859H1055

Steppe Gold Ltd STGO 85913R 20 6 CA85913R2063
Sterling Metals Corp SAG 85941M 10 4  
Stevens Gold Nevada Inc SG 86024R 10 1 CA86024R1010
St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp SX 85235Q 10 0 CA85235Q1000
Stinger Resources Inc STNG 860836 10 5  
Stingray Group Inc. S.V RAY.A 86084H 10 0  
Stingray Group Inc. Var. S.V. RAY.B 86084H 20 9  
Stone Covered Call Canadian Bank Plus Fund SAMCC 86190A 10 6 CA86190A1066
Stone Gold Inc STG 86165T 10 6  
Stone Growth Fund SAMGF 86164M 10 2 CA86164M1023
StorageVault Canada Inc SVI 86212H 10 5 CA86212H1055
Storagevault Canada Inc 5.75% Debentures 31JAN26 SVI.DB 86212H AA 3  
Storm Resources Ltd SRX 86221R 10 2 CA86221R1029
Stormcrow Holdings Corp CROW.P 86223J 10 8  
Straightup Resources Inc ST 86258H 10 0 CA86258H1001
Stratabound Minerals Corp SB 86268E 30 3 CA86268E3032
Strata-X Energy Ltd SXE 86271T 20 6 CA86271T2065
Strategem Capital Corp SGE 86269P 30 7 CA86269P3079
Strategic Metals Ltd SMD 862758 20 8 CA8627582080
Strategic Resources Inc SR 86277X 30 0  
Strikepoint Gold Inc SKP 86332K 20 2 CA86332K2020
Strikewell Energy Corp SKK 86332H 10 0 CA86332H1001
Stroud Resources Ltd SDR 863443 30 5 CA8634433053
Stuhini Exploration Ltd STU 86400X 10 2  
Subversive Capital Acquisition Class A SVC.A.U 864296 10 8 CA8642961087

Subversive Capital Acquisition Warrants SVC.WT.U 864296 11 6 CA8642961160
Sugarbud Craft Growers Corp SUGR 865001 10 1 CA8650011015
Sugarbud Craft Growers Corp Debentures 12% 24JUN23 SUGR.DB 865001 AA 9 CA865001AA96
Sugarbud Craft Growers Corp Warrants SUGR.WT 865001 13 5 CA8650011353
Sugarbud Craft Growers Corp Warrants SUGR.WS 865001 16 8 CA8650011684
Sulliden Mining Capital Inc. SMC 865125 10 8 CA8651251081
Summa Silver Corp SSVR 86565E 10 5 CA86565E1051
Summit Industrial Income REIT SMU.UN 866120 20 7 CA8661202074
Summus Solutions NV SS.H N8398W 10 7 NL0010273793
Sun Life Financial Inc SLF 866796 10 5 CA8667961053
Sun Life Financial Inc Pref A Series 1 SLF.PR.A 866796 20 4 CA8667962044
Sun Life Financial Inc Pref Series 11QR SLF.PR.K 866796 85 7 CA8667968579
Sun Life Financial Inc Pref Series 12R SLF.PR.I 866796 83 2 CA8667968322
Sun Life Financial Inc Pref Series 5 SLF.PR.E 866796 60 0 CA8667966003
Sun Life Financial Inc Pref Series 9Qr SLF.PR.J 866796 87 3 CA8667968736
Sun Life Financial Inc. Cl A Pfd Ser 4 SLF.PR.D 866796 50 1 CA8667965013
Sun Life Financial Inc. Cl A Pr Ser 2 SLF.PR.B 866796 30 3 CA8667963034
Sun Life Financial Inc. Cl A Reset Pr. Series 10R SLF.PR.H 866796 86 5 CA8667968652
Sun Life Financial Inc. Reset Pr. Series 8R SLF.PR.G 866796 88 1 CA8667968819
Sun Peak Metals Corp PEAK  86687M 10 0  
Sun Residential Real Estate Investment Trust SRES 86687A 10 6  
Sun Summit Minerals Corp SMN 86687V 10 0  
Suncor Energy Inc SU 867224 10 7 CA8672241079
Sunlife Financial Inc. Cl A Prf Ser 3 SLF.PR.C 866796 40 2 CA8667964024
Sunniva Inc SNN 86745H 10 1 CA86745H1010


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Warrant Terms
Expiration Date
The last day the warrants can be exercised. If warrants aren'tgoing to be exercised then they must be sold the day before the expiry date. The longer the time to expiry the more valuable the warrants.
The leverage of a warrant is a measure of how much you can increase your exposure to a share if you bought warrants instead of making a direct investment. It is current share price by the current price of the warrant.
Intrinsic Value
The difference between the exercise price and the actual trading price of the common stock. Once the common has gone over the exercise price the warrants are said to be in the money.
The higher the volatility rating the higher the price of the warrant will be. A measure stock price changes a specific period of time Historical volatility is calculated by using the standard deviation of an underlying stock price. In the Money When the price of the common is higher than the exercise price
Time Value
The time value is the difference between the current warrant and its intrinsic value The time value is to be interpreted as the consideration paid for the advantage that the warrant buyer has over the direct investor.

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