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Capitalize on the Fastest Growing Sector of the Stock Market, Second Edition (Hardcover)
by Andrew McHattie   Rating: ISBN-10: 027303751X

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P F B Corporation PFB 69331T 10 1 CA69331T1012
P H X Energy Services Corporation PHX 69338U 10 1 CA69338U1012
P J X Resources Inc PJX 72585A 10 9 CA72585A1093
P P X Mining Corp PPX 69354U 10 0 CA69354U1003
P2 Gold Inc PGLD 744657 10 7 CA7446571076
Pac Roots Cannabis Corp PACR 69375L 10 5 CA69375L1058
Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd Cda PBM 69403X 20 4 CA69403X2041
Pacific Booker Minerals Inc BKM 69403R 10 8 CA69403R1082
Pacific Empire Minerals Corp PEMC 694213 10 9  
Pacific GeoInfo Corp. PGO.H 69433R 10 2  
Pacific Imperial Mines Inc. PPM 69440T 10 9 CA69440T1093
Pacific Paradym Energy Inc PPE.H 694740 20 0  
Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd PEX 694798 30 7 CA6947983079
Pacific Silk Road Resources Group Inc. PP 69481U 10 6 CA69481U1066
Pacton Gold Inc PAC 69526L 40 0  
Palamina Corp PA 696073 20 4 CA6960732049
Paleo Resources Inc PRE 696275 10 6  
Palladium One Mining Inc PDM 69644D 10 8  
Pampa Metals Corp PM 697670 10 7 CA6976701079
Pan American Silver Corporation PAAS 697900 10 8  
Pan Global Resources Inc PGZ 69806A 10 8 CA69806A1084
Pan Orient Energy Corporation POE 69806Y 10 6 CA69806Y1060
Pancontinental Resources Corporation PUC 69834N 10 6  
Pangolin Diamonds Corp PAN 69841K 10 3  
Panorama Capital Corp PANO.P 698613 10 6  

Panoro Minerals Ltd PML 69863Q 10 3  
Pantera Silver Corp PNTR 69867T 10 3  
Parallel Mining Corp  PAL 69915U 20 1 CA69915U2011
Paramount Resources Limited POU 699320 20 6 CA6993202069
ParcelPal Technology inc PKG 69938L 10 5 CA69938L1058
Parent Capital Corp PAR.H 69945R 10 3  
Parex Resources Inc PXT 69946Q 10 4 CA69946Q1046
Park Lawn Corp 5.75% Debentures 31DEC25 PLC.DB 700563 AA 7  
Park Lawn Corporation PLC 700563 20 8  
Parkit Enterprise Inc PKT 70137X 10 6 CA70137X1069
Parkland Fuel Corporation PKI 70137T 10 5 CA70137T1057
Partner Jet Corp PJT 701905 10 1  
Partners Value Investments Inc. Equity LP Units PVF.UN 70214M 10 6 CA70214M1068
Partners Value Investments LP Series 1 Pr LP Units USD PVF.PR.U 70214T 10 1 CA70214T1012
Partners Value Investments LP Warrants PVF.WT 70214M 11 4 CA70214M1142
Partners Value Split Corp PVS.PR.I 70214J 86 3.  
Partners Value Split Corp PVS.PR.H 70214J 87 1  
Partners Value Split Corp. Class AA Pr. Series 6 PVS.PR.D 70214J 60 8 CA70214J6088
Partners Value Split Corp. Class AA Pr. Series 7 PVS.PR.E 70214J 70 7 CA70214J7078
Partners Value Split Corp. Class AA Pr. Series 8 PVS.PR.F 70214J 80 6 CA70214J8068
Partners Value Split Corp. Class AA Pr. Series 9 PVS.PR.G 70214J 88 9 CA70214J8894
Pascal Biosciences Inc PAS 702478 10 8 CA7024781089
Pasinex Resources Limited  PSE 70260R 10 8 CA70260R1082
Pasofino Gold Limited VEIN 702657 10 7 CA7026571074
Pason Systems Inc PSI 702925 10 8 CA7029251088

Patagonia Gold Corp PGDC 70289T 10 1  
Patriot Gold corp PGOL 70337F 10 3 US70337F1030
Patriot One Technologies Inc PAT 70339L 10 8  
Patriot One Technologies Inc Warrants B PAT.WT.B 70339L 14 0  
Patriot One Technologies Inc Warrants C PAT.WT.C 70339L 15 7  
Peak Fintech Group Inc PKK 70470F 10 0 CA70470F1009
Peakbirch Logic Inc PKB 70470L 10 7 CA70470L1076
Pearl River Holdings Ltd PRH 704914 10 0  
Pedro Resources Ltd PED.H 705343 30 9 CA7053433099
Peekaboo Beans inc  BEAN 70538A 10 1  
Pegasus Resources Inc PEGA 70558T 10 5  
Pelangio Exploration Inc PX 705646 10 7  
Peloton Minerals Corporation PMC 70614P 10 5 CA70614P1053
Pembina Pipeline Corp PPL 706327 10 3 CA7063271034
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Cl A Pr Series 5 PPL.PR.E 706327 11 1 CA7063271117
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Cl. A Pr. Series 11 PPL.PR.K 706327 87 1 CA7063278716
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Cl. A Pr. Series 13 PPL.PR.M 706327 85 5 CA7063278559
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Cl. A Pr. Series 9 PPL.PR.I 706327 80 6 CA7063278062
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Class A Pr. Series 3 PPL.PR.C 706327 40 0 CA7063274004
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Pr  A Series 17 PPL.PR.Q 706327 81 4 CA7063278146
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Pr  A Series 19 PPL.PR.S 706327 78 0 CA7063277809
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Pr A Series 15 PPL.PR.O 706327 83 0 CA7063278302
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Pr. A Series 21 PPL.PF.A 706327 76 4 CA7063277643
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Rate Reset Cl. A Pr. Ser 1 PPL.PR.A 706327 20 2 CA7063272024
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Rate Reset Cl. A Pr. Ser 23 PPL.PF.C 706327 74 9 CA7063277494

Pembina Pipeline Corporation Rate Reset Cl. A Pr. Ser 25 PPL.PF.E 706327 72 3 CA7063277239
Pembina Pipeline Corporation Rate Reset Cl. A Pr. Series 7 PPL.PR.G 706327 60 8 CA7063276082
Pender Growth Fund (VCC) Inc PTF 70671Q 10 3 CA70671Q1037
Pennine Petroleum Corp PNN 708270 10 3 CA7082701037
People Corporation PEO 709762 10 8  
Pepcap Resources, Inc. WAV.H 713289 10 6  
Perimeter Medical Imaging AI Inc PINK  71385D 10 7  
Perisson Petroleum Corporation  POG 71400W 30 4 CA71400W3049
Perk Labs Inc PERK 71401N 10 5 CA71401N1050
Permex Petroleum Corporation OIL 71422P 10 5 CA71422P1053
Perpetua Resources Corp PPTA 714266 10 3  
Perpetual Energy inc PMT 714270 10 5 CA7142701050
Perseus Mining Limited PRU Q74174 10 5 AU000000PRU3
Pershimex Resources Corp PRO 71529F 10 9  
Personas Social Incorporated PRSN 71534M 10 7  
Peruvian Metals Corp PER 715697 10 8  
Petrichor Energy Inc. PTP.H 71643U 10 7  
Petro Viking Energy Inc VIK 71646W 50 6 CA71646W5063
Petroamerica Oil Corp. PTA 71647B 10 5  
PetroFrontier corp PFC 71648X 10 6  
Petrolympic Ltd PCQ 716725 10 6  
PetroShale Inc PSH 71676H 10 6  
PetroShale Inc Rights PSH.RT 71676H 15 5  
Petrotal Corp TAL 71677J 10 1  
Petroteq Energy Inc PQE 71678B 10 7  


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Warrant Terms
Expiration Date
The last day the warrants can be exercised. If warrants aren'tgoing to be exercised then they must be sold the day before the expiry date. The longer the time to expiry the more valuable the warrants.
The leverage of a warrant is a measure of how much you can increase your exposure to a share if you bought warrants instead of making a direct investment. It is current share price by the current price of the warrant.
Intrinsic Value
The difference between the exercise price and the actual trading price of the common stock. Once the common has gone over the exercise price the warrants are said to be in the money.
The higher the volatility rating the higher the price of the warrant will be. A measure stock price changes a specific period of time Historical volatility is calculated by using the standard deviation of an underlying stock price. In the Money When the price of the common is higher than the exercise price
Time Value
The time value is the difference between the current warrant and its intrinsic value The time value is to be interpreted as the consideration paid for the advantage that the warrant buyer has over the direct investor.

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