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Stock Rights current trading on the Canadian TSX and Venture Exchanges

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Rights Announcements:
Date Ticker Name of Company Press Release
7/11/2008 VIR ViRexx Medical Corp Rights Offering
7/11/2008 BBO Big Bank Big Oil Split Corp Rights Offering
7/4/2008 LOR Lorus Therapeutics Inc. Rights Offering
6/26/2008 EFH EGI Financial Holdings Inc. Rights Offering
6/26/2008 CPF Citadel Premium Income Fund Rights Offering
6/23/2008 KCR Cancor Mines Inc Rights Offering
5/2/2008 YRB Yorbeau Resources Inc Rights Offering
4/28/2008 DFN Dividend 15 Split Rights Offering
4/23/2008 RIT First Asset REIT Income Fund Rights Offering
4/21/2008 CEK

Caspian Energy Inc

Rights Offering
4/14/2008 ADS

Adaltis Inc

Rights Offering
4/03/2008 CTL

Catalyst Paper Corp

Rights Offering
3/17/2008 EUG


Rights Offering
3/14/2008 FC

Firm Capital Mortgage Inv Trust

Rights Offering
3/04/2008 SLC

Serebra Learning Corp

Rights Offering
2/22/2008 MMP

Precious Metals and Mining Trust

Rights Offering
2/15/2008 YP

Yieldplus Income Fund

Rights Offering
1/30/2008 MGR

Murgor Resources

Rights Offering
1/11/2008 FAY

First Asset Yield Opportunity Trust 

Rights Offering



Rights give existing shareholders a chance to proportionately buy shares in the new issue the company is putting out to raise more funds. The certificate showing this privilege is called a right.  It  gives the stockholders the first opportunity,  to buy the new securities.

Rights issue

An offer made by a  company to its shareholders to enable them to buy new shares in the company at a discount to the market price.


Stock Rights