Notes for Value, End of Day and Market Cap Sheets.



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Warrant Value Sheets,

1) MGT and PDL's warrants and trade in US funds. They have been converted to Cdn$ for calculations.


2) DML and SVM's share price has been adjusted to reflect multiple shares.


3) IMG.WT, K.WT.B, YRI.WT.B and YRI.WT.C's exercise price has been adjusted to reflect the multiple needed to exercise. The warrants to exercise has been adjusted also. Please click on the company name to read press release for exact terms.


The intrinsic value is market price of shares minus exercise price of warrant.


Fair market value is calculated using the Binominal American calculations on *historic volatility for the past month annualized.


Leverage is market price of shares divided by market price of warrant.


*Historic volatility is the deviation of the stock price over a one month, multiplied by  (262 days) to produce an annualized volatility level.A volatile market therefore has a larger standard deviation of stock price and therefore gives  the warrants a higher value. High volatility mayshow a reversal in a trend or could be a reaction to news put out by the company. High volatility can cause sharp price reversals.


***All comments are based on calculations alone and not a recommendation to buy. Fair is 10% either way, undervalued is 11% - 50%, bargain over 50%. Overvalued is 11% - 50% over and very over valued is over 50%.


End of Day Sheets


Prices are posted at the close of each day to show gains/losses in all warrants trading. For information only. Not a recommendation to buy or sell.


Market Cap/Fundamental Sheets


For information only. Not a recommendation to buy or sell.