New Listed Warrants from IPO's and Financing as of March 23rd 2021



****American Warrants trading on all US Markets updated weekly****
***opinions based on calculations only****
Date Listed Warrant Symbol Company Name Company Symbol Exchange Exercise Price Expiry Date Amount of Warrants Trading
22-Mar-2021 PCLO.WT Pharmacielo Ltd PCLO TSXV $0.65 20-Nov-2022 10.5 million
19-Mar-2021 ART.WT Arht Media  Inc ART TSXV $0.33 17-Mar-2024 33,251,667
17-Mar-2021 HVT.WT Harvest One Cannabis Inc HVT TSXV $0.195 17-Mar-2024 37,096,700
17-Mar-2021 CANN.WT Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp CANN CSE $0.21 17-Mar-2023 98.9 million
18-Mar-2021 ETHC.WT Ether Capital Corp ETHC NEO $4.00 15-Mar-2023 4,291,225
16-Mar-2021 BGP.WT.U BGP Aquisition Corp BGP.U NEO $11.50   5.94 million
10-Mar-2021 PULL.WT Pure Extracts Technologies Corp PULL CSE $0.65 10-Mar-2023 8,447,739
9-Mar-2021 JUMP.WT LevelJump Healthcare Corp JUMP TSXV $0.50 14-Dec-2023 10,507,663
9-Mar-2021 AH.WT.B Aleafia Health Inc AH TSX $1.05 9-Mar-2023 24 million
9-Mar-2021 LOWL.WT Lowell Farms Inc LOWL CSE $2.20 21-Dec-2023 11,500,000
9-Mar-2021 NEE.WT Northern Vertex Mining Corp NEE TSXV $0.80 14-Jan-2023 22,559,500
8-Mar-2021 RSF.WT Rritual Superfoods Inc RSF CSE $0.60 5-Mar-2024 17,404,028
5-Mar-2021 LABS.WT Medipham Labs Corp LABS TSX $0.70 5-Mar-2023 50 million
5-Mar-2021 WGN.WT Westhaven Gold Corp WHN TSXV $1.00 5-Mar-2023 10,689,360
4-Mar-2021 DBO.WT D-Box Technologies DBO TSX $0.16 4-Mar-2023 44,275,000
2-Mar-2021 TBP.WT.C Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc TBP TSX $0.28 2-Mar-2024 57 million
2-Mar-2021 ROMJ.WT Rubicon Organics ROMJ TSXV $5.30 2-Mar-2024 3,026,315
2-Mar-2021 MDP.WT Medexus Pharmaceuticals Inc MDP TSXV $10.00 23-Feb-2023 2,290.844
?-Mar-2021 CAT.WT Cat Strategic Metals CAT CSE $0.16 28-Feb-2026 25 million
25-Feb-2021 OPTI.WT Optimi Health OPTI CSE $1,25 24-Feb-2023 13.8 million
24-Feb-2021 TRIP.WT Red Light Holland TRIP CSE $0.70 24-Feb-2024 26.45 million
26-Feb-2021 VIVO.WT Vivo Cannabis Inc VIVO TSX $0.16 28-Feb-2026 19,166,667
24-Feb-2021 ALLI.WT Alpha Lithium Corp ALLI TSXV $1.10 19-Feb-2023 28,404,000
22-Feb-2021 MIN.WT Excelsior Mining Corp MIN TSX $1.25 22-Aug-2022 33.35 million
19-Feb-2021 STRR.WT Star Royalties STRR TSXV $1.00 19-Feb-2024 34,286,000
19-Feb-2021 BBR.WT Bam Bam Resources BBR CSE $0.25 14-Sep-2023 8.7 million
17-Feb-2021 HALO.WT.B Halo Collective HALO NEO $0.125 2-Aug-2023 109,398,833
16-Feb-2021 MYCO.WT Mydecine Innovations Group Inc MYCO CSE $0.70 12-Feb-2024 39,452,750
11-Feb-2021 MCUR.WT Mind Cure Health Inc MCUR CSE $0.80 10-Feb-2026 19,167,050
11-Feb-2021 ML.WT Millennial Lithium ML TSXV $4.80 11-Feb-2024 4,312,500
8-Feb-2021 VEXT-WT-A Vext Science Inc VEXT CSE $1.40 8-Feb-2024 9,257,500
2-Feb-2021 PLTH.WT.D Planet 13 Holdings PLTH CSE $9.00 2-Feb-2023 4,930,625
29-Jan-2021 NCU.WT.A Nevada Copper NCU TSE $0.22 29-Jul-2022 115 million
29-Jan02921 FIRE.WT Supreme Cannabis FIRE TSX $0.23 29-Jan-2024 105,26 million
28-Jan-2021 TRIP.WT Red Light Holland TRIP CSE $0.38 28-Jul-2024 38,334,100
25-Jan-2021 NUMI.WS Numinus Wellness Inc NUMI TSXV $0.90 29-Dec-2022 12,683,925
20-Jan-2024 N.WT.B Namaste Technologies N TSXV $0.47 19-Jan-2024 65,78 million
20-Jan-2021 MN.WT Manganese X Energy Corp MN TSXV $0.15 3-Sep-2023 24,749,145
19-Jan-2021 DVN.WT Danavation Technologies DVN CSE $0.35 8-Jan-2023 8,245,000
20-Jan-2021 MN.WT Manganese X Energy Corp MN TSXV $0.15 3-Sep-2023 24,749,145
15-Jan-2021 GRAM.WT.U TPCO Holding GRAM.U NEO $11.50 USD 15-Jan-2026  
6-Jan-2021 CBD.WT.U Hempfusion Wellness Inc CBD TSX $0.85 28-Feb-2023 24,163,553
6-Jan-2021 CBD.WT.V Hempfusion Wellness Inc CBD TSX $1.20 6-Jan-2026 5,000,000
5-Jan-2021 FTRP.WT Field Trip Health Ltd FTRP CSE $5.60 5-Jul-2022 2,224,100
5-Jan-2021 CVE.WT Cenovus Energy Ltd CVE.WT TSX $6.54 1-Jan-2026 65,433,323
5-Jan-2021 LIO.WT Lion One Metals Ltd LIO TSXV $2.75 21-Aug-2021 4,045,496
24-Dec-2020 FLT.WT.B Drone Delivery Canada Corp FLT TSXV $1.20 22-Dec-2022 7,843,000
21-Dec-2020 INDS.WT Indus Holdings Inc INDS CSE $2.20 21-Dec-2023 11.5 million
18-Dec-2020 CFW.WT Calfrac Well Services Ltd CFW TSX $2.50 18-Dec-2023 5,824,362
17-Dec-2020 JJ.WT.C Jackpot Digital Inc JJ TSXV $0.10 20-Nov-2025 12,919,304
16-Dec-2020 PIPE.WT Pipestone Energy Corp PIPE TSX $3.00 19-May-2021 175,188,092
2-Dec-2020 TV.WT Trevali Mining Corp TV TSX $0.23 2-Jun-2022 81.1 million
26-Nov-2020 KHRN.WT Khiron Life KHRN TSXV $0.75 30-Nov-2025 32.2 million
26-Nov-2020 NSR.WT Nomad Royalty Company  Ltd NSR TSX $1.71 19-Nov-2022 19,997,118
20-Nov-2020 FFNT.WT 4Front Ventures Corp FFNT CSE $0.90 23-Nov-2022 12,322,250
19-Nov-2020 HITI.WT High Tide Inc HITI TSXV $0.35 6-Feb-2023 40,076,412
19-Nov-2020 CGC.WT Caldas Gold Corp CGC TSXV $2.75 29-Jul-2025 16,613,200
18-Nov-2020 BRAG.WT Bragg Gaming Group Inc BRAG TSXV $1.00 18-Nov-2023 29,572,250
17-Nov-2020 MKO.WT.A Mako Mining Corp MKO TSXV $0.60 16-Jul-2022 35.5 million
16-Nov-2020 ACB.WT.U Aurora Cannabis ACB TSX $9.00 USD 16-Mar-2024 11.5 million
10-Nov-2020 NVO.WT Novo Resources Corp NVO TSXV $4.40 27-Aug-2023 8,596,184
4-Nov-2020 PLTH.WT.C Planet 13 Holdings Inc PLTH CSE $5.80 5-Nov-2022 3,349,375
2-Nov-2020 VEXT.WT Vext Science Inc VEXT CSE $0.45 2-Nov-2023 17,310,165
2-Nov-2020 ARU.WT Aurania Resources Ltd ARU TSXV $5.50 29-Oct-2022 1,339,747
  MMED.WS Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc MED NEO $1.40 23-Oct-2023 4,338,450
27-Oct-2020 WLLW.WT Willow Biosciences WLLW TSX $0.85 29-Oct-2022 8,846,153


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Warrant Terms
Expiration Date
The last day the warrants can be exercised. If warrants aren'tgoing to be exercised then they must be sold the day before the expiry date. The longer the time to expiry the more valuable the warrants.
The leverage of a warrant is a measure of how much you can increase your exposure to a share if you bought warrants instead of making a direct investment. It is current share price by the current price of the warrant.
Intrinsic Value
The difference between the exercise price and the actual trading price of the common stock. Once the common has gone over the exercise price the warrants are said to be in the money.
The higher the volatility rating the higher the price of the warrant will be. A measure stock price changes a specific period of time Historical volatility is calculated by using the standard deviation of an underlying stock price. In the Money When the price of the common is higher than the exercise price
Time Value
The time value is the difference between the current warrant and its intrinsic value The time value is to be interpreted as the consideration paid for the advantage that the warrant buyer has over the direct investor.

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