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Spectra Inc SSA 847907 10 2  
Spectra7 Microsystems Inc SEV 84761T 10 9  
Spectral Medical Inc EDT 847577 10 3  
Sphere FTSE Canada Sustainable Yield Index ETF SHC 84842N 10 5  
Sphere FTSE Emerging Markets Sustainable Yield SHZ 84841V 10 8  
Sphere FTSE Europe Sustainable Yield Index ETF SHE 84841W 10 6  
Sphinx Resources Ltd SFX 848422 10 1  
Spin Master Corp TOY 848510 10 3  
Spirit Banner Capital Corp SBCC.P 84858V 10 8  
SpoRightscene Restaurants Inc. cl A nv SPS.A 84919K 20 8  
Spot Coffee (Canada) Ltd SPP 84921K 10 5  
Sprott Energy Opportunities Trust NRGY.UN 85209C 10 3  
Sprott Focus Trust - Closed End Fund FUND 85208J 10 9 US85208J1097
Sprott Inc SII 852066 10 9 CA8520661098
Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust CEF 85208R 10 1  
Sprott Physical Gold Trust PHYS 85207H 10 4  
Sprott Physical Gold Trust USD PHYS.U 85207H 10 4  
Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium Trust SPPP 85207Q 10 4  
Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium Trust USD SPPP.U 85207Q 10 4  
Sprott Physical Silver Trust PSLV 85207K 10 7  
Sprott Physical Silver Trust USD PSLV.U 85207K 10 7  
Sprott Resource Holdings Inc SRHI 85209D 10 1  
Sprott Resource Holdings Inc Warrants SRHI.WT 85209D 11 9  
Spruce Ridge Res Ltd SHL 85290C 10 3  
St Augustine Gold & Copper SAU G8448A 10 3 VGG8448A1030

Stakeholder Gold Corp SRC 85255R 20 2  
Stamper Oil & Gas Corp STMP 85284P 10 2  
Standard Exploration Ltd SDE 853376 10 1  
Standard Lithium Ltd SLL 853606 10 1 CA8536061010
Stans Energy Corp HRE 854722 10 5  
Stantec Inc STN 85472N 10 9 CA85472N1096
Star Diamond Corp DIAM 85511Y 10 8  
Starcore International Mines Ltd SAM 85525T 20 2  
Starlight US Multi Family No 1 SUVA.A 85555H 10 2  
Starlight US Multi Family No 5 STUS.A 85554T 10 7 CA85554T1075
Starlight US Multi Family No 5 USD STUS.U 85554T 20 6 CA85554T2065
Starlight US Multi-Family (No 1) Value-Add Fund Class U SUVA.U 85555H 20 1  
Starr Peak Exploration Ltd STE 855614 10 3  
Stars Group Inc (The) TSGI 85570W 10 0  
Steamsand Capital Corp SAND.P 85789E 10 7  
Stelco Holdings Inc STLC 858522 10 5  
Stella-Jones Inc SJ 85853F 10 5  
Stellar AfricaGold Inc SPX 85855B 10 2  
Stelmine Canada Ltd STH 85857E 20 3  
Step Energy Services Ltd STEP 85859H 10 5  
Step Energy Services Ltd STEP.R 85859H 11 3  
Sterling Resources Ltd SLG 858915 10 1  
Stingray Digital Group Inc Sv RAY.A 86083Q 10 1 CA86083Q1019
Stingray Digital Group Inc Variable Sv RAY.B 86083Q 20 0 CA86083Q2009
StorageVault Canada Inc SVI 86212H 10 5  


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