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Silver Viper Minerals Corp VIPR 828334 10 2  
Silvercorp Metals Inc SVM 82835P 10 3 CA82835P1036
Silvercrest Metals Inc SIL 828363 10 1 CA8283631015
Silvercrest Metals Inc Warrants SIL.WT 828363 11 9  
Simba Essel Energy Inc SMB 82857V 10 3  
Sintana Energy Inc SEI 82938H 10 7  
Sirios Resources Inc SOI 829908 50 8  
Sirona Biochem Corp SBM 82967M 10 0  
Sixonine Ventures Corp SNX.H 83006T 20 5  
Siyata Mobile Inc SIM 83013Q 10 3  
Skeena Resources Ltd SKE 83056P 80 6  
Skyharbour Resources Ltd SYH 830816 60 9  
Skylon Growth & Income Tr SKG.UN 83085Y 10 9  
Slam Exploration Ltd SXL 831004 30 4 CA8310043044
Slate Office REIT SOT.UN 831021 10 0  
Slate Office REIT Debentures SOT.DB 831021 AA 8  
Slate Office REIT Receipts SOT.N 831021 14 2  
Slate Retail REIT SRT.UN 831022 11 6  
Slate Retail REIT USD SRT.U 831022 11 6  
Sleep Country Canada Holdings Inc ZZZ 83125J 10 4  
Smart Employee Benefits Inc SEB 83172K 10 3  
SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust SRU.DB.B 83179X AF 5  
SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust SRU.UN 83179X 10 8  
Smartcool Systems Inc SSC 83171N 10 8  
Smooth Rock Ventures Corp SOCK 83268K 10 8  

Snipp International Inc SPN 83306Y 10 2  
Societe D'exploration Miniere Vior Inc VIO 83364M 50 3  
Softrock Minerals Ltd SFT 833965 10 6  
Sojourn Explorations Inc SOJ 83410C 10 3  
Sokoman Iron Corp SIC 83409P 10 7  
Solar Alliance Energy Inc SOLR 83418C 10 5 CA83418C1059
Solarvest BioEnergy Inc SVS 83416D 10 5  
Solgold PLC SOLG 82255T 10 4  
SolidusGold Inc SDC 83422W 10 5  
Solitario Zinc Corp SLR 83422R 10 6  
Solium Capital Inc SUM 83425Q 10 5  
Sonora Gold & Silver Corp SOC 835651 10 0  
Sonoro Energy Ltd SNV 83569D 60 5  
Sonoro Metals Corp SMO 83569F 20 4  
Source Energy Services Ltd SHLE 83615X 10 0  
Southern Arc Minerals Inc SA 842200 10 7  
Southern Silver Exploration Corp SSV 843814 20 3 CA8438142033
SouthGobi Resources Ltd SGQ 844375 10 5 CA8443751059
Spackman Equities Group Inc SQG 846311 10 8  
Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd SPA 846481 10 9  
Sparta Capital Ltd SAY 846905 10 7  
Spartan Energy Corp SPE 846785 60 8  
Sparton Resources Inc SRI 847243 10 2  
Spearmint Resources Inc SRJ 847381 10 0  
Spectra Energy Capital 7.50% SU notes due 2038
  84755T AC 1  


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