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S C I T I Trust SIN.UN 78401T 10 7  
S D X Energy Inc SDX 78410A 10 7  
S I Q Mountain Industries Inc SIQ 82964L 10 5  
S I R Royalty Income Fund SRV.UN 829636 10 9  
S M C Ventures Inc SMV.H 784487 30 8  
S N C-Lavalin Group Inc SNC 78460T 10 5 CA78460T1057
S Q I Diagnostics Inc SQD 78466B 10 8  
S R G Graphite Inc SRG 78479D 10 9  
S S R Mining Inc SSRM 784730 10 3  
S Split Corp Class A SBN 784732 10 9 CA7847321094
S Split Corp Preferred SBN.PR.A 784732 20 8  
Sabina Gold & Silver Corp SBB 785246 10 9 CA7852461093
Sable Resources Ltd SAE 785713 30 6  
Saccharum Energy Corp SHM 78573B 10 8  
Sage Gold Inc SGX 78663T 30 8  
Sahara Energy Ltd SAH 78709X 20 6  
Sailfish Royalty Corp FISH G7777C 10 2  
Saint Jean Carbon Inc SJL 79015E 10 6  
Salazar Resources Ltd SRL 794007 10 4  
Sama Resources Inc SME 79586X 10 3  
Samco Gold Ltd SGA G77843 10 3  
San Marco Resources Inc SMN 798738 20 9 CA7987382099
Sanatana Resources Inc STA 79957A 10 4  
Sandfire Resources America Inc SFR 800028 10 2  
Sandspring Resources Ltd SSP 800110 50 4  

Sandstorm Gold Ltd SSL 80013R 20 6  
Sandstorm Gold Ltd Wts SSL.WT 80013R 11 5 CA80013R1156
Sandy Lake Gold Inc SLAU 800334 10 4  
Sangoma Technologies Corp STC 80100R 10 1  
Santa Rosa Resources Corp STR.H 802764 20 9  
Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd SCZ 80280U 10 6  
Saputo Inc SAP 802912 10 5 CA8029121057
Sarama Resources Ltd SWA 803160 10 0  
Satori Resources Inc BUD 804031 20 1  
Saturn Oil & Gas Inc SMI 80412L 10 7 CA80412L107
Savanna Capital Corp SAC.P 804675 10 6  
Savaria Corp SIS 805112 10 9 CA8051121094
Savary Gold Corp SCA 805116 10 0  
Saville Resources Inc SRE 80517N 20 6  
Scandium International Mining Corp SCY 80600L 10 9  
Scorpio Gold Corporation SGN 80918M 10 4  
Scozinc Mining Ltd SZM 810647 10 7  
Scythian Biosciences Corp SCYB 784053 10 0  
Seabridge Gold Inc SEA 811916 10 5 CA8119161054
Search Minerals Inc SMY 812218 10 5  
Sebastini Ventures Corp SBS.H 81285L 10 9  
Second Cup Ltd SCU 81313P 10 6 CA81313P1064
Secova Metals Corp SEK 813678 20 8 CA8136782080
Secure Energy Services Inc SES 81373C 10 2 CA81373C1023
Security Devices International Inc SDZ 814196 10 1  


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