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Capitalize on the Fastest Growing Sector of the Stock Market, Second Edition (Hardcover)
by Andrew McHattie   Rating: ISBN-10: 027303751X

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O2gold Inc OTGO 67113W 10 2  
O3 Mining Inc OIII 67113B 10 8  
Oakley Ventures Inc OAKY 673697 10 8 CA6736971087
Obsidian Energy Ltd OBE 674482 20 3  
OceanaGold Corporation OGC 675222 10 3 CA6752221037
Oceanic Iron Ore Corp FEO 67524Q 13 2  
Oceanic Wind Energy Inc NKW 675252 10 0  
Oculus VisionTech Inc OVT 67575Y 10 9  
Olivut Resources Ltd OLV 681103 10 7 CA6811031070
Olympia Financial Grp Inc OLY 681472 10 6 CA6814721064
Omai Gold Mines Corp OMG 682043 10 4  
Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd OMM 68216T 10 3 CA68216T1030
Omni Lite Industries Canada Inc OML 681976 10 6  
Oncolytics Biotech Inc ONC 682310 10 7 CA6823101077
Oncolytics Biotech Inc Warrants ONC.WT 682310 18 0  
One World Lithium inc OWLI 68248A 10 6 CA68248A1066
OneCap Investment Corp OIC 68245R 10 2  
ONEnergy Inc OEG.H 68268C 10 7 CA68268C1077
OneSoft Solutions Inc OSS 68276J 10 2  
ONEX Corporation ONEX 68272K 10 3  
Opawica Explorations Inc OPW 683476 60 0 CA6834766009
Open Text Corporation OTEX 683715 10 6  
Ophir Gold Corp OPHR 68374D 10 6  
Opsens inc OPS 683823 10 8 CA6838231083
Optimi Health Corp OPTI 68405H 10 0 CA68405H1001

Optimi Health Corp Warrants OPTI.WT 68405H 11 8 CA68405H1183
Optimum Ventures Ltd OPV 68405D 10 9  
Optiva Inc OPT 68403N 10 9  
Optiva Inc 9.75% Sr Secured Debentures OPT.DB.U 68403N AA 7 CA68403NAA78
Opus One Gold Corporation  OOR 683881 10 6 CA6838811066
Orbit Garant Drilling Inc OGD 68556N 10 4 CA68556N1043
Orca Energy Group Inc Class A ORC.A G6769T 10 7 VGG6769T1075
Orca Energy Group Inc Class B ORC.B G6769T 11 5 VGG6769T1158
Orca Gold Inc ORG 68558N 10 2  
Orchid Ventures Inc ORCD 68573L 10 7 CA68573L1076
Ord Mountain Resources Corp. OMR.H G6794M 10 1  
Orea Mining Corp OREA 685782 10 4  
Orefinders Resources Inc ORX 685793 10 1 CA6857931019
Orestone Mining Corp ORS 686154 30 3 CA6861543032
Orex Minerals Incorporated REX 68616N 20 1 CA68616N2014
Orezone Gold Corporation ORE 68616T 10 9  
Orezone Gold Corporation Warrants ORE.WT 68616T 13 3  
Orford Mining Corporation ORM 68617N 10 1  
Organic Garage Ltd OG 68621R 10 6  
Organic Potash Corporation OPC 68619U 10 3 CA68619U1030
OrganiGram Holdings Inc OGI 68620P 10 1  
Organimax Nutrient Corp KMAX 68621E 20 4  
Organto Foods Inc OGO 68621J 10 4 CA68621J1049
Origen Resources Inc ORGN 68622C 10 8 CA68622C1086
Orion Nutraceuticals Inc  ORI 68629J 20 5 CA68629J2056

Orla Mining Ltd OLA 68633V 10 3  
Oro X Mining Corp OROX 68702W 10 7  
Oroco Resource Corp OCO 687033 10 0  
Orocobre Limited ORL Q7142R 10 6 AU000000ORE0
Orogen Royalties Inc OGN 68707R 10 3  
Oronova Energy Inc ONV.H 687156 10 9 CA6871561099
Orosur Mining Inc OMI 687196 10 5 CA6871961059
Orsu Metals Corp OSU 68752A 10 4  
Ortho Regenerative Technologies inc  ORTH 68752F 10 3 CA68752F1036
Orvana Minerals Corp ORV 68759M 10 1 CA68759M1014
Osino Resources Corp OSI 68828L 10 0  
Osisko Development Corp ODV 68828E 10 6  
Osisko Gold Royalties ltd OR 68827L 10 1  
Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd Debentures 4% 31DEC22 OR.DB 68827L AA 9  
Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd Warrants OR.WT 68827L 13 5 CA68827L1351
Osisko Metals Incorporated OM 688274 10 9  
Osisko Mining Inc OSK 688281 10 4  
Otso Gold Corp OTSO 68916P 10 4  
Outback Goldfields Corp OZ    
Outcrop Gold Corp OCG  690022 10 8  
Ovation Science Inc OVAT 69016D 10 8 CA69016D1087
Ovintiv Inc OVV 69047Q 10 2  


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Warrant Terms
Expiration Date
The last day the warrants can be exercised. If warrants aren'tgoing to be exercised then they must be sold the day before the expiry date. The longer the time to expiry the more valuable the warrants.
The leverage of a warrant is a measure of how much you can increase your exposure to a share if you bought warrants instead of making a direct investment. It is current share price by the current price of the warrant.
Intrinsic Value
The difference between the exercise price and the actual trading price of the common stock. Once the common has gone over the exercise price the warrants are said to be in the money.
The higher the volatility rating the higher the price of the warrant will be. A measure stock price changes a specific period of time Historical volatility is calculated by using the standard deviation of an underlying stock price. In the Money When the price of the common is higher than the exercise price
Time Value
The time value is the difference between the current warrant and its intrinsic value The time value is to be interpreted as the consideration paid for the advantage that the warrant buyer has over the direct investor.

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