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N A P E C Inc NPC 630405 10 8  
N A Palladium Ltd. PDL 656912 10 2 CA6569121024
N D X Growth & Income Fund NGI.UN 62900D 10 2  
N R G Metals Inc NGZ 62945U 10 1  
N S Gold Corp NSX 62942A 20 7  
N T G Clarity Networks Inc NCI 62940V 10 4  
N V Gold Corp NVX 67090W 20 8  
N X T Energy Solutions Inc SFD 62948Q 10 7  
NaiKun Wind Enrg Grp Inc NKW 629815 10 1  
Namibia Rare Earths Inc NRE 62986A 10 5 CA62986A1057
Namsys Inc CTZ 630000 10 7  
Nano One NNO 63010A 10 3  
Nanotech Security Corp NTS 63009M 10 0  
Napier Ventures Inc NAP 630465 10 2 CA6304651020
Nass Valley Gateway Ltd NVG 631520 20 2 CA6315202029
Natcore Technology Inc NXT 63228P 10 8  
National Access Cannabis Corp NAC 63243E 10 4  
National Bank of Canada NA 633067 10 3 CA6330671034
National Bank of Canada Series 32 NA.PR.W 633067 28 5  
National Bank of Canada Series 34 NA.PR.X 633067 26 9  
National Bank of Canada Series 36 NA.PR.A 633067 24 4  
National Bank of Canada Series 38 NA.PR.C 633067 22 8  
National Bank of Canada Series 40 NA.PR.E 633067 19 4  
National Bank of Canada, five-year, first preferred, Series 30 NA.PR.S 633067 31 9  
Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd NSP 63902L 10 0  

Naturebank Asset Management Inc COO 63903K101  
Nautilus Minerals Inc NUS 639097 10 4 CA6390971043
Nemaska Lithium Inc NMX 64045C 10 6  
Nemaska Lithium Inc Warrants NMX.WT 64045C 21 3  
Neo Lithium Corp NLC 64047A 10 8 CA64047A1084
Neo Performance Materials Inc NEO 64046G 10 6 CA64046G1063
Neovasc Inc NVC 64065J 10 6  
Neptune Dash Technologies Corp DASH 64072V 10 0  
Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc NEPT 64077P 10 8  
Network Media Group Inc NTE 64128U 10 6  
Neulion Inc NLN 64128J 10 1 US64128J1016
NeutriSci International Inc NU 64129Y 10 7  
Nevada Clean Magnesium Inc NVM 641273 10 7  
Nevada Copper Corp NCU 64128F 10 9 CA64128F1099
Nevada Energy Metals Inc BFF 64130N 30 6 CA64130N3067
Nevada Exploration Inc NGE 64128D 20 3  
Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp NEV 64149P 30 0  
Nevada Zinc Corp. NZN 64151W 10 2  
Nevado Resources Corp VDO 64151V 10 4  
Nevsun Resources Ltd NSU 64156L 10 1 CA64156L1013
New Age Metals Inc NAM 64157G 10 1  
New Carolin Gold Corp LAD 643253 20 6  
New Destiny Mining Corp NED 64374A 20 0  
New Dimension Resources Ltd NDR 643763 20 4  
New Era Minerals Inc NEM 644299 10 9 CA6442991098


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