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Capitalize on the Fastest Growing Sector of the Stock Market, Second Edition (Hardcover)
by Andrew McHattie   Rating: ISBN-10: 027303751X

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M B N Corporation MBN 55278P 10 3 CA55278P1036
M E G Energy Corp MEG 552704 10 8 CA5527041084
M E Resources corp MEC 552749 10 3 CA5527491032
M G X Minerals Inc Warrants B XMG.WT.B 55303L 18 4 CA55303L1849
M G X Minerals inc Warrants C Dec 2021 XMG.WT.C 55303L 19 2 CA55303L1922
M G X Minerals inc  XMG 55303L 10 1 CA55303L1013
M J Innovation Capital Corp MSMJ.P 55316J 10 1  
M P X International Corp MPXI 55344L 10 2 CA55344L1022
M Split Corp. Capital Shares (2014) XMF.A 55376A 88 3 CA55376A8831
M Split Corp. Cl I Pr. Shares XMF.PR.B 55376A 50 3 CA55376A5035
M Split Corp. Class II Pr. Shares (2014) XMF.PR.C 55376A 80 0 CA55303L1849
M T Y Food Group Inc MTY 55378N 10 7 CA55378N1073
M Y M Nutraceuticals inc MYM 55406A 10 1 CA55406A1012
M3 Metals Corp MT 55379R107  
Macarthur Minerals Limited  MMS Q56767 15 7 AU0000065070
MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd BMK 554324 40 0 CA5543244001
Mackenzie Balanced Allocation ETF MBAL 554551 10 1 CA5545511019
Mackenzie Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF QBB 55452S 10 5 CA55452S1056
Mackenzie Canadian All Corporate Bond Index ETF QCB 55454A 10 2 CA55454A1021
Mackenzie Canadian Equity Index ETF QCN 55453U 10 9 CA55453U1093
Mackenzie Canadian Large Cap Equity Index ETF QCE 55454W 10 4 CA55454W1041
Mackenzie Canadian Short Term Fixed Income ET MCSB 55452Q 10 9 CA55452Q1090
Mackenzie Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETF QSB 55453K 10 1 CA55453K1012
Mackenzie Conservative Allocation ETF MCON 554567 10 7 CA5545671078
Mackenzie Core Plus Canadian Fixed Income ETF MKB 55452R 10 7 CA55452R1073

Mackenzie Core Plus Global Fixed Income ETF MGB 55452P 10 1 CA55452P1018
Mackenzie Developed ex-NA Aggregate Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hdg) QDXB 55454P 10 9 CA55454P1099
Mackenzie Developed Markets Real Estate Index ETF QRET 55454K 10 0 CA55454K1003
Mackenzie Emerging Markets Bond Index ETF Cad-Hedged QEBH 55454J 10 3 CA55454J1030
Mackenzie Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond Index ETF QEBL 55455J 10 2 CA55455J1021
Mackenzie Floating Rate Income ETF MFT 55453X 10 3 CA55453X1033
Mackenzie Global Fixed Income Allocation ETF MGAB 554552 20 8 CA5545522081
Mackenzie Global High Yield Fixed Income ETF  MHYB 55454M 10 6 CA5545M1068
Mackenzie Global Infrastructure Index ETF QINF 554547 10 9 CA5545471099
Mackenzie Global Sustainable Dividend Index ETF MDVD 554569 10 3 CA5545691035
Mackenzie Global Sustainable Dividend Index ETF (USD) MDVD.U 554569 20 2 CA5545692025
Mackenzie Growth Allocation ETF MGRW 554570 10 1 CA5545701016
Mackenzie International Equity Index ETF QDX 55455T 10 0 CA55455T1003
Mackenzie International Equity Index ETF Cad-Hedged QDXH 55455Y 10 9 CA55455Y1097
Mackenzie Ivy Global Equity ETF MIVG 55454E 10 4 CA55454E1043
Mackenzie Master Ltd Partnership Unit MKZ.UN 554905 10 9 CA5549051095
Mackenzie Maximum Div All World Dev ex NA Index ETF MXU 55454L 10 8 CA55454L1085
Mackenzie Maximum Diversification All World Dev Index ETF MWD 55453N 10 5 CA55453N1050
Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Canada Index ETF MKC 55453L 10 9 CA55453L1094
Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Developed Eur Index ETF MEU 55453P 10 0 CA55453P1009
Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Emerging Markets Index ETF MEE 55453Q 10 8 CA55453Q1081
Mackenzie Maximum Diversification US Index ETF MUS 55453M 10 7 CA55453M1077
Mackenzie Portfolio Completion ETF MPCF 55454D 10 6 CA55454D1069
Mackenzie U.S. Inv Grade Corp Bond Index ETF Cad-Hedged  QUIG 55455H 10 6 CA55455H1064
Mackenzie U.S. Large Cap Equity Index ETF QUU 55454T 10 1 CA55454T1012

Mackenzie U.S. TIPS Index ETF Cad-Hedged  QTIP 55456B108 CA55456B1085
Mackenzie Unconstrained Bond ETF MUB 55454N 10 4 CA55454N1042
Mackenzie US Aggregate Bond Index ETF Cad-Hedged QUB 554557 10 8 CA5545571088
Mackenzie US High Yield Bond Index ETF Cad-Hedged QHY 55455K 10 9 CA55455K1093
Mackenzie US Large Cap Equity Index ETF (USD) QUU.U 55454T 20 0 CA55454T2002
Mackenzie US Large Cap Equity Index ETF Cad-Hedged QAH 55455M 10 5 CA55455M1059
Macro Enterprises Inc MCR 55608F 10 6 CA55608F1062
Madison Pacific Properties Inc Class B MPC 557903 10 1 CA5579031017
Madison Pacific Properties Inc., Cl.C Nv MPC.C 557903 20 0 CA5579032004
MAG Silver Corp MAG 55903Q 10 4 CA55903Q1046
Magellan Aerospace Corp MAL 558912 20 0 CA5589122004
Magna Gold Corp MGR 55921P 10 4  
Magna International Inc MG 559222 40 1 CA5592224011
Magna Terra Minerals Inc MTT 559271 20 0 CA5592712007
Magnetic North Acquisition Corp. MNC 55948L 10 2  
Magnum Goldcorp Inc MGI 55973N 40 3 CA55973N4030
Mainstreet Equity Corp MEQ 560915 10 0 CA5609151009
Maitri Health Technologies Corp MTEC 56068W 10 0  CA56068W1005
Majestic Gold Corp MJS 560912 10 7 CA5609121077
Major Drilling Group International inc MDI 560909 10 3 CA5609091031
Major Precious Metals Corp SIZE 560829 10 3 CA5608291038
Makara Mining Corp MAKA 56086L 10 2 CA56086L1022
Mako Mining Corp MKO 56089A 10 3 CA56089A1030
Mako Mining Corp MKO.WT.A 56089A 12 9 CA56089A1295
Mammoth Resources Corp MTH 561607 30 0 CA5616073006

Mandalay Resources Corp MND 562568 40 2 CA5625684025
Manganese X Energy Corp MN 562678 10 2 CA5626781028
Manganese X Energy Corp Warrants MN.WT  562678 11 0 CA5626781101
Mangazeya Mining Ltd MGZ.H G57919 10 5 VGG579191054
Manicouagan Minerals Inc MAM 56323R 50 8  
ManifestSeven Holdings Corporation MSVN 563259 10 0 CA5632591007
Manitex Capital Inc MNX 56342H 20 0 CA56342H2000
Manitou Gold Inc MTU 563508 10 0 CA5635081006
Manning Ventures Inc MANN 56389K 10 8 CA56389K1084
Mansa Exploration Inc MANS 56419B 20 1 CA56419B2012
Manulife Financial Corporation MFC 56501R 10 6 CA56501R1064
Manulife Financial Corporation F/R Cl. 1 Pr. Series 4 MFC.PR.P 56501R 84 1 CA56501R8416
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 11 MFC.PR.J 56501R 76 7 CA56501R7673
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 13 MFC.PR.K 56501R 74 2 CA56501R7426
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 15 MFC.PR.L 56501R 72 6 CA56501R7269
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 17 MFC.PR.M 56501R 69 2 CA56501R6923
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 19 MFC.PR.N 56501R 67 6 CA56501R6766
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Series 2 4.65% MFC.PR.B 56501R 40 3 CA56501R4035
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 21 MFC.PR.O 56501R 65 0 CA56501R6501
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 23 MFC.PR.R 56501R 63 5 CA56501R6352
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 25 MFC.PR.Q 56501R 61 9 CA56501R6196
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 3 MFC.PR.F 56501R 85 8 CA56501R8580
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 3 4.5% MFC.PR.C 56501R 50 2 CA56501R5024
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 5 MFC.PR.G 56501R 83 3 CA56501R8333
Manulife Financial Corporation Rate Reset Class 1 Ser 7 MFC.PR.H 56501R 81 7 CA56501R8176


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Warrant Terms
Expiration Date
The last day the warrants can be exercised. If warrants aren'tgoing to be exercised then they must be sold the day before the expiry date. The longer the time to expiry the more valuable the warrants.
The leverage of a warrant is a measure of how much you can increase your exposure to a share if you bought warrants instead of making a direct investment. It is current share price by the current price of the warrant.
Intrinsic Value
The difference between the exercise price and the actual trading price of the common stock. Once the common has gone over the exercise price the warrants are said to be in the money.
The higher the volatility rating the higher the price of the warrant will be. A measure stock price changes a specific period of time Historical volatility is calculated by using the standard deviation of an underlying stock price. In the Money When the price of the common is higher than the exercise price
Time Value
The time value is the difference between the current warrant and its intrinsic value The time value is to be interpreted as the consideration paid for the advantage that the warrant buyer has over the direct investor.

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