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M B M I Resources Inc MBR.H 552643 30 6  
M B N Corp MBN 55278P 10 3 CA55278P1034
M C A N Mortgage Corp MKP 579176 10 8 CA5791761084
M E G Energy Corp MEG 552704 10 8 CA5527041084
M J Opportunity Corp MJC.P 553064 10 6  
M K 2 Ventures Ltd MK.H 55315M 10 5 CA55315M1059
M L Gold Corp MLG 60689H 10 4 CA60689H1047
M Split Corp XMF.A 55376A 88 3  
M Split Corp XMF.PR.B 55376A 50 3  
M Split Corp XMF.PR.C 55376A 80 0  
M T Y Food Group Inc MTY 55378N 10 7 CA55378N1073
M2 Cobalt Group MC 55379T 10 3  
Macarthur Minerals Ltd MMS Q56767 10 8 AU000000MFE9
MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd BMK 554324 40 0 CA5543244001
Mackenzie Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF QBB 55452S 10 5  
Mackenzie Canadian Equity Index ETF QCN 55453U 10 9  
Mackenzie Canadian Large Cap Equity Index ETF QCE 55454W 10 4  
Mackenzie Canadian Short Term Fixed Income ET MCSB 55452Q 10 9  
Mackenzie Core Plus Canadian Fixed Income ETF MKB 55452R 10 7 CA55452R1073
Mackenzie Core Plus Global Fixed Income ETF MGB 55452P 10 1 CA55452P1018
Mackenzie Floating Rate Income ETF MFT 55453X 10 3 CA55453X1033
Mackenzie International Equity Index ETF QDX 55455T 10 0  
Mackenzie International Equity Index ETF CAD Hgd QDXH 55455Y 10 9  
Mackenzie Ivy Global Equity ETF MIVG 55454E 10 4 CA55454E1043
Mackenzie Master Ltd Partnership Unit MKZ.UN 554905 10 9  

Mackenzie Maximum Diversification All World Dev ex NA Index ETF MXU 55454L 10 8 CA55454L1085
Mackenzie Maximum Diversification All World Developed Index ETF MWD 55453N 10 5 CA55453N1050
Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Canada Index ETF MKC 55453L 10 9 CA55453L1094
Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Developed Europe Index ETF MEU 55453P 10 0 CA55453P1009
Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Emerging Markets Index ETF MEE 55453Q 10 8  
Mackenzie Maximum Diversification US Index ETF MUS 55453M 10 7 CA55453M1077
Mackenzie Portfolio Completion ETF MPCF 55454D 10 6  
Mackenzie U.S. Large Cap Equity Index ETF QUU 55454T 10 1  
Mackenzie Unconstrained Bond ETF MUB 55454N 10 4 CA55454N1042
Mackenzie US High Yield Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) QHY 55455K 10 9  
Mackenzie US Investment Grade Corp Bond Idx E QUIG 55455H 10 6  
Mackenzie US Large Cap Equity Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) QAH 55455M 10 5  
Macquarie Global Infrastructure Income Fund MQI.UN 55608N 10 9  
Macro Enterprises Inc MCR 55608F 10 6  
Madalena Energy Inc MVN 556231 10 8  
Madeira Minerals Ltd MDE.H 556355 10 5  
Madison Pacific Pptys Inc Class B MPC 557903 10 1 CA5579031014
Madison Pacific Pptys Inc v Class C MPC.C 557903 20 0 CA5579032004
MAG Silver Corp MAG 55903Q 10 4 CA55903Q1046
Magellan Aerospace Corp MAL 558912 20 0  
Magna International Inc MG 559222 40 1 CA5592224011
Magna Terra Minerals Inc MTT 559271 10 1  
Magnolia Colombia Ltd MCO 559595 10 3  
Magnum Goldcorp Inc MGI 55973N 10 6  
Mainstreet Equity Corp MEQ 560915 10 0 CA5609151004


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