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L E D Medical Diagnostics Inc LMD 50184T 40 6  
L G C Capital Ltd LG 50189Q 10 0  
L S C Lithium Corp LSC 50219G 10 6  
L X RandCo LXR 550789 10 1  
L X RandCo Warrants LXR.WT 550789 11 9  
Labrador Gold Corp LAB 50543R10 9  
Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corporation LIF 505440 10 7 CA5054401073
Labrador Technologies Inc LTX 50544R 10 8  
Ladera Ventures Corp LV.H 50576G 10 3  
Lakeview Hotel Investment Corp Series C Debentures LHR.DB.C 51222P AA 7  
Lakeview Hotel Investment Corp Series D Debentures LHR.DB.D 51222P AB 5  
Lakeview Hotel Real Estate Investment Trust LHR 51222P 10 9  
Lanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust Series G LRT.DB.G 515555 AN 0  
Lanesborough REIT LRT.UN 515555 10 0 CA5155551008
Lara Exploration Ltd LRA 516683 11 7  
Laramide Resources LTD. LAM 51669T 10 1 CA51669T1012
Largo Resources Ltd LGO 517103 60 1 CA5171034047
Lassonde Industries Inc., Class A SV LAS.A 517907 10 1 CA5179071014
Latin American Minerals Inc LAT 51827X 20 0  
Lattice Biologics Ltd LBL 518410 10 5  
Laurentian Bank LB 51925D 10 6 CA51925D1069
Laurentian Bank of Canada, Preferred, Series 13 LB.PR.H 51925D 82 5  
Laurentian Bank of Canada, Preferred, Series 15 LB.PR.J 51925D 79 1  
Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc LME 519322 10 1  
Le Chateau Inc CTU 521129 20 5  

Le Mare Gold Corp LMGC 521255 10 9  
Lead Ventures Inc LEAD 52169A 10 5 CA52169A1057
Leadfx Inc LFX 52170Y 10 0 CA52170Y1007
Leading Edge Materials Corp LEM 52171T 10 0  
Leagold Mining Corp LMC 52176A 20 5  
Legend Power Systems Inc LPS 524937 20 8  
LeoNovus Inc LTV 526681 10 1  
Leon's Furniture Ltd LNF 526682 10 9  
Letho Resources Corp LET 52725Q 10 7  
Leucrotta Exploration Inc LXE 52728X 20 8  
Levon Resources Ltd LVN 527901 10 2 CA5279011020
Lexagene Holdings Inc LXG 52886L 10 3  
Libero Mining Corp LBC 53015J 10 0  
Liberty Biopharma Inc LTY 530282 10 2  
Liberty Gold Corp LGD 53056H 10 4  
Liberty Gold Corp Warrants LGD.WT 53056H 11 2  
Liberty One Lithium Corp LBY 53116A 10 7  
Lico Energy Metals Inc LIC 531696 10 2  
Life & Banc Split Corp LBS 53184C 10 0 CA53184C1005
Life & Banc Split Corp Pref. A LBS.PR.A 53184C 11 8  
Linamar Corporation LNR 53278L 10 7 CA53278L1076
Lincoln Mining Corp LMG 534018 20 5  
Lineage Grow Company Ltd BUDD 53567E 10 3 CA53567E1034
Lingo Media Corp LM 535744 10 6  
Lion One Metals Ltd LIO 536216 10 4  


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