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I - Minerals Inc IMA 44973V 10 2  
I B C Advanced Alloys Corp IB 44923T 86 8  
I B E X Technologies Inc IBT 448937 50 8  
I B I Group Inc IBG 44925L 10 3 CA44925L1031
I B I Group Inc Debentures IBG.DB.D 44925L AG 8  
I B I Income Fund . 7.0% Debentures, Series 2 IBG.DB.C 44925L AE 3  
I C C Labs Inc ICC 449234 10 3  
i C o Therapeutics Inc ICO 45107J 10 5  
I D G Holdings Inc IDH.H 448948 10 9  
I D M Mining Ltd IDM 44939Q 10 6  
I E M R Resources Inc IRI 44951G 10 1  
I G C Resources Inc IGC.H 44952P 10 0  
I G M Financial Inc IGM 449586 10 6 CA4495861060
I G M Financial Inc., 5.90%t, preferred, Series B IGM.PR.B 449586 30 4  
I N V Metals Inc INV 46123C 20 7  
I O U Financial Inc IOU 44985J 20 4  
Iamgold Corp IMG 450913 10 8 CA4509131088
Iamgold Corp 6.75% senior notes   450913 AC 2 US450913AC25
Iamgold Corp 6.75% senior notes   C4535A AA 8 USC4535AAA81
Iconic Minerals Ltd ICM 45107N 20 5  
Identillect Technologies Corp ID 45168X 10 0  
iFabric Corp IFA 45172X 20 3 CA45172X2032
Ikkuma Resources Corp IKM 45173X 10 3  
iLOOKABOUT Corp ILA 45236R 10 1  
Imaflex Inc IFX 452435 20 9  

Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd IDL 451920 40 9  
iMetal Resources Inc IMR 45250A 10 9  
Immunoprecise Antibodies Ltd IPA 45257F 10 1  
ImmunoVaccine Inc IMV 45254B 10 3  
Impact Silver Corp IPT 45257A 10 2  
Imperial Equities Inc IEI 452737 10 9  
Imperial Ginseng Products Ltd IGP 452924 40 0  
Imperial Metals Corporation III 452892 10 2 CA4528921022
Imperial Mining Group Ltd IPG 452894 10 8  
Imperial Oil Ltd IMO 453038 40 8 CA4530384086
Imvescor Restaurant Group IRG 45323P 10 9 CA45323P1099
Inca One Gold Corp IO 45328X 10 7  
Inceptus Capital Ltd ICI.P 45332T 10 0  
Income Financial Trust INC.UN 453299 10 9  
Independence Gold Corp IGO 45344A 10 7  
Indico Resources Ltd IDI G476M1 10 8  
Indigo Books & Music Inc IDG 45567S 10 8 CA45567S1084
Indiva Ltd NDVA 45580J 10 1  
Indiva Ltd Warrants  NDVA.WT 45580J 11 9  
Industrial Alliance Ins & Finl Pref A Series B IAG.PR.A 455871 30 1  
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Servic IAG 455871 10 3 CA4558711038
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc IAG.PR.I 455871 87 1  
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc., 4.30%, preferred, Series G IAG.PR.G 455871 80 6  
Infinite Lithium Corp. ILI 456682 10 3 CA4566821035
Inform Resources Corp IRR 45672C 30 3  


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