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G B Minerals Ltd GBL 36150M 10 3  
G C C Global Capital Corp GCCC 36164U 10 9  
G D I Integrated Facility Services Inc Debentures GDI.DB 361569 AA 4  
G E N III Oil Corp GIII 36870B 10 6  
G F G Resources Inc GFG 36165F 10 1  
G G L Resources Corp GGL 36171B 30 0  
G G X Gold Corp GGX 36171K 10 2  
G I N S M S Inc GOK 37611E 10 2  
G L G Life Tech Corp GLG 361793 20 1  
G M P Capital Inc GMP 380134 10 6 CA3801341064
G M P Capital Inc GMP.PR.B 380134 20 5  
G M P Capital Inc Series C GMP.PR.C 380134 30 4  
G M V Minerals Inc GMV 3620M1 50 1  
G P M Metals Inc GPM 36198C 20 8  
G T A Resources and Mining Inc GTA 36191A 10 0  
G T Gold Corp GTT 36251Y 10 5  
G V I C Communications Corp Class B GCT 403641 10 3 CA4036411034
G V I C Communications Corp Class C GCT.C 403641 20 2 CA4036412024
Gabriel Resources Ltd GBU 361970 10 6 CA3619701061
Gainey Capital Corp GNC 363109 10 9  
Galane Gold Ltd GG 36316B 10 8  
Galantas Gold Corp GAL 36315W 20 2  
Galileo Exploration Ltd GXL 363546 10 2  
Galore Resources Inc GRI 364096 10 7  
Galway Gold Inc GLW 364584 10 2  

Galway Metals Inc GWM 364585 20 8  
Gamehost Inc GH 36468B 10 4 CA36468B1040
Garda World Security Corp 9.75% senior notes due 2017
  36485M AA 7 US36485MAA71
Garda World Security Corp 9.75% senior notes due 2017
  36485M AB 5 CA36485MAB50
Garda World Security Corp 9.75% senior notes due 2017
  C36025 AA 9  
Garibaldi Resources Corp GGI 366044 10 5  
Gatekeeper Systems Inc GSI 36734X 10 4  
Gazit-Globe Ltd GZT M4793C 10 2  
Gdi Integrated Facility Services Inc GDI 361569 20 5 CA3615692058
Gear Energy Ltd GXE 36830P 10 4  
Gemini Corp GKX 36865S 10 6  
Gendis Inc GDS 368684 10 6 CA3686841064
GeneNews Ltd GEN 36870T 20 6 CA36870T1075
General Moly Inc GMO 370373 10 2  
Generic Gold Corp GGC 37148M 10 6 CA37148M1068
Genesis Land Dev Corp GDC 37183V 10 2 CA37183V1022
Genesis Metals Corp GIS 37186Q 10 0  
Gensource Potash Corp GSP 37252X 10 4  
Genworth MI Canada Inc MIC 37252B 10 2 CA37252B1022
Geodrill Ltd GEO G3828T 10 3 IM00B3RLCZ58
Geologix Explorations Inc GIX 371939 10 9  
Geomega Resources Inc GMA 37252J 10 5  
George Weston Ltd WN 961148 50 9 CA9611485090
George Weston Ltd 5.20% Pref Series III WN.PR.C 961148 86 3  
George Weston Ltd 5.20% Pref Series IV WN.PR.D 961148 85 5  


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