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by Andrew McHattie   Rating: ISBN-10: 027303751X

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E - L Financial Corp Ltd ELF 268575 10 7  
E - L Financial Corp Ltd 5.5% Series 3 ELF.PR.H 26857Q 50 7  
E - L Financial Corp Ltd Pref 1st Series 1 ELF.PR.F 26857Q 30 9  
E - L Financial Corp Ltd Pref 1st Series 2 ELF.PR.G 26857Q 40 8  
E C N Capital Corp ECN 26829L 10 7  
E C N Capital Corp ECN.PR.A 26829L 40 4  
E C N Capital Corp Series C ECN.PR.C 26829L 60 2  
E G I Financial Hldgs Inc EFH 28233N 10 9  
E M X Royalty Corp EMX 26873J 10 7 CA26873J1075
E Q Inc EQ 26884V 10 7  
E S I Environmental Sensors Inc ESV 268938 30 5  
E X F O Inc EXF 302046 10 7 CA3020461073
E3 Metals Corp ETMC 29766W 10 2  
Eagle Energy Inc EGL 26950W 10 4 CA26950W1041
Eagle Graphite Inc EGA 269548 10 3  
Eagle Plains Res Ltd EPL 269906 20 2  
Earl Resources Ltd ERL.H 270116 10 6  
Earny Resources Ltd ERN.H 27031H 20 7  
Earthworks Industries Inc EWK 27032K 10 0  
East Africa Metals Inc EAM 270410 10 3  
East Asia Minerals Corp EAS 270541 30 3  
East Coast Investment Grade Income Fund ECF.UN 271788 10 1 CA2717881015
East West Petroleum Corp EW 27580T 10 7  
EastCoal Inc ECX.H 276165 70 1  
Eastern Platinum Limited ELR 276855 50 9 CA2768555096

Eastern Zinc Corp EZNC.H 27723P 10 3 CA27723P1036
Eastfield Resources Ltd ETF 27724D 99 2  
Eastmain Resources Inc ER 27743M 10 6 CA27743M1068
Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada Inc EBM 27783W 10 5  
Eclipse Residential Mortgage Investment Corp ERM 27890E 20 4  
Eco Oil & Gas Ltd EOG 27887W 10 0  
eCobalt Solutions Inc ECS 27888J 10 8  
eCobalt Solutions Inc Warrants ECS.WT 27888J 12 4  
Economic Invt Trust Ltd EVT 278893 10 2  
Ecopetrol SA ECP 279158 10 9  
EcoSynthetix Inc ECO 27923D 10 8 CA27923D1087
Edgewater Exploration Ltd EDW.H 280290 50 3  
Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc YFI 280359 10 0  
EEStor Corp ESU 28201L 10 1  
Eguana Technologies In EGT 282365 10 5  
Eight Solutions Inc ES 29251Y 10 2 CA28251Y1025
El Nino Ventures Inc ELN 28335E 30 4 CA28335E3041
Elcora Advanced Materials Corp ERA 284445 10 3  
Eldorado Gold Corporation ELD 284902 10 3 CA2849021035
Electra Stone Ltd ELT 284764 10 7  
Electrovaya Inc EFL 28617B 10 1 CA28617B1013
Element Fleet Management Corp EFN 286181 20 1 CA2861812014
Element Fleet Management Corp EFN.PR.I 286181 66 4  
Element Fleet Management Corp 4.25% Debs EFN.DB.A 286181 AB 8 CA286181AB88
Element Fleet Management Corp 5.125% Debs EFN.DB 286181 AA 0 CA286181AA06


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