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Capitalize on the Fastest Growing Sector of the Stock Market, Second Edition (Hardcover)
by Andrew McHattie   Rating: ISBN-10: 027303751X

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D H X Media Ltd DHX.A 252406 60 8  
D H X Media Ltd DHX.B 252406 70 7  
D H X Media Ltd 5.875 Pct Debs DHX.DB 252406 AA 1 CA252406AA1
D H X Media Ltd 5.875 Pct Debs DHX.DB 252406 AB 9 CA252406AB9
D I R T T Environmental Solutions Ltd DRT 25490H 10 6  
D M D Digital Health DMG.H 23290D 10 2  
D M G Blockchain Solutions Inc DMGI 23345B 20 0  
D V Resources Ltd DLV.H 23336R 10 7  
D X I Energy Inc DXI 23286A 10 4  
D X Inc DXX 26745P 20 8  
Dajin Resources Corp DJI 234067 20 5  
Dalmac Energy Inc DAL 235488 10 3  
Dalradian Resources Inc DNA 235499 10 0 CA2354991002
Damara Gold Corp DMR 23568R 10 6  
Darelle Online Solutions Inc DAR 237205 10 9 CA2372051094
Darien Business Development Corp DBD.H 23721L 10 3 CA23721L1031
Darien Resource Development Corp DRR 23723A 10 5  
Data Communications Management Corp DCM 23761M 10 2  
Dataminers Capital Corp DMC.H 23808U 20 8  
DataWind Inc DW 23815L 10 0  
Dbox Technologies Inc DBO 23305P 10 8 CA23305P1080
DealNet Capital Corp DLS 242315 10 9 CA2423151091
Decade Resources Ltd DEC 242779 20 5  
Decisive Dividend Corp DE 24345T 10 0  
DeepMarkit Corp MKT 24380K 10 5  

Deep-South Resources Inc DSM 24378W 10 3  
Deer Horn Capital Inc DHC 243809 20 9 CA2438092090
Defiance Silver Corp DEF 244767 20 8  
Delivra Corp DVA 24701U 10 5  
Delphi Energy Corp DEE 247128 10 1 CA2471281014
Delphi Energy Corp 10% Notes DEE.NT 247128  
Delphi Energy Corp Warrants DEE.WT 247128 11 9  
Delta 9 Cannabis Inc NINE 247754 10 4 CA2477541049
Delta 9 Cannabis Inc Warrants NINE.WT 247754 11 2  
Delta Gold Corp Warrants DLT.WT 24764E 11 3  
Denison Mines Corp DML 248356 10 7 CA2483561072
Descartes Systems Group Inc. DSG 249906 10 8 CA2499061083
Desert Gold Ventures Inc DAU 25039N 40 8  
Desjardins 1-5 year Laddered Cdn Corporate Bond Index ETF DCC 25058M 10 9  
Desjardins 1-5 year Laddered Cdn Government Bond Index ETF DCG 25058L 10 1  
Desjardins Canadian Multifactor-Controlled Volatility ETF DFC 25058N 10 7  
Desjardins Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF DCP 25058Y 10 3  
Desjardins Canadian Short Term Bond Index ETF DCS 25059L 10 0  
Desjardins Canadian Universe Bond Index ETF DCU 25059M 10 8  
Desjardins Dev exUSA exCanada Multifactor-Controlled Vol ETF DFD 25058W 10 7  
Desjardins Emerging Markets Controlled Volatility ETF DFE 25058V 10 9  
Desjardins USA Multifactor-Controlled Volatility ETF DFU 25058Q 10 0  
Destiny Media Technologies Inc DSY 25063G 20 4  
Detour Gold Corporation DGC 250669 10 8 CA2506691088
Devin Energy Corp DVC.H 251914 10 7  


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