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R 37 Capital Corp RPD.P 74976T 10 1  
R B C Capital Trust CS Series 2010 RYT.NT.M 74925Y AA 0  
R B C Capital Trust CS Series 2011 RYT.NT.P 74925Y AB 8  
R B C Target 2013 Corporate Bond ETF RQA 74931B 10 4  
R B C Target 2013 Corporate Bond Index ETF RQA 74931B 10 4  
R B C Target 2014 Corporate Bond ETF RQB 74931A 10 6  
R B C Target 2014 Corporate Bond Index ETF RQB 74931A 10 6  
R B C Target 2015 Corporate Bond ETF RQC 74931C 10 2  
R B C Target 2016 Corporate Bond ETF RQD 74931D 10 0  
R B C Target 2017 Corporate Bond ETF RQE 74931E 10 8  
R B C Target 2018 Corporate Bond ETF RQF 74931F 10 5  
R B C Target 2020 Corporate Bond ETF RQH 74931H 10 1  
R C G Capital Inc RCG.P 749327 10 2  
R D S Acquisition Corp RA.P 749442 10 9  
R D X Technologies Corp RDX 74945R 10 3  
R E C Minerals Corp REC 75954L 10 1  
R E C Minerals Corp  REC 75618T 10 2  
R E C Minerals Corp Warrants REC.WT 75618T 11 0  
R E C Minerals Corp Warrants REC.WT 75954L 11 9  
R F C Resource Finance Corporation RFC 74954D 10 2  

R G V Resources Ltd RTS RGR.RT 74955K 11 3  
R J Z Mining Corp RJZ 749942 10 8  
R M S Systems Inc RMS 74961Q 10 4  
R O I Canadian High Income Mortgage Fund RIH.UN 74965R 10 8  
R O I Canadian Mortgage Income Fund RIL.UN 74965V 10 9  
R O I Canadian Real Estate Fund RIR.UN 74965S 10 6  
R P M Tech Inc RP 74969L 10 7  
R P T Resources Ltd RPT 74970L 10 4  
R P T Uranium Corp RPT 749712 10 5  
R S Technologies Inc RS.H 74975F 20 1  
R S Technologies Inc  RS 74975F 10 2  
R S X Energy Inc RSX 74973L 10 1  
R Split II Corp Capital Shares RBT 74973P 30 0  
R Split II Corp Preferred RBT.PR.A 74973P 20 1  
R Split III Corp Class A Preferred RBS.PR.A 74973U 20 0  
R T Minerals Corp RTM 74976W 10 4  
R T N Stealth Software Inc RTN 74976Y 10 0  
R W GAS Group Inc BWS 749919 10 6  
R W Packaging Ltd RWP 749920 10 4  
R X Exploration  RXEX 78347W 10 7   

R X Exploration Inc RXE 78347W 10 7  CA7731401088
R X Gold & Silver Inc RXE 74979B 10 7  
R X T 110 Inc RXT 74978L10 6 CA74978L1067
R Y M Capital Corp RYM.P 74977Q 10 6  
R.R. Donnelly & Sons Co. RRD 257867 10 1  
Race Capital Corp RCE.P 74982A 10 4  
Rackla Metals Inc Warrants RAK.WT 750080 11 1  
Radar Acquisitions Corp RAC 749923 10 8  
Radcliffe Resources Ltd RCF 75018G 10 6  
Radcliffe Resources Ltd Wts RCF.WT.A 75018G 11 4  
Radiant Communications Corp RCX 75024N 10 3  
Radiant Communs Corp RCN 75024N 20 2  
Radiant Energy Corp RDT 749931 10 1  
Radiant Resources Inc  RRS  75025W 10 2  
Radisson Mining Resources Inc Wts RDS.WT 76125W 16 6  
Radius ExplorationS Ltd RDU 749957 10 6  
Radius Resources Corp RAX 750475 10 5  
Rage Energy Ltd RAG 750631 10 3  
Raging River Exploration Inc Warrants RRX.WT 750649 11 3  
Raider Resources Inc RDR 75072E 20 3  

RailPower Technologies Corp. P 750758 10 4  
RailPower Technologies WTS P.WT 750758 11 2  
Rain Resources Inc RAN 75079P 10 2  
Rain Resources Inc RAN.P 75079P 10 2  
Rainbow Resources Inc RBW 75085A 10 7  
Rainmaker Entertainment Inc Debs RNK.DB 75087X AA 3  
Rainmaker Entertainment Inc Rights RNK.RT 75087X 11 3  
Rainmaker Income Fund RNK.UN 75087Q 10 0  
Rainmaker Mining Corp RMG 75088A 10 4  
Rainy Mountain Cap Corp RMN.P 75101T 10 6  
Rally Energy Corp. RAL 750913 10 5  
Ram Power Corp Rights  RPG.RT 751308 13 1  
Ramtelecom Inc RTC 75187U 10 0  
Ranaz Corp RNZ 75188P 10 0  
Ranaz Corp  RNZ.WT.A  75188P 11 8  
Ranaz Corp B Wts RNZ.WT.B 75188P 12 6  
Rand A Technology RND 751908 10 4  
Randsburg Gold Corporation RGZ 752909 10 1  
Raney Minerals Ltd RNM 752902 10 6  
Range Capital Corp RCC.P 75281T 10 8  


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