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by Andrew McHattie   Rating: ISBN-10: 027303751X

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O 2 Capital Inc OCA.P 67107B 10 6  
O 2 Capital Inc XDS 98418T 10 6  
O C S Technologies Corp Wts OCS.WT.A 67082L 11 1  
O F I Income Fund OFB.UN 67085J 10 5  
O G Y Petroleums Ltd OGY 67083W 10 8  
O G Y Petroleums Ltd Wts OGY.WT 67083W 11 6  
O G Y Petroleums Ltd Wts OGY.WT.A 67084H 11 8  
O H S Capital Corp OCC.P 67085C 10 0  
O J Oil and Gas Corporation Wts OJO.WT.A 67085F 11 1  
O 'Leary Advantaged Tactical Global Corporate  OCB.A 67088X 20 0  
O 'Leary Advantaged Tactical Global Corporate Bond Fund  OCB.UN 67088X 10 1  
O 'Leary Advantaged Tactical Global Corporate Bond Fund Warrants OCB.WT  67088X 11 9  
O 'Leary BrIC-Plus Income & Growth Fund OBF.A 67089A 20 9  
O 'Leary BrIC-Plus Income & Growth Fund OBF.UN 67089A 10 0  
O 'Leary BrIC-Plus Income & Growth Fund Warrants OBF.WT 67089A 11 8  
O 'Leary Canadian Equity Income Fund OCZ.A 67088D 20 4  
O 'Leary Canadian Equity Income Fund OCZ.UN 67088D 10 5  
O 'Leary Canadian Equity Income Fund Warrants OCZ.WT 67088D 11 3  
O 'Leary Canadian Income Opportunities Combined Units OCY.A 670873 10 8  

O 'Leary Canadian Income Opportunities Fund OCY.UN 670873 20 7   
O 'Leary Canadian Income Opportunities Units OCY.UN 670873 20 7  
O 'Leary Founder's Series Income & Growth Fund OFS.A 67088K 20 8  
O 'Leary Founder's Series Income & Growth Fund  OFS.UN 67088K 10 9   
O 'Leary Founder's Series Income & Growth Fund Warrants OFS.WT 67088K 11 7   
O 'Leary Global Equity Income Fund OGE.UN 67087E 20 3  
O 'Leary Global Equity Income Fund Wts OGE.WT 67087E 11 2  
O 'Leary Global Incm Opp OGO.UN 67088L 20 6   
O 'Leary Global Incm Opp Wts OGO.WT 67088L 11 5  
O 'Leary Global Infrastructure Class A Unit OGN.UN 67088H 10 6  
O 'Leary Global Infrastructure Fund OGN.A 67088H 30 4   
O 'Leary Global Infrastructure Fund Warrants OGN.WT 67088H 11 4  
O 'Leary Hard Asset Income Fund OHA.UN 67089M 10 4   
O M C Capital Corp CMO.P 67088E 10 3  
O M G Mineral OMGM 682146 10 5  
O M T Inc OMT 67087V 10 6  
O M T Inc OMT 67087V 20 5  
O N X Enterprise SolutionS Inc. ON 68338V 10 1  
O P E Holdings Ltd OPE 67089D 10 4  
O S E Corp OSE 67103C 10 8  

O S I Geospatial Inc OSI 67103T 10 1  
O T L Resources Ltd OLR 67105P 10 7  
Oakham Capital Corp OKM.P 672197 10 0  
Oakmont Capital Corp OMK.P 67376T 10 1  
Oatpoint Capital Corp OAT.P 67421U 10 3  
OccuLogix Inc TLB 67461T 20 6  
Occulogix Inc  OC 67461T 10 7  
Occulogix Inc  OC 67461T 20 6  
Ocean Marine Technologies Inc OMT 674903 10 9  
Ocean Park Ventures Corp OCP.H 67486Q 10 4   
OceanaGold Corp Receipts OGC.R 675222 11 1   
Oceanex Units OAX.UN 674905 10 4  
Oceanic Iron Ore Corp FEO 67524Q 10 8  
Oceanic Iron Ore Corp Warrants FEO.WT.A 67524Q 12 4  
Oceanic Iron Ore Corp Warrants FEO.WT.B 67524Q 11 6  
OceanLake Commerce Inc OLI 67526P 10 8  
Oceanside Capital Corp OCC.P 675422 10 9  
Oceanus Resources Corp OCN.P 67551V103  
Ocelot Energy Inc Wts OCE.WT.R 67551T 12 4  
Ocelot International Ltd CL A OCE.A G67010 10 1  

Ocelot International Ltd CL B OCE.B G67010 20 0  
Octane Energy Services Ltd OES 67572F 10 3  
Oculus Ventures Corp OVX.H 67575Q 20 5  
Oculus Ventures Corp OVX.P 67575Q 10 6  
OcuTech Canada Inc OCC 76575D 10 5  
Odessa Explorations Ltd Wts ODS.WT.A 675850 12 7  
Odin Industries Ltd  ODI 675901 10 2  
Odin Industries Ltd RTS ODI.RT 68719J 12 3  
Odin Mining & Exploration Ltd ODN 675906 10 1  
Odyssey Petroleum Corp ODE 67612U 10 2  
Odyssey Resources Ltd ODX 67612V 10 0  
Odyssey Resources Ltd ODX P73515 10 1  
Odyssey Resources Ltd Wts OSY.WT.A 67612M 12 6  
Odyssey Resources Ltd Wts OSY.WT.B 67612M 13 4  
Offsite Data Services Ltd OS 676204 10 0  
Offsite Data Services Ltd Wts OS.WT 676204 11 8  
O'Hara Resources Ltd Wts OHR.WT.A 67707J 11 1  
Oil Optimization Inc OOI.H 67787B2 0 2  
Oil Optimization Inc OOI.P 67787B 10 3  
Oil Sands & Energy Tr OSM.UN 67788P 10 1  


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