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Avnel Gold Mining Ltd AVK G0683R 10 7 GB00B09Y5410
Avnel Gold Mining Ltd Rights AVK.RT G0386R 14 9  
Avnel Gold Mining Ltd Warrants AVK.WT G0683R 12 3  
Avondale Resources Inc Warrants AVD.WT.B 05442D 12 2  
Avrupa Minerals Ltd AVU 05453A 10 8  
Awale Resources Ltd ARIC 05455R 10 9  
Award Capital Corp AWD.P 05454E 10 9  
Axagon Resources Ltd Warrants AXH.WT.A 05454F 11 4  
Axcan Pharma AXP 054923 10 7  
Axe Exploration Inc AXQ 05455P 10 3  
Axea Capital Corp XEA.H 05459V 10 6  
Axea Capital Corp XEA.P 05459V 10 6  
Axea Energy Inc AXT.P 05459M 10 6  
Axia NetMedia Corp AXX 054599 10 5  
Axion Ventures Inc AXV 05465L 10 0  
Axios Mobile Assets Corp AXA 05462X 10 7  
Axios Mobile Assets Corp AXA 05462X 40 4  
Axiotron Corp AXO 05462H 10 2  
Axiotron Corp AXO.H 05462H 10 2  
Axis Auto Finance Inc AXIS 05465J 10 5  
Axis Auto Finance Inc AXS 05465J 10 5  
Axmin Inc AXM 05461V 10 2  
Axmin Inc AXM 05461V 20 1  
Aylen Capital Inc AYL 054725 10 6 CA0547251060
Ayubowan Capital Ltd AYB 054759 10 5  

Ayubowan Capital Ltd AYB.H 054759 10 5  
Azabache Energy Inc AZA 05476W 10 3  
Azabache Energy Inc AZA.H 05476W 10 3 CA05476W1032
Azarga Metals Corp AZR 05478A 10 9  
Azarga Uranium Corp AZZ 05477Y 10 8  
Azcar Technologies Inc AZZ 054924 10 5  
Azcar Technologies Inc AZZ.H 054924 10 5  
Azco Mining Inc Warrants AZC.WT.B 054906 11 0  
Azimut Exploration Inc AZM 301950 10 1  
Azimuth Resources Limited AZH Q1238C 10 7  
Azimuth Resources Ltd AZH Q1238C 10 7  
Azincourt Energy Corp AAZ 05478T 10 8 CA05478T1084
AzIncourt Resources Inc AAZ 05478Q 10 4  
Azincourt Uranium Inc AAZ 05478R 10 2  
Azincourt Uranium Inc AAZ 05478R 11 0  
Azincourt Uranium Inc AAZ 05478R 30 0  
Aztec Minerals Corp AZT 054827 10 0  
Azteca Gold Corp AZG 05501A 10 0  
Azteca Gold Corp AZG.H 05501A 10 0  
Aztech Innovations Inc AZI 05501D 10 4  
Aztek Energy Ltd AZK.H 05500X 10 1  
Aztek Energy Ltd AZT.H 05500X 20 0  
Azterra Corp The TAC 054941 10 9  
Azul Ventures Inc AZL 05501H 10 5   
Azumah Resources Ltd AZR Q1241T 10 5  

Azura Ventures Ltd  AZV.P 05501C 10 6  
Azure Dynamics Corp AZD 05500N 10 3  
Azure Dynamics Corp AZD 05500N 60 8  
Azure Dynamics Corp Warrants  AZD.WT 05500N 13 7  
Azure Resources Corp AZU 05501F 10 9  


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