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by Andrew McHattie   Rating: ISBN-10: 027303751X

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A & W Rev Royalties Incm Fd AW.UN 000255 10 9  
A A J Capital 1 Corp AAJ.P 01750B 10 5  
A B cann Global Corp ABCN 00287W 10 3  
A D F Group Inc SV DRX 00089N 10 3 CA00089N1033
A G F Management Ltd Class B - v AGF.B 001092 10 5 CA0010921058
A g Growth International Inc AFN 001181 10 6 CA0011811068
A g Growth International Inc Debentures Series B 5.25% AFN.DB.B 001181 AE 6  
A g Growth International Inc Debentures Series C 5.00% AFN.DB.C 001181  
A g Growth International Inc Debentures Series D AFN.DB.D 001181 AH 9  
A g Growth International Inc Debentures Series E AFN.DB.E 001181 AJ 5  
A G T Food and Ingredients Inc AGT 001264 10 0  
A L X Uranium Corp AL 00165J 10 9  
A R C Resources Ltd v ARX 00208D 40 8 CA00208D4084
A S B Capital Inc ASB.H 00213Q 10 5  
A T A C Resources Ltd ATC 046491 10 6  
A T I Airtest Technologies Inc AAT 00208E 20 8 CA00208E2087
A T S Automation Tooling Systems Inc ATA 001940 10 5 CA0019401052
Abacus Mining & Exploration Corp AME 002555 50 6  
Abcourt Mines Inc ABI 00288E 30 0  
Abe Resources Inc ABE 00288T 20 8 CA00288T2083
Abe Resources Inc Warrants ABE.WT 00288T 11 7  
Aben Resources Ltd ABN 00289T 30 6  
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Invest. Ltd. FAP Q0014D 10 7 CK0012422947
Aberdeen International Inc AAB 003069 10 1 CA0030691012
Abitibi Royalties Inc RZZ 003684 10 7  

Abraplata Resource Corp ABRA 003793 10 6  
Absolute Software Corp ABT 00386B 10 9 CA00386B1094
Acadian Timber Corp ADN 004272 10 0  
Acasta Enterprises Inc AEF 00434X 30 1  
Acasta Enterprises Inc Wts AEF.WT 00434X 11 1  
Acasti Pharm ACST 00430K 40 2  
Acceleware Ltd AXE 00433V 10 8  
Accord Financial Corp ACD 00435L 10 8 CA00435L1083
Ace Aviation Holdings Inc ACE.H 00440P 40 9 CA00440P4096
Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corp ASP 00444G 10 8 CA00444G1081
Ackroo Inc AKR 00461T 20 7  
AcuityAds Holdings Inc AT 00510L 10 6  
Adamera Minerals Corp ADZ 00547Y 10 5  
Added Capital Inc AAD 00653D 10 1  
Adex Mining Inc ADE 006903 20 7  
Advance Gold Corp AAX 007442 20 5  
Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corp APC 007628 10 0  
Advantage Lithium Corp AAL 05152Y 10 0 CA05152Y1007
Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd AAV 00765F 10 1 CA00765F1018
Advantaged CDN High Yield Bond Fund AHY.UN 00769W 10 0 CA00769W1005
Advent-AWI Holdings Inc AWI 007642 10 1  
Adventus Zinc Corp ADZN 00791B 10 8  
Adya Inc ADYA 00783P 10 7  
Aecon Group Inc ARE 00762V 10 9 CA00762V1094
Aecon Group Inc 5.5% Debentures ARE.DB.B 00762V AE 9  


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