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Menu Foods Income Fd MEW.UN 587289 10 9  
Mercator Trnspt Grp Corp GMT 58758R 10 2  
Mercer International Inc MRI.U 588056 10 1  
Mercer International Inc 9.25 per cent Sen note   588056 AH 4  
Mercer International Inc 8.5% convertible Sen subordinated notes due 2012   588056 AK 7  
Meritus Minerals Ltd MER.H 59001L 10 8  
Merrex Gold Inc MXI 59012H 10 4  
Merus Labs International Inc MSL 59047R 10 1  
Meryllion Resources Corp MYR 59047T 10 7  
Mesa Exploration Corp MSA  59064J 10 7  
Metalex Ventures Ltd MTX 590915 10 4  
MetalCORP Ltd MTC 591145 10 7  
Metallum Resources Inc MRV 591258 10 8  
Metallis Resources Inc MTS 59125R 10 6  
Metalore Resources Ltd MET 591307 10 3  
Metals Plus Income Corp MPI 59131N 10 7  
Metals Creek Res Corp MEK 59131Q 10 0  
Metanor Resources Inc MTO 59138Q 10 3  
Methanex Corporation MX 59151K 10 8  
Metro Inc MRU 59162N 10 9  

Metro Inc 4.98% Series A notes due Oct. 15, 2015   59162Z AA 0  
Metron Capital Corp MCN.H 59169Q 10 5  
Metropolitan Energy Corp MOE 59189A 10 6  
Mettrum Health Corp MT 592689 10 3  
Mettrum Health Corp warrants  MT.WT 592689 11 1  
Mexigold Corp MAU 593050 10 7   
Mexivada Mining Corp MNV.H 593053 10 1  
Mezzi Holdings Inc MZI 59318L 10 6  
Mezzotin Minerals Inc MEZ 59318M 10 4  
Micrex Development Corp MIX 594929 20 0  
Microbix Biosystems Inc MBX 59501P 10 4  
Microcoal Technologies Inc MTI 59502K10 4 CA59502K1049
Micromem Technologies Inc MRM 59509P 10 6  
MicroPlanet Tchnlgy Corp MP 59514T 10 1  
Midas Gold Corp MAX 59562B 10 1  
Midasco Capital Corp MGC 595919 10 1  
Middlefield Can-Global REIT Income Fd RCO.UN 596315 10 1  
Midland Exploration Inc MD 59751U 10 0  
Midlands Minerals Corp MEX 59780W 10 1  
Midnight Sun Mining Corp MMA 598015 10 5  

Midpoint Holdings Ltd MPT 598029 10 6  
Midway Gold Corp MDW 598153 10 4  
Migao Corporation MGO 59861N 10 3  
Milestone Apartments Real Estate Investment Trust MST.UN 59934P 10 1  
Mill City Gold Corp  MC 599805 20 7   


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