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Enterprise Oilfield Group Inc E 29373A 10 5  
Enterprise Group Inc Warrants  E.WT 29373A 11 3  
Entree Gold Inc ETG 29383G 10 0  
Entourage Metals Ltd EMT 29384B 20 9   
Entrec Corp ENT 29384D 10 6  CA29384D1069
Equal Energy EQU.DB.B 29390QAB5  
EnWave Corp ENW 29410K 10 8  
Envrnmtl Waste International Inc EWS 29411G 10 6  
Epicore BioNetworks Inc EBN 29426W 10 4  
Epsilon Energy Ltd EPS 294375 10 0  
Epsilon Energy Ltd 7.75% convertible unsecured subordinated debentures due March 31, 2017 EPS.DB 294375 AA 8  
Equitable Group Inc EQB 294505  
Equitable Group Inc Series 3 Prefs EQB.PR.C 294505 60 7  
Equitas Resources Corp  EQT 29458R 20 5   
Equitorial Exploration Corp EXX 294598 10 7  
Equity Financial Holdings Inc EQI 29465A 10 4 CA29465A1049
Erdene Resources Dev Corp ERD 29480N 10 7  
Ergoresearch Ltd ERG 29482C 10 9   
Erin Ventures Inc EV 29570H 10 1  
Eskay Mining Corp ESK 296437 10 6  

eShippers Management Ltd EPX.H 29643P 10 6  
Espial Group Inc ESP 296651 10 2  
Esrey Energy Ltd EEL 29668C 10 5  
Essa Pharma Inc EPI 29668H 10 4  
Essential Energy Services Ltd. ESN 29669R 10 1   
Essex Angel Capital Inc EXC 29670A 20 4   
Esstra Industries Inc ESS 29730R 20 5  
ESTec Systems Corp ESE 29737E 10 8  
Estrella International Energy Services Ltd EEN 29758W 30 0 CA29758W3003
Estrella Gold Corp  EST 29758X 10 0  
Ethos Gold Corp ECC 29766C 10 6  
Etrion ETX 29786T 10 5  
Eurasian Minerals Inc EMX 29843R 10 0  
Eureka Resources Inc EUK 298655 10 1  
Eurocontrol Technics Inc EUO 29871D 10 6  
Euro Banc Capital Securities Trust EBT.UN 29872N 10 3  
Euromax Resources Ltd  EOX 29873T 30 7  
Europe Blue-Chip Div & Growth Fd EBC.UN 29876C 10 3  
European Ferro Metals Ltd EFM 29876U 10 3 CA29876U1030
European Metals Corp ECU 29880P 10 8 CA29880P1080

European Metals Corp  ECU.WT 29880P 11 6 CA29880P1163
Eurotin Inc TIN 29881C 10 6  
European Strategic Balanced Fd EBF.UN 29881L 10 6  
European Uranium Resources Ltd EUU 29881T 10 9  


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