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Warrant Symbol - URP.WT
Number  Trading -
Expiration Date - at $0.80 till June 30 1994 and at $1.00 till December 31 1994
Cusip - 911349 12 4

Warrants called to trade news:

Warrants posted for trading
1994-02-21 13:53 MT - Warrants Called to Trade
The common share purchase warrants for 1,828,335 common shares will be posted for trading at the opening on February 23 1994. The warrants were issued on February 1 1994 as part of a recently completed rights offering. Each warrant entitles the holder to purchase one common share at $0.80 at any time before 4:00 pm (Toronto time) on June 30 1994 and thereafter at $1.00 at any time before 4:00 pm (Toronto time) on December 31 1994. The warrants are governed by the terms of a warrant indenture dated December 1993 between the company and Montreal Trust Company of Canada as trustee. The warrant indenture provides for appropriate adjustments to be made to the rights of the holders of warrants in the event of stock dividends, subdivisions, consolidations and other forms of capital reorganization.
Symbol:  URP.WT
Cusip No:  911349 12 4

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