American Bonanza A/BZA CHECKED
Amaya Gaming A/FFF CHECKED
Acier Lerooux Inc a/LER CHECKED
Added Capital/Lakeside Steel Corp a/LS CHECKED
Arcis Corp a/RKS CHECKED
Australian Solomons Gold A/SGA CHECKED
Auxly Cannabis Group Inc a/XLY CHECKED
Arius Research Inc a/YAR CHECKED
Astral Mining Corp AA CHECKED
Aberdeen International Inc AAB CHECKED
A A C E Environmental Services Inc AAE CHECKED
Anglo American Resources Inc AAM CHECKED
Arnada Resources B.C. Ltd AAN CHECKED
Art of Animation Galleries Ltd AAO CHECKED
Amstar American Petroleum Corp AAP CHECKED
Abacan Resource Corporation ABC CHECKED
Abacus Health Products Inc ABCS CHECKED
Abe Resources ABE CHECKED
Allbanc Split Corp ABK CHECKED
Abington Ventures ABV CHECKED
Ashton Mining Canada Inc ACA CHECKED
Aurora Cannabis Inc ACB CHECKED
Achilles Resources Ltd ACL CHECKED
Auto Check Centres, Inc ACN CHECKED
Ascendent Copper ACX CHECKED
Acheron Resources Ltd ACZ CHECKED
Adagio Investments Inc AD CHECKED
Adola Mining Corporation ADA CHECKED
Adda Minerals Company Limited ADA1 CHECKED
Arctic Star Diamond ADD CHECKED
Ad-Dome International Ltd ADI CHECKED
Adrian Resources Ltd ADL CHECKED
Andina Minerals Inc ADM CHECKED
Atlas Energy AED CHECKED
Antler Resources Ltd AEE CHECKED
Acasta Enterprises Inc AEF CHECKED
Ameritel Management Inc AEL CHECKED
Agnico Eagle AEM CHECKED
Aurado Exploration Ltd AEO CHECKED
Aerolift Inc AER CHECKED
American Fibre Corporation AFB CHECKED
Asia Pacific Concrete Inc AFI CHECKED
Atlantic Gold Corp AGB2 CHECKED
Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited AGE CHECKED
Alamos Gold Inc AGI CHECKED
Alma Oil & Gas Ltd AGL CHECKED
Avalon Resources Inc AGM CHECKED
America Nevada Gold Corp AGN CHECKED
Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc AGN2 CHECKED
Angle Resources Ltd AGU CHECKED
Aleafia Health Inc AH CHECKED
Athabasca Gold Resources Ltd AHB CHECKED
Apollo Healthcare Corp AHC CHECKED
Anchor Gold Corporation AHG CHECKED
Adherex Technologies AHX CHECKED
Abitibi Resources Ltd AIR CHECKED
Arizona Jojoba Inc AJJ CHECKED
Allbanc Split Corp II ALB CHECKED
Alliance Resources Ltd ALE CHECKED
Alange Energy ALE2 CHECKED
Aleafia Health Inc ALEF CHECKED
Arling Resources Ltd ALN CHECKED
Alpha Gold Corp ALQ CHECKED
Absolut Resources Corp ALR CHECKED
A L I Technologies Inc ALT CHECKED
Amble Resources Ltd ALU CHECKED
Allyn Resources Inc ALU1 CHECKED
Allied Cellular Systems Limited ALY CHECKED
Aeromechanical Services AMA CHECKED
Amberquest Resources Ltd AMB CHECKED
Abacus Minerals Corporation AMC CHECKED
American Reserve Mining Corp AMI CHECKED
Atlas Minerals AMR CHECKED
A M R Technologies AMR1 CHECKED
Amazon Petroleum Corp AMZ CHECKED
Androne Resources Ltd AND CHECKED
Anitech Enterprises Inc  ANI CHECKED
Ainsworth Lumber Co Ltd  ANS CHECKED
Ansco Res (BC) Ltd ANS1 CHECKED
Anita Resources Inc ANT CHECKED
Ancom ATM International Inc ANY CHECKED
Alotta Resources Ltd  AOS CHECKED
Ascot Resources Ltd  AOT CHECKED
Apex Energy Corp  APG CHECKED
Austral Pacific Gold Corporation  APS CHECKED
ARISE Technologies Corp  APV CHECKED
Annisquam Art Company Ltd  AQA CHECKED
Aqua 1 Beverage Company Inc AQB CHECKED
Aquarius Coatings Inc AQC CHECKED
Aqua-Pure Ventures Inc  AQE CHECKED
Arequipa Resources Ltd  AQP CHECKED
Aequus Pharmaceuticals Inc AQS CHECKED
Aquaterre Mineral Dev.Ltd  AQT CHECKED
A Q M Automotive Corporation AQV CHECKED
Alignvest Acquisition AQX CHECKED
Alignvest Acquisition II Corp AQY CHECKED
Argonaut Gold AR CHECKED
Amerigo Resources ARG CHECKED
Argo Developments Corp ARG1 CHECKED
Allure Industries Corporation ARU CHECKED
Arauco Resources Corporation ARU1 CHECKED
Aurania Resources Ltd ARU2 CHECKED
Adastral Resources Ltd ASA1 CHECKED
Ashburton Oil Ltd ASB CHECKED
Acuity Small Cap ASF CHECKED
Alaska Apollo Gold Mines Ltd ASK CHECKED
Alpine Oil Services Corporation ASL CHECKED
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd ASM CHECKED
Ascendant Resources Inc ASND CHECKED
A O G Air Support Inc ASP CHECKED
Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corp ASP1 VISITOR
Alberta Star ASX NEWS
Amican Sensors Inc ASZ CHECKED
Athlone Resources Ltd AT CHECKED
Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc ATD CHECKED
Amusements International Ltd ATL VISITOR
Atna Resources Ltd ATN VISITOR
Atlantis Communications Inc ATV VISITOR
Acetex Corporation ATX VISITOR
Austin Developments AUL VISITOR
Aumega Discoveries AUM VISITOR
Aurcana Corp AUN VISITOR
Aurogin Resources Ltd AUQ VISITOR
Aur Resources Inc AUR VISITOR
Australis Capital Inc AUSA NEWS VISITOR
Arivaca Silver Mines Ltd AVC VISITOR
Avondale Resources Inc AVD VISITOR
Adventure Vehicle Dynamics Inc AVH VISITOR
Avnel Gold Mining Ltd AVK VISITOR
Avalon Ventures Ltd AVL  
Avalon Rare Metals Inc AVL2  
Arlington Ventures Ltd AVM  
Anvil Resources Ltd AVN  
Avino Mines & Resources Ltd AVO  
Avala Resources AVZ  
Alexander News International Inc AWS  
Andaurex Resources Inc AWX  
Amblin Resources Inc AX  
Apex Land Corp AXD  
Amax Gold Inc AXG  
Axagon Resources Ltd AXH  
Aurex Resources Corp AXR  
Amaya Gaming AYA  
Ayr Strategies Inc AYR  
Atlas Corporation AZ  
Argenta Oil AZA  
Azco Mining Ltd AZC  
Azure Dynamics Corp AZD  
Australian Gold Mines Corporation AZG  
Brompton Advantaged Oil & Gas Income Fund b/AOG  
Brompton Advantaged VIP Income Fund B/AV  
Bard Ventures B/CBS  
Brompton Oil & Gas Income Fund B/OGF  
Blue Ribbon Income Fund b/RBN  
Brompton Split Banc B/SBC  
Banro Corp BAA  
Baja Mining BAJ  
Bravern Ventures Ltd BAV  
Brixton Metals BBB  
Banbury Gold Mines Ltd BBG  
Blackbird Energy Inc BBI  
Bespoke Capital Acquisition Corp BC  
Bear Creek Mining BCM  
Bridger Resources Inc BDG  
Bordeaux Energy BDO  
Bard Silver & Gold Ltd BDS  
Bradsue Resources Ltd BDU  
Bordeaux Resources Ltd BDX  
Bearcat Explorations Ltd BEA  
Bennett Environmental BEV  
Broadway Beverages Ltd BEV  
Baden Explorations Ltd BEX  
Bolivar BGC  
B G M Diversified Energy Inc BGD  
Beaver Resources Inc BGI  
Berglynn Resources Inc BGN  
Bema Gold BGO  
Bighorn Development Corp BHD  
Barkhor Resources Inc BHO  
Bigstone Minerals Ltd BIG  
Billikin Resources Inc BIL  
Baffinland Iron Mines Corp BIM  
Big M Petroleum Inc BIM1  
Bullion Range Expl Corp BIN  
Birchwood Ventures BIR  
Biosource Industries Inc BIU  
Blackmist Resources Inc BKA  
Breckenridge Resources Ltd BKD  
Banks Energy BKL  
Berkley Petroleum Corp BKP  
Black Pearl Resources Ltd BKP1  
Bear Lake Resources Ltd BLA  
Ballard Power Systems Inc BLD  
Blue Pearl Mining BLE  
Black Diamond Resources Ltd BLK  
Blue Ribbon Resources Ltd BLO  
Blue Gold Resources Ltd BLQ  
Baltic Resources BLR  
Blackhawk Growth Corp BLR2  
Bolt Energy Ltd BLT  
Brahma Resources Inc BMA  
Belmoral Mines Ltd BME  
Butler Mountain Minerals Corp BMM  
Boreal Metals Corp BMX  
Bioniche Life Sciences BNC  
Bankers Petroleum BNK  
Bonkers Indoor Playgrounds BNK  
Brandselite Int. Corp BNT  
Bowridge Resource Group Inc BOW  
Best Pacific Resources Ltd BPG  
Barrington Petroleum Ltd BPL  
Bearing Power (Canada) Ltd BPO  
B C Pacific Capital Corporation BPQ  
B G R Precious Metals Inc BPT  
Bridgeport Ventures BPV  
Belfast Petroleum Inc BPY  
Bragg Gaming Group Inc BRAG  
Brooks Resources Ltd BRC  
Brigus Gold BRD  
Brower Explorations Ltd BRE  
Brican Resources Ltd BRI  
Brazil Resources BRI2  
Brick Group BRK  
Berle Resources Ltd BRL  
Braddick Resources Ltd BRO  
Baroque Resources Ltd BRQ  
B N S Split Corp II BSC  
Blue Sky Uranium BSK  
B T Canada Securities Inc BTA  
Benton Resources BTC  
Baytex Energy BTE  
Beckett Technologies Corp BTK  
Beretta Resource Corp BTR  
Biomet Technology Inc BTS  
Blue Tree WIreless BTW  
Barytex Resources Corporation BTX  
Buffalo Resources Ltd BUF  
Bauska Internationand (BC) Ltd BUI  
Bullet Group Inc.(The) BUL  
Brandevor Enterprises Ltd BVE  
Beaver Lake Energy Corp BVL  
Bice Ventures Corp BVT  
Brewmaster Systems Ltd BWE  
Blackwater Gold Corporation BWG  
Breakwater Resources Ltd BWR  
Bowes Lyon Resources Ltd BWY  
Burner Exploration Limited BXP  
Braiden Resources Ltd BZR  
Canadian Banc Corp c/BK  
CloudMD Software & Services Inc C/DOC  
CHC Helicopter Corp C/FLY  
Canoe Go Canada Inc Fund C/GCI  
CC&L Financial Opportunities Fund C/GFO  
CC&L Global Financials Fund C/GFT  
Canadian Premium Select Income Fund C/HCS  
Canadian Splitshare Corp C/IU  
Canada Jetlines Ltd C/JET  
Consolidated Goldwest Resources Ltd C/KGG  
Cryderman Gold Inc C/KGI  
Consolidated Newgate Resources Ltd C/KGT  
Calco Resources Inc c/KLC  
Centaur Resources Ltd C/KNL  
Copper Ridge Explorations C/KRX  
Crystallex International Corporation C/KRY  
Canadian Life Companies Split Corp c/LFE  
Canadian Life Companies Split Corp C/LFE delete l
Canadian Leader Energy Inc c/LOL  
Canadian Leader Energy Inc C/LOL1 delete c
Canadian Shield Fund C/MSP  
CannaRoyalty Corp C/OH  
Current Technology Corporation C/ONE  
C A Bancorp c/RF  
Consolidated Rhodes Resources C/RRS  
Canadian Resources Income Trust C/RTU  
Chap Mercantile Inc C/SLW  
Claymore Silver Bullion C/SVR  
Cansortium Inc C/TIUM  
Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd C/XOP  
Commerce Split C/YCM  
Canadian Airlines Corporation CA  
Canamax Energy CAC  
Capella Resources Ltd CAL  
CalStar Oil & Gas CALS  
Cassia Petroleum Corporation CAU  
Copernican British Banks Fund CBB  
Cobra Enterprises Ltd CBB1  
Cumberland Resources Ltd CBD  
Colibri Resources Corp CBI  
Cambior CBJ  
Copernican World Banks Inc & Growth Trust CBK  
Copperbank Resources Corp CBK1  
Consolidated Boulder Mountain Res CBM  
Canbaikal Resources Inc CBQ  
Cinnabar Resources Ltd CBS  
Consolidated Bel-Air Resources Ltd CBT  
Calibre Energy Inc CBW  
Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp CBW1  
Cambiex Exploration CBX  
Canadian Blackhawk Energy Inc CBZ  
Circo Craft CCC  
Canadian Reserve Gold Corporation CCG  
Campbell Resources CCH  
Columbia Care Inc CCHW  
Coalcorp CCJ  
Concert Resources Inc CCJ1  
Consolidated Carina Resources Corp CCK  
Canarc Resource Corp CCM  
Cisco Resources Ltd CCO FIX
CC&L Conservative Income & Growth Fund CCP FIX
Crack Resources Ltd CCR  
Consolidated Caprock Resources CCU1  
Cubacan CCX  
Cordoba Minerals Corp CDB  
Core Canadian Dividend Trust CDD  
Candela Resources Ltd CDD1  
Consolidated Sea Gold Corporation CDE  
Canadian Frobisher Resources Ltd CDF  
Consolidated Omab Enterprises CEB  
Celebrity Energy Corporation CEC  
Clear Mines Ltd CEE  
Central Fund A NV CEF  
Caspian Energy CEK  
Camberly Energy Ltd CEL  
Cascade Metals CEM  
Cream Silver Mines Ltd CEM1  
Canadian Eagle Explorations Ltd CEN  
Ceres Acquisition Corp CERE  
Cosmos Resources Ltd CES  
California Gold Mines Ltd CFA  
Cranefield International CFN  
Clifton Star Resources Inc CFO  
Calfrac Well Services Ltd CFW  
Caldas Gold Corp CGC  
Canadian General Inv. Ltd CGI  
Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corp CGOC  
Cornerstone Capital CGP  
Citation Growth Corp CGRO  
Classic Gold Resources CGU  
Corptech Industries CH  
Chariot Resources CHD  
Chemistree Technology Inc CHM  
Challenger Energy CHQ  
Cephalon Resource Corporation CHR  
Chutine Resources Ltd CHS  
Chatwood Resources Ltd CHW  
Carina Mineral Resources Corp CIM  
Canadian Premium Resource Corp CIP  
Canadian High income Equity CIQ  
Copernican World Financial CIW  
Collingwood Energy Inc CIW1  
Consolidated BRX Mining & Petroleum CIX  
City Resources (Canada) Limited CIZ  
CrownJoule Exploration Ltd CJE  
Christopher James Gold Corp CJG  
Charlie O Beverages Ltd CJV  
Chesapeake Gold CKG  
Checkmate Resources Ltd CKM  
Consolidated NRD Resources Ltd CKN  
Consolidated McKinney Resources Inc CKY  
Consolidated Kassan Resources Inc CKY1  
Clarion Environmental Technologies CL  
Cresco Labs Inc CL2  
Cangold CLD  
Canada Lithium CLQ  
Cell-Loc Inc CLQ2  
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce CM  
C M A C Computer Systems Ltd CMB  
Camnor Resources CMB1  
Celtic Minerals Ltd CME  
C M P Gold Trust CMP  
Creston Moly Corp CMS  
Compton Petroleum Corp CMT  
Canmex Minerals Corporation CMX  
Commander Resources Ltd CMY  
Coromandel Resources Ltd CND  
Cinch Energy CNH  
Continental Gold Ltd CNL  
Canadian Income Management Trust CNM  
Consolidated Heron Resources Ltd CNS  
Contact Diamond CO  
Columbia Gold Mines Ltd COB  
Cous Creek Copper Mines Ltd COK FIX
Cascade Oil & Gas COL  
Cominco Resources International Ltd COR  
Coscan Development Corp COT  
Coxe Commodity Strategy Fund COX  
Calpetro Resources Inc COZ  
Canadian Pacific Ltd CP  
Canadian Patricia Exploration Ltd CPA  
Corporate Oil & Gas Ltd CPA1  
Chap Mercantile CPC  
Copernican Int'l Premium Div Fund CPM  
Copperstone Resources Corporation CPP  
Clearport Petroleum CPR  
Canquest Resources Corp CQ  
Chase Resources Corporation CQS  
Collins Resources Ltd CR  
Caribbean Resources CRC  
Cardiol Therapeutics Inc CRDL  
Claude Resources CRJ  
Crocodile Gold Corp CRK  
Carl Data Solutions Inc CRL  
Cross Lake Minerals Ltd CRN  
Ceres Global Ag Corp CRP  
CS Resources Limited CRZ  
CannaRoyalty Corp CRZ1  
Carousel Capital Corp CS  
Cannabis Strategies CSA  
Cognoscente Software Int'l Inc CSC  
Canso Explorations Ltd CSE  
Colossus Minerals CSI  
Central Sun Mining CSM  
Contrans Corp CSS  
Citadel Diversified Investment Trust CTD  
Citadel Income CTF  
Canadian Trace Minerals Ltd CTJ  
Centrasia Mining CTM  
Castle Rock Exploration CTP  
Communication Intelligence Corp CUA  
Cumulus Technology Inc CUH  
Copper Mountain CUM  
Canadian United Minerals Inc CUN  
Calnor Resources Ltd CUU  
Copper Mesa - CUX CUX  
Cenovus CVE  
Consolidated Amhawk Enterprises Ltd CVK  
C V L Resources Ltd CVL  
Consolidated Carma Corp CVP  
Cyn-Tech Ventures Ltd CVU  
Clearview Minerals Resources Corp CVW  
Calvista Gold Corp CVZ FIX
Caara Ventures Inc CVZ1  
Crew Minerals Inc CW  
Canadian West Resources CW1  
Canadian Western Bank CWB  
Commonwealth Gold Corporation CWC  
Canop Worldwide Corp CWC2  
Charlotte's Web Holdings Inc CWEB  
Cam-Net Communications CWK  
Curlew Lake Resources Inc CWQ  
Croesus Resources Inc CWV  
Currency Exchange International Corp CXI  
Consolidated Marina Explor.Ltd CXQ  
Canext Energy CXT  
Coexco Petroleum Inc CXU  
Crosshair Exploration CXX  
Continental Tyre Ltd CYH  
Consolidated Ramrod Gold Corp CYN  
Cypress Minerals CYP  
Cypress Petroleum Corporation CYP1  
Cassidy Resources Ltd CYT  
Cheryl Resources Inc CYU  
Caesars Gold Ltd CZA  
Cheni Gold Mines Inc CZG  
Colossus Resource Equities Inc CZK  
Cruzsur Energy Corp CZR  
Caza Gold CZY  
Drone Delivery Canada Corp D/FLT  
Distinction Group D/GD  
Digital Gem D/GEM  
D D J Canadian High Yield Fund D/HYB  
DDJ Canadian High Yield Fund D/HYB  
Delta 9 Cannabis D/NINE  
Dalton Resources Ltd DAL  
Dash Lake Resources Ltd DAL1  
Davenport Resources Inc DAP  
Dundee Acquisition Ltd DAQ  
Davie Yards Inc DAV  
Draxis Health DAX  
Decibel Cannabis Company Inc DB  
Dundee Bancorp Inc DBC  
Darnley Bay Resources Ltd DBL  
Dundee Corp DC  
D C S International Systems Corp DCI  
Dutch Creek Resources Ltd DCK  
Digital Composition Systems Ltd DCS  
Dayton Development Corp DD  
Double Down Resources Ltd DDX  
Decision Dynamics Technology DDY  
Del Norte Chrome Corporation DEE  
Delphi Energy Corp DEE1  
Denison Mines Inc DEN  
Dragonfly Distributors Inc DGF  
Dorrigo Energy Inc DGO  
Donohue Inc DHC  
Dioro Exploration DIO  
Diversified Technology Inc DIT  
Dejour Enterprises DJE  
Decker Resources Ltd DKR  
Dakota Mining Corp DKT  
D K W Systems Corp DKW  
Delgratia Developments Ltd DLG  
Delta Gold DLT  
Dylex DLX  
Denison Mines Inc DML  
Delta 9 Cannabis Inc DN  
Dalradian Resources Inc DNA  
Dynamite Resources Ltd DNR  
Dundee Resources Corp DNU  
Destiny Resources Inc DNY  
Domco Inc DOC  
Dolphin Explorations Ltd DOX  
Dundee Petroleum Corp DPC  
Drake Pacific Enterprises DPE  
D P F India Opportunities DPF  
Dundee Precious Metals Inc DPM  
Dryden Resource Corporation DRY  
Dividend Select 15 Corp DS  
Desert Sun Mining DSM  
Deep South Petroleum Inc DSP  
Desert Star Resources Ltd DSR  
Danstar Resources Ltd DST  
Domtar DTC  
Data Trax Systems Inc DTS  
Durum Energy Corp DUE  
Dufresnoy Societe d'Exploration Inc DUF  
Devine Entertainment Corp DVN  
Danavation Technologies Corp DVN1  
Devran Petroleum Ltd DVP  
Devine Entertainment Corp DVT  
DragonWave Inc DWI  
Dynatec Corp - DY DY  
DynaCERT Inc DYA  
Enterprise Group Inc E  
Else Nutrition Holdings Inc E/BABY  
Ethiopian Potash Corp E/FED  
Energy Leaders Income Fund E/HEN  
Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc EAC  
East Africa Gold EAG  
Envoy Communications ECG  
Ecuadorian Copperfields Inc ECI  
Encor Inc ECR  
eCobalt Solutions Inc ECS  
E C U Silver Mining Inc ECU  
European Metals Corp ECU2  
Endeavour Silver EDR  
Endeavour Mining EDV  
Endeavour Financial EDV1  
Etruscan Resources EET  
Esmeralda Exploration Inc EEX  
Earthfirst Canada EF  
Enfield Resources Ltd EFD  
Equisure Fin. Network Inc EFN  
Energy Fuels Inc EFR  
Energold Mining EGD  
Eagle Energy Corp EGE  
Energex Minerals Ltd EGX  
Exchange Income EIF  
Enermark Income Fund EIF1  
Enervest Div Inc Trust EIT  
Elgin Mining Inc ELG  
E L E Energy Inc ELI  
Elk Point Game Ranching Corp ELK  
Emerald Lake Resources Inc ELK1  
Eastern Platinum ELR  
E M C Metals Corp EMC  
Emblem Corp EMC1  
Eastmaque Gold Mines Ltd EMG  
Energy Income Fund ENI  
Energentia Resources  ENR  
EnWave Corp ENW  
Enervest Egy & Oil Sands Total Return Trust EOS  
European Prem Div Fund EPD  
European Minerals EPM  
Empower Technologies EPT  
Esperanza Resources EPZ  
Equis Energy Corp EQE  
Equinox Minerals EQN  
Equinox Resources Ltd EQX  
Equinox Gold Corp EQX1  
Erdene Res DevCorp ERD  
Eurus Resource Corp ERR  
Easy Street Adventures Inc ESA  
ESI Industries Corp ESI  
Ether Capital Corp ETHC  
Eve & Co Inc EVE  
East West Petroleum Corp EW  
Exxau Minerals Inc EX  
Extendicare Inc EXE  
Excellon Resources Inc EXN  
FAM Real Estate Investment Trust F  
First Asset Pipes & Power Income Fund F/EWP  
Front Street MLP F/MLP  
48North Cannabis Corp F/NRTH  
First Asset REIT F/RIT  
Friday Night Inc F/TGIF  
First Asset Energy & Resource Fund F/TRF  
5N Plus Inc F/VNP  
First Asia Income Fund (The) FAI  
First Australiz Prime Income Inv Co FAP  
First Au FAV  
First Asset Yield Opportunity Trust FAY  
Fortune Bay Resources FBA  
Fortress Base Metals Corp FBM  
Ferber Mining Corporation FBM1  
Frobisher Resources Ltd FBR  
Firm Capital FCA  
Firm Capital American Realty FCA2  
Frontera Copper Corp FCC  
Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd FCC1  
Falconbridge Gold Corporation FCG  
Formation Metals Inc FCO  
First Calgary Petroleums Ltd FCP  
First Capital Realty FCR  
Firstclass Systems Corporation FCS  
Fresco Developments FDP  
Flinders Resources FDR  
Fox Energy Corporation FEC  
Fortress Energy FEI  
Fairfield Minerals Ltd FFD  
Flaherty & Cumrine Inv. Grade Fixed Inc Fund FFI  
4Front Ventures Corp FFNT  
Firefox Gold Corp FFOX  
First Goldwater FGW  
Faircourt Gold FGX  
Faircourt Income & Growth Split Trust FIG  
Fiore Cannabis Ltd FIOR  
Fort Knox Minerals Ltd FKM  
Falcon Resources Inc FLC  
Fairchild Gold Corporation FLD  
Flowing Energy FLO  
Falcon Resources Inc FLWR  
Forbes Medi-Tech Inc FMI  
Focus Metals FMS  
Franco-Nevada FNV  
FNX Mining Company Inc FNX  
Forum Resources Ltd FOM  
Flower One Holdings Inc FONE  
Falco Resources FPC  
First Premium FPI  
Flash Pack Ltd FPK  
First Majestic Silver Corp FR  
Fosters Resources Ltd FRE  
Front Street Resource Perf Fund FRE  
Fairhaven Resources Ltd FRH  
Freeport Resources Inc FRI  
Feronia FRN  
Frontier Rare Earths Limited FRO  
Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc FRX  
F S R Industries Inc FSN  
Front Street Capital FSS  
Fortune Minerals FT  
First Tridon Industries Inc FTD  
Focused Global Trends Fund FTF  
Flotek Industries Inc FTK  
Futura Loyalty Group FUT  
Far West Mining FWM  
Fax Capital Corp FXC  
Fralex Therapeutics FXI  
Fox Pond Resources FXP  
Goldcorp G  
Global Agribusiness Trust G/AGB  
Global Blockchain Technologies Corp G/BLOC  
Global Advantaged Telecom G/HGI  
GreenSpace Brands G/JTR  
Groupe Laperriere & Verreault Inc G/LV  
Groupe Laperriere & Verreault Inc G/LV delete g
GT Canada Medical Properies REIT\ G/MOB  
GlobeX Data Ltd G/SWIS  
Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd (The) G/TGOD  
Gazit America GAA  
Granger Energy Corp GAS  
Great Basin Gold Ltd GBG  
Gibraltar Growth Corp GBG1  
Goldenbell Resources Inc GBL  
Global Banks Premium Income Trust GBP  
Gabriel Resources GBU  
Grande Cache Coal GCE  
Gran Colombia Gold Corp GCM  
Great Central Mines Ltd GCM1  
Golden Dragon Resources Ltd GDQ  
Golden Ring Resources GDZ  
Geomaque Explorations Ltd GEO  
Genesis Resources Corporation GES  
Glance Technologies Inc GET  
Grand Forks Mines Ltd GFK  
Gale Force Petroleum GFP  
Galane Gold GG  
Global Gaming Technologies Corp GGAM  
Green Growth Brands Inc GGB  
Gold Bridge Development Corp GGD  
GoGold Resources Inc GGD1  
Golden Group Explorations Inc GGE  
Glencairn Gold GGG  
Goodgold Resources Limited GGR  
Global Hemp Group Inc GHG  
Greyhawk Resources Ltd GHK  
Galit Resource Corporation GIC  
Gigi Oil & Gas Ltd GIG  
Gigi Resources Ltd GIG  
Gulf Int' Minerals Ltd GIM  
Golden Knight Resources Inc GKR  
Galactic Resources Ltd GLC  
Global Thermoelectric Inc GLE  
Glamis Gold Ltd GLG  
GLS Global Listing Service Ltd GLO  
Globelle Corp GLP  
Golden Adit Resources Ltd GLQ  
Gladiator Resources Ltd GLR  
Golden Wheaton GLW  
Geovic Mining GMC  
GMIncome & Growth Fund GMF  
Grandmaster Technologies Inc GMT  
Genco Industries Inc GNI  
Gondwana Energy Corp GO  
Golden Odyssey GOE  
Goldmining Inc GOLD  
Goldsat Mining Inc GOM  
Goldbelt Mines Inc GOT  
Goldlinx International Inc GOX  
Golden Predator Mines GP  
Golden Predator GPD  
Gold Point Energy GPE  
Gold Participation and Income Fund GPF  
Giant Pacific Petroleum Inc GPP  
Golden Palm Resources Ltd GPR  
Gypsy Resources Ltd GPV  
Golden Queen Mining Co GQM  
Golden Quail Resources Ltd GQR  
Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp GRC  
Goldrich Resources Inc GRD  
Greenstone Resources Ltd GRE  
Gilder Resources Inc GRI  
Gray Rock Resources Ltd GRK  
Gleichen GRL  
Greenlane Renewables Inc GRN  
Gold Reserve Inc GRZ  
Golden Star Resources Ltd GSC  
Greystar Resources GSL  
Gold Summit GSM  
Global Election Systems Inc GSM1  
Gossan Resources Limited GSS  
Greenstar Telecommunications Inc GTE  
Gran Tierra GTE1  
Groton Minerals Inc GTH  
Golden Trend Petroleum Ltd GTP  
Golden Trump Resources GTZ  
Global Uranium GUR  
Guyana Gold Corp GUY  
Granville Resources Inc GVR  
Gowest Amalgamated Res. Ltd GWA  
Goldwater Resources Ltd GWR  
Georox Resources GXR  
Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp H/CANN H/CBD  
Hydropothecary Corp (The) H/THCX  
Halo Labs Inc HALO  
Horizons AlphaPro HAP  
Harvest Banks & Bldgs Inc Fund HBB  
Hope Brook Gold Inc HBG  
HudBay Minerals HBM  
Harvest Cdn Inc. & Growth Fund HCF  
Haddington Resources Ltd HDD  
High Desert Gold HDG  
Hector Resources Inc HEC  
Hellix Ventures HEL  
H2O Innovation Inc HEO  
Hemlo Explorations Ltd HEX  
Hydropothecary Corp (The) HEXO  
Hexo Corp HEXO2  
High Frontier Resources Ltd HFR  
Haines Gypsum Inc HG  
Hyder Gold Inc HGI  
Hawkeye Gold HGO  
Hargor Resources Inc HGO1  
Hello Channel Inc (The) HI  
Hi-Alta Capital Inc. HIA  
Hees International Corp HIL  
High Tide Inc HITI  
Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd HIVE  
Helix Systems Limited HIX  
Hecla Mining Company  HL  
Houston Lake Mining HLM  
Halo Resources HLO  
Halo Labs Inc HLO2  
HydraLogic Systems HLS  
Highmark Resources Ltd HMK  
HMZ Metals HMZ  
Huntingdon Real Estate Investment Trust HNT  
Hyal Pharmaceutical HPC  
Hartwell Petroleums Ltd HPL  
Harmac Pacific Inc HRC  
High River Gold HRG  
Harlin Resources Limited HRL  
Horn Petroleum HRN  
Heron Resources Ltd HRR  
Heenan Senlac Resources Limited HSL  
Helius Medical Technologies Inc HSM  
Hilton Petroleum HTP  
Hi Tech Ventures Ltd HTV  
Huntington Resources HUN  
Hut 8 Mining Corp HUT  
Harvest One Cannabis HVST  
Harvest One Cannabis HVT  
Hawk Oil Inc  HWK  
Hixon Gold Resources Inc HXG  
Halcyon Resources Ltd HYN  
IAF Biochem International Inc I/BCH  
i3 Interactive Inc I/BETS  
International Dusty Mac Enterprises I/DM  
International Financial Inc & Growth Tr I/FIT  
Inco I/N  
Indiva Ltd I/NDVA  
I T P Thermal Packaging Inc  I/TPG  
I A Clarington Aston I/TYF  
iStar internet Inc I/WWW  
Infor Acquisition Corp IAC  
Island-Arc Resources Corporation IAR  
International Brace Resources Inc IBI  
International Burgers Now Ltd IBU  
International Cherokee Development ICK  
Icron Systems ICM  
International Corona Resources Ltd ICR  
I C S Copper Systems ICX  
Idaho Consolidated Metals Inc IDO  
International Damascus Resources IDR  
Ivanhoe Energy IE  
I B L Equities Ltd IEQ  
Inex Pharmaceuticals Corp IEX  
Infinity Minerals Corp IFN  
Info-Stop Communications Inc IFO  
International Frontier Resources IFR  
International Focus Resources Inc IFS  
I G T International Growth Technologies IGT  
Image West Entertainment Corp  IGW  
International Impala Resources Ltd IIR  
International Keystone Entertainment Inc IKE  
International Lithium ILC  
Inland Recovery Group Ltd ILD  
International March Res Ltd ILM  
International Telepool Corp ILT  
Inca Mining Corp IM  
I T E C Minerals Inc IMA  
Imco Resources Ltd IMC FIX
IM Cannabis Corp IMCC  
Iamgold IMG  
Immune Network IMM  
Inmet Mining Corp IMN  
International Maple Leaf Resources IMP  
I M A Exploration IMR  
International Micham Resources Inc IMR1  
Ida-May Resources Ltd IMY  
International Minerals IMZ  
Inmed Pharmaceuticals Inc IN  
International Thunderbird Gaming INB  
International Nickel Ventures Corp INV  
Invader Exploration Inc INX  
International Onword Learning Systems IOL  
Inca Pacific Resources Inc IP  
Inca Pacific Resources Inc IPR  
International Phoenix Energy Corp IPY  
Interquest Resources Corp IQT  
Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc IRG  
International Rhodes Resources Ltd IRH  
Interlake Development Corporation IRK  
Indomin Resources IRL  
Inner Spirit Holdings Ltd ISH  
International Satellite Services ISS  
Interprovincial Satellite Services Ltd ISS  
International Standard Resources IST  
Intertain Group Ltd (The) IT  
International Texcan Tech Corp ITA  
Innotech Multimedia Corporation ITM  
International Ticker Tape Resources Ltd ITR  
International Taurus Resources ITU  
International Utility Structures IUS  
Ivory Energy IV  
Ivanhoe Australia Ltd IVA  
International Verifact Inc IVI  
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd IVN  
Ivory Oils & Minerals Inc IVY  
Infowave IW  
International Wildcat Resources IWC  
I T I World Investment Group IWI  
Ironwood Petroleum Ltd IWP  
International Wildrose Resources IWS  
International Westward Dev Corp IWW  
Industrialex IXC  
IMX Resources Ltd IXR  
Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd IZP  
Jaguar Mining JAG  
JDL Gold Corp JDL  
Jordex Resources Inc JDX  
Jet Metal Corp JET  
Johnston & Frye Securities Ltd JFS  
Jackpot Digital Inc JJ  
Jackpot Digital JP  
Jade Power Trust JPWR  
J R Energy Ltd JRE  
Jazzman Resources Inc  JZM  
Jazz Golf Equipment JZZ  
Kinross K  
Kalytera Therapeutics Inc KALY  
Kap Resources Ltd KAR  
Kam Scientific Inc  KAS  
Katanga Mining KAT  
Kimberley Diamond Company  KDC  
Kerrisdale Resources Ltd KDL  
Keith Resources Ltd  KEH  
Kew Media Group Inc KEW  
King Solomon Resources Ltd KFO  
Keefer Resources Inc KFR  
Kingsway Financial Services Inc KFS  
Kilo Goldmines Ltd KGL  
Knighthawk Airlines Inc KHA  
Kinghorn Petroleum Corporation  KHO  
Khiron Life Sciences Corp KHRN  
Kimberley Resources KIM  
Kermode Resources Ltd KLM  
Kalytera Therapeutics Inc KLY FIX
Kismet Ventures KMV  
Kensington Energy Ltd KNN  
Kingston Resources Ltd KNR  
Kokanee Explorations Ltd KOO  
Kernow Resources and Developments Ltd KRD  
Khan Resources KRI  
Karora Resources Inc KRR  
Kerry Mining Ltd KRY  
Kiska Metals KSK  
Kootenay Silver KTN  
Kobex Minerals KXM  
Kelley-Kerr Energy Corporation KYK  
Lac Minerals Ltd LAC  
Lithium Americas Corp LAC1  
Lana Gold Corp LAL  
Laurel Explorations Ltd LAX  
Layfield Resources Inc LAY  
Laurentian Bank of Canada LB  
Liberty Bell Mines Inc LBM  
Little Bear Resources Ltd LBR  
Life & Banc Split LBS  
Lucero Resource Corp LCR  
Lenora Explorations Ltd LEN  
Luna Gold LGC  
Liberty Gold Corp LGD  
Lakeview Hotel LHR  
Liht Cannabis Corp LIHT  
Labrador Iron Mines LIM  
Lion One Metals Limited LIO  
Labrador Iron Mines Holdings ltd LIR  
Loki Gold Corporation LKI  
Lyon Lake Mines Limited LLL  
Lollipop Daycare Ltd LLP  
Loadmaster Systems Inc LMS  
Logan Mines Ltd LOG  
Leader Oil & Gas Ltd LOL  
Loumic Resources Ltd LOO  
Lupaka Gold Corp LPK  
Liquid Nutrition LQD  
Link Resources Inc LR  
Lateegra Gold Corp  LRG  
Linear Gold  LRR  
Longreach Resources Ltd LRR1 FIX
Lanesborough REIT LRT  
Lakeside Steel Corp LS  
Lone Star Exploration  LSE  
Loh's Sinfully Good Ice Cream  LSG  
Lasalle Exploration Corp LSX  
Lightning Minerals Inc LTG  
Lithos Corp LTS FIX
Lifetrends Behavioral Systems Inc LTS2 FIX
Las Vegas From Home  LVH  
Levon Resources  LVN  
Lateral Vector Resources Inc  LVR  
LXRandCo Inc LXR  
Lexxor Energy  LXX  
Lydian International Ltd LYD  
Mosaic Capital M  
Mercer Park Brand Acquisition Corp M/BRND  
M E Compu Software Inc M/CPU  
Meteor M/ONG  
Maricann Group Inc M/WAYL  
M Split M/XMF  
MGX Minerals Inc M/XMG  
Macusani Yellowcake  M/YEL  
Mining & Allied Supplies Ltd MA  
Magin Energy Inc MAG  
Minera Andes Incorporated  MAI  
Mazaruni Minerals Inc MAM  
Marathon PGM MAR  
Minorca Resources Inc MAR1  
Massive Energy Limited MAV  
Mazarin Inc MAZ  
Mega Brands MB  
Mbac Fertilizer Corp MBC  
Mega Brands  MBT  
McCoy Bros Inc MCB  
McCulloch's Canadian Beverages Inc MCB1  
Melco China Resorts MCG  
mCloud Technologies Corp MCLD  
Memotec Communications  MCM  
Micron Resources Ltd MCR  
Mindflight Corporation MCV  
McWatters Mining Inc  MCW  
Marapharm Ventures Inc MDM  
Midas Resources Ltd  MDS  
Meadow Mountain Resources Ltd MDW  
Merritech Development Corporation MDX  
Metrobridge Networks Int'l MEB  
Marapharm Ventures Inc MEI  
Mene Inc MENE  
Meta Growth Corp META  
Meridex Network Corp  MEX  
Mariner Explorations MEX1  
Mexican Gold Corp MEX2  
Minefinders Corp  MFL  
Marifil Mines Ltd  MFM  
Mega Uranium  MGA  
Midasco Gold Co MGC  
Murgold Resources MGD  
Mission Gold MGL  
Morgain Minerals Inc MGM  
Maple Gold Mines MGM1  
Moraga Resources Ltd  MGR  
Mines Management Inc MGT  
Magenta Development Corporation MGT1  
M G M Energy  MGX  
Magin Energy Inc MGY  
Mineral Hill Industries Ltd  MHI  
Mint Income Fund MID  
Minprotech Mining Ltd  MIN  
Medical Intelligence MIZ  
Majorteck Industries Incorporated MJT  
Mikado Resources Ltd  MKO  
Mako Mining Corp MKO2  
Mercator Minerals Ltd ML  
Marlat Resources Ltd  MLA  
Metall Mining Corporation  MLM  
Milan Resources & Explorations Ltd  MLN  
Melior Resources MLR  
Maymac Petroleum Corp MMA  
Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc MMED  
Medmen Enterprises Inc MMEN  
MacMillan Energy Corporation MMG  
Mammoth Energy Inc  MMH  
Merida Merger Corp I MMK  
M M T Resources Ltd  MMO  
Melinga Resources Ltd  MNA  
Monica Resources Limited MNC  
Mandalay Resources  MND  
Manitou Reef Resources Inc MNF  
McConnell-Peel Resources Ltd  MNL  
Manas Petroleum Corp MNP  
Madison Enterprises Corp  MNP1  
Monarch Energy Ltd  MNY  
Mogo Inc MOGO  
Moxie Petroleum Ltd MOX  
Maple Technologies Ltd  MPL  
Markland AGF Precious Metals Corp  MPM  
Mountain Province Mining Inc  MPV  
Master Player Entertainment Corp  MPY  
Macquarie Emerging Markets Infrastructure Income Fund MQA  
Monarques Resources MQR  
Monarques Gold MQR2  
Metallica Resources  MR  
Melissa Resources Inc  MRE  
Medoro Resources  MRS  
Mariah Resources Ltd  MRS1  
Maple Resource Corp MRZ  
Migent Software Corp MSC  
Mascot Gold Mines Limited MSG  
Minco Silver  MSV  
Mettrum Health Corp MT  
Mintel International Corp  MTD  
Mammoth Resources Ltd MTH  
Mintel Resources Ltd  MTK  
Monte Christo Res Ltd MTL  
Metanor  MTO  
Motapa Diamonds  MTP  
Muirfield Investment Corporation MUF  
Murgor Resources MUG  
Metallic Ventures MVG  
Macrotrends Ventures Inc MVI FIX
Maxon Energy Inc  MXE  
Minto Explorations Ltd MXO  
Minorca Resources Inc  MYR  
MACCs Sustainable  MYT  
Mesa Uranium  MZU  
Northern Crown N/CXP  
Northern Frontier Corp N/FFF  
NGX Energy International Corp N/GASX  
NG Energy International Corp N/GASX1  
Newstrike Resources Ltd N/HIP  
Northern Mining (MDN Inc) N/MDN  
National Access Cannabis Corp N/META  
N A Palladium  N/PDL  
New Wave Holdings N/SPOR  
1933 Industries Inc (Friday Night Inc) N/TGIF  
Namaste Technologies Inc N1  
Nabis Holdings Inc NAB  
Nextpoint Acquisition Corp NAC  
North American Fire Guardian Tech NAF  
New Aegis Resources Ltd  NAS  
Norbord  NBD  
New Beginnings Resources Inc NBR  
Nebex Resources Ltd NBX  
Northern Canadian Minerals  NCA  
N C E Energy Trust NCA1  
Nickelodeon Industries Corporation NCK FIX
Nevada Copper Corp NCU  
Northern Crown Mines  NCW  
NRI On-Line Inc  NDA  
Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd NDM  
Neo Material Technologies NEM  
NewGrowth  NEW  
New Signet Resources Inc  NFI  
NovaGold  NG  
New Gold  NGD  
New Ridge Resources Ltd NGM  
National Gold  NGT  
Newgate Resources Ltd  NGT1  
New Goldcore Ventures Ltd NGV  
Northgate Minerals Corporation  NGX  
New Hiberian Resources Inc  NHB  
Nobilis Health Corp NHC  
Newhawk Gold Mines Ltd NHG  
Nix-O-Tine Pharmaceuticals Ltd  NIX  
Newjay Resources Ltd  NJY  
Nemaska Lithium Inc NMX  
Norman Resources Ltd  NMZ  
Noramco Mining Corporation  NNN  
Northern Orion  NNO  
Norris Communications Corp NOC  
Norsemont Mining Inc  NOM  
Noront Resources  NOT  
Nord Pacific Ltd  NPF  
New Privateer Mines Ltd NPM  
Newport Petroleum Corp  NPP  
Nu-Apex Energy Corp  NPX  
Northquest Ltd NQ  
Newquest Energy Ltd  NQE  
National Quick Lube Ltd NQL  
Newstrike Resources  NR  
Northern Reef Exploration Ltd  NRF  
NovaGold Resources Inc NRI  
Northrock Resources NRK  
Northwest Shroom Industries Ltd NSI  
Nomad Royalty Company Ltd NSR  
Nevsun NSU  
North American Tungsten  NTC  
Noron Tech Ltd NTD  
Neutrino Resources Ltd NTO  
North American Tire Recycling Ltd  NTY  
Nugget Resources NUG  
Numinus Wellness Inc NUMI  
Nuspar Resources Ltd NUR  
Nova Corporation of Alberta  NVA  
Novo Resources Corp NVO  
New Wave Esports Corp NWES  
New Penn Energy Corporation NWY  
Nexgen Energy Ltd NXE  
Napoleon Exploration Ltd  NXL  
Noxe Resource Corporation  NXP  
Nexus Resource Corporation  NXS  
Oceanic Iron Ore Corp O/FEO  
O'Leary BRIC-Plus  OBF  
Oban Mining Corporation OBM  
O'Leary Adv Tactical Global Corp Bond Fund OCB  
Ocelot Energy Inc OCE  
Oilsands Canada Corporation OCF  
Oroco Resources  OCO  
OCS Technologies Corp  OCS  
O'Leary Canadian Income Units OCY  
O'Leary Canadian Equity  OCZ  
Odessa Explorations  ODS  
Oando Energy Resources Inc OER  
O'Leary Founder's Series Income OFS  
Omega Gold Corporation OGC  
O'Leary Global Equity Inc Fund OGE  
Brompton Oil & Gas Income Fund B/OGF  
Organigram Holdings OGI  
O'Leary Global Infrastructure Fund  OGN  
O'Leary Global Income Opp Fund  OGO  
Ogy Petroleums Ltd  OGY  
O'Hara Resources Ltd  OHR  
Oilexco  OIL  
O.J. Oil and Gas Corporation  OJO  
Oncolytics Biotech Inc ONC  
Current Technology Corporation ONE delete o
Meteor ONG delete M
Optival International Laboratories  OPL  
Optima Petroleum Corporation  OPP  
Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd OR  
Orezone Gold Corporation ORE  
Oromonte Resources  ORR  
Offsite Data Services Ltd  OS  
Osisko Exploration Ltd OSK  
Osisko Mining Inc OSK1  
Orsu Metals Corp  OSU  
Odyssey Resources Ltd OSY  
Omega Advisors US Capital App Fund OUS  
Oxin Industries Ltd OXN FIX
Omax Resources Ltd  OXR  
Olympus Pacific Minerals Inc  OYM  
Primero Mining  P  
Precious Metals  P/MMP  
Production Enhancement Group P/WIS  
Pan American Silver PAA  
Pacific Coal  PAK  
Proalta Energy Inc  PAO  
Papuan Precious PAU  
Panamex Resources Inc  PAX  
Pacific Century Explorations Ltd  PAX1  
Precious Metals Bullion  PBU  
Pathfinder Conv. Deb Fund  PCD  
Peru Copper  PCR  
P C S Wireless Inc.  PCS  
Prima Colombia  PCT  
Precision Drilling  PD  
P D C Industrial Coatings  PDD  
Palo Duro Energy  PDE  
Petrolifera Petroleum  PDP  
Pacific Rubailes Energy  PEG  
Pegaz Energy Inc  PEG1  
Pesava International Corp  PES  
Pezgold Resource Corporation  PEZ  
Platform Resources  PFM  
Pentland Firth Ventures Ltd  PFO  
Peregrine Diamonds  PGD  
Peregrine Oil & Gas  PGG  
Peregrine Metals  PGM  
Provigo Inc  PGV  
Phoenix Coal  PHC  
Pan Island Resources Corp  PID  
Primary Petroleum  PIE  
Peak Gold  PIK  
Plus International  PIN  
Palmarejo Silver  PJO  
P L C Systems Inc  PLI  
Polaris Minerals PLS  
Peralto Resources Corporation  PLS1  
Princeton Mining  PMC  
Petromana Energy  PMI  
Panoro Minerals Ltd  PML  
Poseiden Minerals  PMN  
Prime Resource Group Inc PMR  
Pinetree Capital  PNP  
Poco Petroleums Ltd  POC  
Potash North  PON  
Pan Pacific Development Corporation  PPD  
Propel Multi-Strategy Fund  PPF  
Pristine Power  PPX  
Pacific Rubailes Energy  PRE  
Pineridge Resources Ltd  PRE1  
Panoil Resources Ltd  PRE2  
ProSep Inc PRP  
Preston Resource Corp  PRQ  
Prime Resource Group Inc  PRU  
Promark Software Inc  PRW  
Pacific Stratus Energy  PSE  
Pioneer Metals Corp  PSM  
Profco Resources Ltd  PSO  
Pacific Safety Products Inc  PSP  
Petroamerica Oil  PTA  
Panterra Energy Inc  PTG  
Pure Gold Minerals  PUG  
Pure Gold Resources  PUG1  
Pulse Resources Ltd  PUL  
Petro Uno  PUP  
Pure Technologes  PUR  
Pursuit Resources Inc PUT  
Paramount Ventures and Finance Inc  PVF  
Pretium Resources  PVG  
Progressive Minerals Ltd  PVM  
P W A Corp  PWA  
Pacific & Western Credit Corp  PWC  
PacWest Ventures Ltd  PWV  
Portman Explorations  PXL  
Parex Resources  PXT  
Patrician Gold Mines Ltd  PXX  
Quorum Growth Inc  QI  
Q/Media Software Corp  QMS  
Questar Resurces Corp  QRX  
Quadra Mining Ltd  QUA  
Rimacan Resources Ltd R/NPL  
Railpower  R/P  
Radcliffe Resources Ltd  RCF  
Receptagen Ltd  RCG  
Rimacan Resources  RCN  
Radisson Mining Resources Inc  RDS  
Redcorp Ventures  RDV  
Redwood Resources Inc  RDW  
Redux Energy Corp  RDX  
Rec Minerals Corp  REC  
RedWater Energy  RED  
Redzone Resources Inc  REZ  
Red Fox Minerals Ltd  RFM  
Reefco Manufacturing Corporation  RFO  
Royex Gold Mining Corporation  RGM  
Richmont Mines Inc  RIC  
Rusoro Mining  RML  
Roman Corp  RMN  
Rio Novo Gold RN  
Rio Narcea Gold Mines Ltd  RNG  
Royal Nickel Corporation  RNX  
Ranaz Corp RNZ  
Roca Mines  ROK  
Rio Algom Limited  ROM  
Rodinia Oil ROZ  
Rye Patch Gold RPM  
RepeatSeat Ltd  RPS  
Reg Resources Corporation  RRE  
Reg Technologies Inc  RRE  
Rider Resources Inc  RRI  
Red Rock Mining Corporation  RRO