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Warrant Symbol - RPS.WT
Number  Trading - 3,713,102
Expiration Date - Dec. 31, 2006
Cusip - 76028E 11 5

Warrants called to trade news:
Wasaga Capital changes name; 1:7.6 rollback
2005-07-29 14:25 MT - New Listing
See Change Name, Roll Back Shares (C-WAG) Wasaga Capital Corp
The common shares of the company have been halted from trading since March 21, 2005, pending completion of the company's qualifying transaction.

The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing the company's qualifying transaction described in its information circular dated Feb. 25, 2005. As a result, at the opening on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2005, the company will no longer be considered a capital pool company. The qualifying transaction includes the following.

Name change and consolidation
Pursuant to a special resolution passed by shareholders March 25, 2005, the company has effectively consolidated its capital on a 1:7.6 basis pursuant to the amalgamation agreement. The name of the company has also been changed as follows.

Effective at the opening Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2005, the common shares of RepeatSeat Ltd. will commence trading on the TSX-V and the common shares of Wasaga Capital Corp. will be delisted.

Postconsolidation capitalization:  unlimited common shares with no par value of which 35,334,576 common shares are issued and outstanding and up to 5.4 million Class B warrants of which 3,713,102 Class B warrants are issued and outstanding, each warrant entitles the holder to acquire one common share at a price of $1.25 until 4:30 p.m. (Calgary time) on Dec. 31, 2006

Escrow:  14,125,078 common shares
Transfer agent:  CIBC Mellon Trust Company
Trading symbol:  RPS (new) (common shares) and RPS.WT (new) (Class B warrants)
Cusip No.:  76028E 10 7 (new) (common shares) and 76028E 11 5 (new) (Class B warrants)
The exchange has been advised that the above transaction, approved by shareholders on March 25, 2005, has been completed.

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